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Calorie Restriction News Update


Register Now for the CR Society Conference!

Posted by Michael R , 29 January 2016 · 4,061 views
cr society, conferences
We are delighted to announce the opening of registration for the Ninth Conference of the Calorie Restriction Society International ! The Conference will be held May 18-21 at the Hilton Tucson East in Tucson, Arizona, close to the University of Arizona’s main campus. Come join your fellow CR Society members to learn the results of cutting-edge CR science...


A Surprising Factor in CR Maintaining Muscle with Age

Posted by Michael R , 03 October 2015 · 7,466 views

CR causes weight loss, including loss of muscle, and young CR animals have much less muscle than young animals allowed to eat all they want without becoming fat. But as the animals age, the CR animals hold on to their muscles much better, and the cellular and molecular structure of that muscle remains intact, so that in old age the CR animals have as much...


Do "Naturally Thin" People Benefit Less from CR?

Posted by Michael R , 27 September 2015 · 6,148 views
It's not surprising that people who are overweight and obese benefit from reducing their Calorie intake to shed the excess fat tissue. By contrast, it's more than a little counterintuitive that Calorie restriction is also beneficial to animals (and possibly humans) who are already lean to begin with. In animal studies, CR is one of only a very small numbe...


The "Dose-Response" of CR, and Comparison with Protein Restriction

Posted by Michael R , 23 August 2015 · 8,359 views
protein restriction, mild cr and 1 more...
Most rodent CR experiments use very severe CR that humans can't tolerate. Lifespan studies suggest that the extension of healthy life is proportional to the degree of CR, starting from a mouse colony's characteristic nonobese baseline. A series of studies in posted in this week's Weekly research updates by CR Society Board member James Cain drills down...


CR Society Welcomes New Board Members

Posted by Michael R , 14 June 2015 · 4,834 views
CR Society
At the May 31 Board Meeting, the CR Society Board of Directors elected Michael Rae and James Cain as new Board members. Michael is a long-time CR practitioner, current VP for Research, and previous member of the Board; James is Assistant Professor of Biology at Aurora University. President Brian M. Delaney offered ex officio support for their election at...


CR and the Primate Studies: "Eat less, live longer"

Posted by Michael R , 22 May 2015 · 2,288 views
CR Media, Primate Studies
A recent, rather well-rounded press piece on the nonhuman primate studies. Read More →


BBC Documentary and Interview on Intermittent Fasting

Posted by Michael R , 10 May 2015 · 2,710 views
intermittent fasting and 1 more...
The 5:2 Diet is a form of intermittent fasting popularized by BBC health journalist Dr. Michael Mosley. A documentary and radio interview with him are now available online →


Special Issue of "Cell" on "The Biology of Food"

Posted by Michael R , 26 April 2015 · 2,228 views

The scientific journal Cell , an extremely high-impact journal in basis mechanisms of metabolism, has a Special Issue on "The Biology of Food" that includes a lot of papers of interest to people practicing CR. See the CR Society Forums for a selection →