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    Simple CR Salad

    Easy to make and looking so really tasty. l will definitely try this.
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  4. Mike41

    How much salt?

    Yes it’s certainly a genetic variability issue. Michaels key word above is MIGHT!
  5. I'll somehow combine this with the discussion on Hyperbaric medicine and HBOT ... but still gathering "facts". In the meantime ... some fat to chew on .... The usual, under-researched, sensationalist, donation-seeking, super-duper-long-life DOT.ORG organizations -- with their picturesque web pages -- report this: http://www.longlonglife.org/en/transhumanism-longevity/lifespan-news/hypoxia-may-increase-lifespan/ ....and ... However .... returning back to the safety of the search engine ... and looking at the SERP ... we find this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5723683/ Conclusion: It's that CR thang, again ... ain't it ?
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  7. I used to be sus of them but now, no more?
  8. also patridge did a 2019 paper on how they increased it in drosophila
  9. It ain't exactly 'age reversal' .... but may be much more important for some: Why hyperbaric may not be hyperbolic .... Cleveland Clinic YouTube channel posted this a few years ago ...
  10. InquilineKea

    How much salt?

    How does salt accelerate the age-related increase in BP. What's the root of the damage? FWIW, my parents/grandparents don't have BP issues at all (in fact it's more on the low side than the high side). AND THEY EAT A LOT OF SALT.
  11. Jason Avent Low T4 also makes you sluggish. Be careful what you wish for. 3 · Reply · 2d Kenneth Bruskiewicz Jason Avent Tradeoff for longevity: do you want live long or burn bright? · Reply · 1d Jason Avent Kenneth Bruskiewicz I think it is possible to have the best of both worlds. The important thing is to have some metric of your productivity and intelligence. I write a lot, so it is easy for me to see when I am not doing as well one day compared to another. Methionine restriction seems to hit many of the longevity goals without slowing metabolism to a crawl. I would rather be a healthy, vibrant person who lives to 100 compared to the emaciated person who makes it to 120 'existing'. · Reply · 1d Alex K. Chen Ya just be vegan. But you can also do a MEK inhibitor · Reply · 6h Jason Avent Alex K. Chen Vegan with tons of lentils and raw vegetables is really amazing. I use Beet juice pigment (betalains) as my MEK inhibitor. https://www.sciencedirect.com/.../pii/S1756464619304153 and betalain as an mTOR inhibitor https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/tox.23100 2 · Reply · 5h Alex K. Chen is beet juice that much of a MEK inhibitor? btw that's amazing - you know A LOT of chemistry, gawd, we should def talk more · Reply · 5h Alex K. Chen don't the lentils have protein in them? methionine in the protein all adds up · Reply · 5h Jason Avent Lentils have a very low level of methionine in their proteins. Like, freakishly low. I have a theory that deficits in sulfur amino acids like this are an adaptation for the plant to grow in low-sulfur soils. The great part of this is that the benefits pass on to you. You don't have to cut out 'protein' what everyone talks about when they say, "Not a complete protein" really has to do with oddball deficits like methionine being low, but everything else is up there. I want collagen to be made, so I take NAC, and glycine along with lots of lentils and mung beans. My cancer cells will have to work for it. If they want methionine, then they are going to have to make their own. 1 · Reply · 3h · Edited Jason Avent I haven't dug into the reasoning on this page, but it appears that the methionine in lentils is only 50% bioavailable. From a molecular biology point of view, the methionine left after a selection against methionine-rich proteins should be ones tightly bound in the protein structure. Not sure if the bioavailability of all methionine is low, but it would be cool if the biochemist's intuition about rare materials being used in critical junctions pans out, we could actually see this in the protein structures. I would predict no methionine on 'loop' structures of proteins. https://aminoco.com/.../lentil-nutrition-essential-amino... "Notice how the methionine content of lentil protein is quite low relative to EAA requirements. Also, less than 50% of the methionine in lentils is actually absorbed by the body. We can surmise that, although lentil protein is theoretically a complete protein, in practice it is deficient in the essential amino acid methionine." and a chart! 1 · Reply · 3h
  12. keithsct

