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  2. Just a gut feeling, but I predict that after this mornings big gap down open, the market is going to bottom rather quickly and then rally today. Despite all the media attention and scary reports, COVID-19 cases seem to be steadily dropping in China. I realize there are doubts about their numbers, but I think the decline in new cases in China is probably legit (hopefully there will be some independent confirmation of this soon) - it's sort of a signal of the beginning of the end of the hysteria. Only time will tell, but I think the regular flu is going to end up killing far more people than COVID-19.
  3. Coronavirus found in sub-Saharan Africa as WHO says spread could 'get out of control'
  4. Dean Pomerleau

    Oldest Man 111

    Well no special physical practices anyway. He does suggest not being too worried about money or taking oneself too seriously: He said money has never been important to him, adding: "I think laughter is extremely important. "Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people taking themselves too seriously." Seems like good advice. --Dean
  5. TomBAvoider

    Oldest Man 111

    The oldest man is about to be proclaimed when verification is completed. What's intersting is that he insists with great emphasis that he did absolutly nothing special to reach this age, which is something that we've remarked upon many times, i.e. how come not one supercentenarian was ever a "health nut"... perhaps none of these behaviors or strategies actually impact max longevity, although it's possible healthspan is affectedL https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hampshire-51656545
  6. This website has some interesting, up-to-date data on the spread of the coronavirus. It is particularly helpful that it shows new cases and deaths in the last 24 hours by country, something the Johns Hopkins site doesn't provide. Here is a sample, showing rapid growth in South Korea, Italy and Iran along with significant jumps in several other developed countries: --Dean
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  8. LOL, methinks you might be the target audience and you might already be drinking it :D Anyway, this is a "new" virus and it may become ubiquitous like the flu, or it may mutate and disappear. It is similar to viruses previously found in China (if I remember, carried by bats) and likely localized infections among villagers have been commonplace before, but it didn't spread. But the panic it is causing is way out of proportion, although it may trigger a way overdue market correction, as well as a long overdue supply chain realignment.
  9. Ron, I think you may need more vodka. There is a country that can help with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Sibiriak, thank you for the NYTimes article assailing the few fringe conspiracy theorists in the US. Now, if you can find similar Russian mainstream articles assailing the avalanche of disinformation spread internally and externally by Russian sources and government sanctioned trolls, I would appreciate it. I don't know your back story, but I am somewhat familiar with Russia and life in Russia. Your statements read like 30 years old Radio Moscow communique. And are just about as inaccurate. Not a single of Russia's neighbors is likely to agree with that "minimize political tensions" bit. And from my experience, few of the brighter (and wealthier) Russians have such illusions -- I've heard much disdain for the mujiks who can't afford to go to Crimea, but are willing to die for it. As to gas pipelines and driving wedges: Vladimir Putin bribed Schroeder (now on the boards of two Gazprom subsidiaries, even though he should be in prison) and Berlusconi into allowing Gazprom to tie their economies to Russian energy supplies and is trying to do the same now. Russia has a long history of using supplies of resources as a tool to influence others and to aid its expansionist interests -- it is currently applying pressure on Byelorussia, with the goal of effectively absorbing it. And Russia has a long history of financing fringe elements with the goal of destabilizing its neighborhood and beyond. Seeding fear, anger and mistrust in local institutions is a large part of it. But you are right that this is not the forum for it, so this is all I will say on the subject. Cheers.
  11. mccoy

    Frugivorous or Vegan

    I am going to paste a relevant excerpt from Chris Masterjhon's 'testing nutritional status', which is a pretty good practical guide and excellent bang for the buck, which I recommend to all health fanatics. Please read carefully the bolded sentence, you should always ask your doctor.
  12. WHO says outbreak in Iran likely worse than official numbers suggest; outbreak could go in "any direction" California governor announces they are "monitoring" 8400, 28 confirmed cases in the state Dozens of hospital staffers who treated California coronavirus patient with 'unknown' origin being 'monitored' 700 in New York asked to 'self-isolate' Iran confirms 26 deaths, vice president for women and family affairs infected The Netherlands has confirmed its first case Northern Ireland confirms first case Norway confirms three new cases Germany confirms 14 new cases Italy reports 3 more deaths, bringing total to 17; total cases jump to 650
  13. Fernando Gabriel

