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(information provided here is for posterity and to maintain information that has not been integrated into the latest website)

The Age-Free Zone
by Barry Sears

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Reviewed by Warren Taylor

Barry Sears used obese, and/or diabetic, and/or hyperinsulemic people as "guinea pigs", to test out his concepts of CR and anti-aging on human subjects.

In the Biosphere, Roy Walford tested CR in a very artificial, restricted, and confined manner, on a small number (8) of human subjects, some of whom were high cholesterol and over-weight.

But Barry Sears took large numbers (hundreds) of these quasi-diabetic, hyperinsulemic, syndrome X type people, and rather than locking them up in a confined laboratory setting with limited quantities of food, tested them in an unrestricted, "free-range" existence
in their every-day work environment, to check out and verify his CR principles on human subjects.

And Barry Sears got the same type of results as Walford. The same measured CR physiological responses described by Walford! So I would say that "The Anti-Aging Zone" is one of the better answers to anyone who complains that CR has not been tested out on human subjects. Both Walford and Sears have achieved the expected CR physiological parameter responses observed in CR animal cohort trials.