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    Based on a Robert A Heinlein story "All you zombies". This is the IMDB link for Predestination, though I think I've seen it on youtube also. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi3633950489?playlistId=tt2397535&ref_=vp_rv_ap_0
  13. Here is Dr. Peter McCullough quite alarmed about the way these vaccines are being used. When people speak with certainty it usually puts me off, but I am concerned he might be mostly right. https://www.bitchute.com/video/95lJP00jEZhu/
  14. I just got my flu shot -- the fluzone quadrivalent, recommended for people over 65 (same flu vaccine that I got last year). -- Saul
  15. I thought he made a reasoned case. It’s certainly not an easy call as I pondered at least a year ago on this same most popular ever thread! And below is a MUCH DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE!
  16. Denying real dangers can be hazardous. It would be nice if we could wish it away, "just like a miracle." From the news over the last few weeks: First, the person in FL who identified himself as Mr. Anti-Vax. Conservative radio host who called himself ‘Mr. Anti-Vax’ dies after COVID-19 battle Second, the person in TN who produced the song Vax Man (using the Beatles tune). "Phil got it wrong"; Family encourages vaccination after Phil Valentine's COVID-19 death Third, in Co. Another radio host who urged listeners to boycott COVID-19 vaccines dies from COVID-19 Those are the three that I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, the last article states that there are at least two more I haven’t heard of. “Enyart is at least the fifth anti-vaccine talk show host to die from complications of COVID-19 in recent weeks.” These were influential people. I respect the fact that they were willing to risk their lives for what they said. I deeply regret the consequences for at least some of their listeners. I apologize if I stated that the auto immunity issue is unique to Covid-19. I think everyone would be amazed if it were. I posted that article because it gives some benefits to getting the vaccine before catching Covid-19.
  17. Todd Allen

    LDL: What's Optimal For Health And Longevity?

    Yes, I think context is everything. Statistical findings for any given biomarker across a cohort or population may not hold for a different cohort. Looking at very different cohorts producing very different results is desirable.
  18. Mike41

    Exercise optimization

    https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mayocp.2021.05.028 This study indicates a u shaped curve. Looks like 45 minutes of brisk waking or biking etc will do the trick, more may not help and in fact MAY be a negative. I do recall many years ago Dr. Andrew Weil quote on exercise and his advice was the equivalent of a brisk 45 minute walk a day. Kenneth Cooper said no more than 2 miles of jogging per day.
  19. Ron Put

    How much salt?

