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Spindler & Dhahbi make important advances

Paul McGlothin


Our recent visit to the Spindler Lab in California was extraordinary. Have you ever talked with someone whose words were so profound that they affected you for years or perhaps even your whole life? I felt that happening to me at a recent meeting with Dr. Joseph Dhahbi who explained his vision for analyzing the effects of calorie restriction on aging at the cellular level. Never have I heard so comprehensive a vision for thorough analysis of cell signaling as it relates to CR's health benefits.


It was refreshing but challenging . We must act to take full advantage of Dr. Dhahbi’s vision, or we risk losing a golden opportunity to slow the aging process.


Earlier in the day, Dr. Stephen Spindler talked with Meredith and me about his latest work on identifying substances that slow aging. The information that will come from this work will change your lives. Dr. Spindler has identified molecules that have surprising effects on aging and some that hitherto have been overlooked by longevists, searching for the best ways to extend their lives. The work of these two geniuses is so important that I’ve decided to create a blog that ties in to the CR Research forum so you can be informed of the latest developments. Meanwhile take advantage of this new forum by asking relevant questions of these researchers and other leading CR scientists.


We are beginning a new era – one in which aging can be slowed. I hope you will save your life and join us.





P.S. Take a moment to enjoy our trip to the Spindler Lab:




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