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Welcome to the CR Society International!

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Our goal is to provide guidance for better health and longer life based on evolving knowledge garnered from continuing research in various branches of science. Our information archives date back to our beginning in 1995 and can be searched by specific topics, author or range of dates. The archives record every email conversation held on our email lists. There you can search any subject related to nutrition, CR science, age related diseases, exercise and so much more. It is a wonderful research tool whether you just want to learn more about CR or have been a long term practitioner.

Another great aid is our DVD collection of previous CR Conferences sponsored by the CR Society. You can watch and learn directly from the CR researchers. You may be offered opportunities to become directly involved with these same researchers in ongoing human CR research as future funding become available.

Most of you reading this are about to enter a fascinating world of discovery. It is a journey that will take you from what you think you might know about food and health and disease and death and will lead you to the absolute certainty that the first directly affects the following three. You can assert control over your health and sense of well being. You can forestall and even avoid the onset of many age related diseases. Your death can be postponed for many healthy, vibrant years. All of this is based on irrefutable lab animal evidence and a growing body of human lab evidence.

Welcome again to what is likely the most important web site you will ever visit. Enjoy the journey.

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Graph adapted from: Weindruch R, et al. (1986). "The retardation of aging in mice by dietary restriction: longevity, cancer, immunity and lifetime energy intake." Journal of Nutrition, April, 116(4), pages 641-54.