    Good point. From an evolutionary point, apes don't normally have had access to the abundance of salt we have today. Not long ago, salt was scarce enough to be used as payment, thus "salary" and "not worth his weight in salt." Here is a study of the Yanomami indians who don't have easy access to salt and they seem to be doing just fine: The Yanomami Indians in the INTERSALT Study Results: The findings in the Yanomami population were as follows: a very low urinary sodium excretion (0.9 mmol/24 h); mean systolic and diastolic BP levels of 95.4 mmHg and 61.4 mmHg, respectively; no cases of hypertension or obesity; and they have no knowledge of alcoholic beverages. Their BP levels do not elevate with age. The urinary sodium excretion relates positively and the urinary potassium excretion relates negatively to systolic BP. This correlation was maintained even when controlled for age and body mass index. Conclusion: A positive relation between salt intake and blood pressure was detected in the analysis of a set of diverse populations participating in the INTERSALT Study, including populations such as the Yanomami Indians. The qualitative observation of their lifestyle provided additional information.
  20. Hm, looking at the second table, the low LDLs are also more likely to have hypertriglyceridemia and hyperuricemia. I'd also be curious if they are insulin resistant. See this: High triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and a low LDL cholesterol per apolipoprotein b ratio predict incident diabetes in patients with established coronary artery disease
  21. Here is an informative and thoughtful interview with Martin Kulldorff on the topic of Covid:
  22. Hah, I just reread it, too :) Reread "1984" before it -- I had forgotten how good it is at describing how totalitarianism changes society. I fear we are getting a bit too close to the possibility of such a change. BTW, flu shots are available. Despite what NPR and the rest imply, the flu kills a lot more kids and young adults than Covid. Get your shot.
  23. Yep, I heard the story, part of NPR's propaganda stream alternating Covid horror tales, and critical theory programming. Your personal note is the reason the pandemic was turned into a political weapon by the Left. To instill fear and create an enemy to unite the "us" and separate them from the "others." Religions and cults do it too, because it works on many people. It's why some wear masks in their cars, while alone... And yet another example of how easy it is to create fear by framing a story. Of course, just like with virtually all of these scary stories about Covid, the reality is that most viruses and other infections are known to cause similar latent effects. Here is an even scarier article about influenza: Autoimmune nature of influenza atherogenicity It has been observed during influenza epidemics and in a number of population and clinical trials that this prevalent viral infection was associated with increased death rates from cardiovascular diseases. The clinical and experimental data that may explain accelerated coronary atherosclerosis in influenza infection with implications involving autoimmune mechanisms are analyzed in this article. Both cellular and humoral autoimmune modes could be proposed to participate in the onset or progression of atheromatous lesions due to influenza infection.
  24. Worth a read! Vaccinating people who have had covid-19: why doesn’t natural immunity count in the US? BMJ 2021; 374 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.n2101 (Published 13 September 2021)Cite this as: BMJ 2021;374:n2101 he US CDC estimates that SARS-CoV-2 has infected more than 100 million Americans, and evidence is mounting that natural immunity is at least as protective as vaccination. Yet public health leadership says everyone needs the vaccine. Jennifer Block investigates
  25. I doubt it but if that is true then the vaccinated will have zero protection from new strains that evade the narrow immune response produced by the vaccines. (edit) Rereading this I guess what they are saying only applies to the vaccination itself and not what happens when a vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus. In the case of exposure my expectation is the immune response will be broadened but not as much as in the unvaccinated. To what degree vaccines impede the development of natural immunity I think is a vital question for which I've yet to see compelling data.
  26. Severe Covid-19 may make autoimmune diseases more likely. Study links severe COVID-19 to increase in self-attacking antibodies Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are substantially more likely to harbor autoantibodies—antibodies directed at their own tissues or at substances their immune cells secrete into the blood—than people without COVID-19 Upward of 60% of all hospitalized COVID-19 patients, compared with about 15% of healthy controls, carried anti-cytokine antibodies, the scientists found. This could be the result of immune-system overdrive triggered by a virulent, lingering infection. Within a week after checking in at the hospital, about 20% of these patients had developed new antibodies to their own tissues that weren't there the day they were admitted It could be that inflammatory shock to the systems of patients with severe COVID-19 caused a jump in previously undetectable, and perhaps harmless, levels of autoantibodies these individuals may have been carrying prior to infection. It's possible that, in the course of a poorly controlled SARS-CoV-2 infection—in which the virus hangs around for too long while an intensifying immune response continues to break viral particles into pieces—the immune system sees bits and pieces of the virus that it hadn't previously seen. If any of these viral pieces too closely resemble one of our own proteins, this could trigger autoantibody production. The finding bolsters the argument for vaccination, he added. Vaccines for COVID-19 contain only a single protein—SARS-CoV-2's so-called spike protein—or the genetic instructions for producing it. With vaccination, the immune system is never exposed to—and potentially confused by—the numerous other novel viral proteins generated during infection.
  27. Did anyone else see this article from NPR? I Got A 'Mild' Breakthrough Case. Here's What I Wish I'd Known Yes, it’s an N of 1, but still I think the advice is good. Reporter received second Pfizer vaccine in April. Early August test confirmed covid-19. Symptoms that led to the test were fatigue and headache. Two rapid antigen tests (a day apart) were negative but the PCR test was positive. [Personal note: The same happened with my daughter – Friday morning, she and some friends all took a quick test and all were negative. So they had a delightful dinner Friday evening without masks or other concerns. Sunday morning she was woken up by a call from one of those friends who had a pcr test on Thursday and had just received a positive result of the more reliable test. We’re waiting for her results now.] The reporter was miserable for five days but was told it probably would have been much worse without the vaccine. Although he said it took about a month for a full recovery. His recommendations: Remember the vaccine was approved to reduce the likelihood of serious illness or death. The initial euphoria about the efficacy of the vaccine led the CDC to say drop the mask if you’re vaccinated. But we should continue precautions. Delta appears to have increased the likelihood of breakthrough infections. “Don't leave it all up to the vaccine. Wear masks, stay away from big gatherings with unvaccinated people, cut down on travel, at least until things calm down.” [Second personal note: I still go to the gym but I do wear a mask. Only a few others do, but we do say “Thank you for wearing a mask.” to each other.]
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