    Frugivorous or Vegan

    And how often should I eat meat to replace heme iron if I am vegan because I have not found a reliable site to replace heme iron?
  14. Don't most people who practice CR have lower than normal white blood cells? And is that necessarily a bad thing?
  15. In this article there is a descritpion of the PCR analytical method. It does not speak about th incidence of false poitives though. Regulatory Concern of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Carryover Contamination By Yuan Hu Submitted: April 19th 2016Reviewed: October 12th 2016Published: December 14th 2016 DOI: 10.5772/66294
  16. Among the plentitude of news circulating, it seems that that number is not strictly confirmed since rigorous confirmation implies the positivity of the second test performed at the central facilities of the Italian Health Institute, sort of a domestic CDC. Those tests are more reliable and can rule out false positives possible with kits in possession of local hospitals. So the 528 cases would actually be preliminary confirmations and not final ones. The definitely confirmed cases seem to be about 250 so far, but of course there is a lag time in obtaining the final results. Anyway, last week at about this time the number of preliminary confirmations was less than 10 in Italy, it was really fast. Outside the quarantined areas life is as usual, government agencies have canceled meetings, workshops and seminars and discourage outside inspections, some schools closed some others didn't, people are just waiting apparently without much worry. Cases in other European countries are starting to pop up. In Italy, in the locked-down areas some people remained without income and others are worrying about the continuation of their business. Some local authorities started to issue ordnances which will allow businesses to restart in safe conditions. Tourism is -70%. GDP is foreseen to lose at least 1% but probably more...
  17. mccoy


    Fernando, the issue of epilectic seizures is pretty much specialistic, maybe a forum of neurologists would satisfy your enquiries better. I don't know of any anti-seizures 'technology' , although a strict ketogenic diet has been applied in some cases and found useful. Ketogenic diet is not suggested in your case.
  18. mccoy

    Frugivorous or Vegan

    Vegan would definitely be better, but in your case, I suggest lacto-ovo vegetarian or even pescetarian, since you need to increase your BMI and animal proteins are more efficient for that purpose.
  19. Today's updates: CDC reports first case of unknown origin in the US, so we have confirmed community transmission in the US (not good): โ€œThe individual is a resident of Solano County and is receiving medical care in Sacramento County. The individual had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual,โ€ California Department of Public Health officials said in a news release. State public health officials in Sacramento, citing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the case is the first person-to-person transmission of the COVID-19 virus. South Korea reported its largest number of new coronavirus cases (505) in a single day (and the number of new cases reported outside China surpassed the number of reported new cases inside China). 1,766 grand total cases in South Korea. In Italy, the number of confirmed cases climbed to 528
  20. There are only 2 reported cases in Africa. From what I've read the typical coronavirus can survive on surfaces up to 30 times longer in places where the temp is in the low 40's vs. 70F, and it also does much better in low humidity. The hope is that warm weather will stop this thing, and places like Africa and maybe even India will not be hit as hard due to their tropical climates.
  21. mccoy

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    An interesting article on Forbes reviews in layman terms string theory. The article is well written since it appears to be concise and unbiased and it almost conveys the idea that the efforts so far might even be considered a waste of the taxpayers' money. If this construction of extremely complex mathematical models without any possible confirmation can be called science, then the simulation hypothesis, ID, and the creationist hypothesis must also be coherent with the scientific method. Why String Theory Is Both A Dream And A Nightmare Anyway, I pretty much like the hypercomplex abstract concepts and illustrations, like the Calabi-Yau manifold. Again, string theory remains a pretty good cognitive challenge for the health of our neurons.
  22. I like the idea of growing on black rice, I will try that. Never heard of growing on turmeric rhizome, that just seems weird to me, I can't imagine any species of mushroom wanting to grow on that and it doesn't seem like a mushroom supplement either, I wonder what the thinking is there?
  23. If price is not a major concern, this product is worth considering: Pure Synergy Immune Health Pure Synergy insists on the highest purity of ingredients, all organic, and zero added fillers, excipients etc. Their beta glucan and echinacea products might be of interest as well.
  24. good to know will keep that in mind.
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  26. Dean Pomerleau

    Do you want to Donate an Organ.... Do you need an Organ Transplant...

    A better option for a would-be altruistic kidney donor who wants to do the most good they can is to go directly to the National Kidney Registry and register as a potential donor. Rather than being paired up with a single sick person in need of a kidney, the NKR will make sure you start a kidney chain and thereby help change several lives with your donation. See this thread for more discussion of the pros and cons of organ donation. --Dean
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