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From: CR Science has made progress, but must move forward rapidly!

Paul McGlothin


Calorie restriction has changed! Eleven years ago, we were in the dark ages. People knew little about how Calorie restriction works and the CR world was dominated by demagogues who tried to shove piecemeal research down the throats of new CR members or anyone else gullible enough to listen.



So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Money needed to be raised and CR research was desperately needed on humans.Now, 12 years later, science has prevailed. We know that human CR follows the same biological patterns of CR’ed animals. And though we will always be deluged with disinformation, we have many human CR studies that provide a road map for how to practice calorie restriction. Take a look at what we have accomplished and what is planned.


Don’t think for a minute we are resting on our laurels. For many of us feel strongly that opportunities to slow aging and improve health span are greater than ever before. We must act on that now!










Source: CR Science has made progress, but must move forward rapidly!



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