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  1. KHashmi316

    CR vs. common illness

    Just some quick notes about my cat allergy... Before CR, the allergic reaction felt like a mild case of a cold or flu -- except, of course, the symptoms would dissipate a few hours after exposure to the animal. Also to note is that although this allergy was always mild, the allergy to cats persisted until my CR weight went below 120lbs. Which is what I call "hard core."
  2. New article focusing on senescence and senolytics. In the Podcast, Judy Campisi and Jan van Deursen discuss why they're excited to be researching senescence. https://www.nature.com/news/to-stay-young-kill-zombie-cells-1.22872 "Killing off cells that refuse to die on their own has proved a powerful anti-ageing strategy in mice. Now it's about to be tested in humans." Nature 550, 448–450 (26 October 2017) doi:10.1038/550448a
  3. I haven't kept up with supplement news in ages! As far as my own regimen ... years ago, I culled back on just about everything. Too $, too much micromanagement, too much fuss, etc**. If this latest article in Discover is accurate, seems I lucked out ;) http://discovermagazine.com/2017/oct/no-denying-it The article below appears in the Oct. 2017 issue of Discover magazine (no full-text online version yet avail. I've copied/pasted from PDF. Spelling an grammar errors are due to poor PDF conversion!!) ** Long-time List members may recall that several of us CR long-haulers crunched our diet in software to optimize daily RDA. Even on limited calorie intake, it's EASY to meet or exceed daily RDA. In 2004 (??) I adapted Michael Rae's "Tier" system of CR supplementation on my own cron-web site. It's here: http://ns1.commondns.com/~cronweb/supplements-guide-1.html Not sure how the Tier system has evolved over the past 13 years. Especially in light of studies such as the ones reported in the Discover article.
  4. I think a take-home message here is that a healthy hypothalamus is important to longevity (the end) regardless of the means. Stem cells, CR, exercise, not smoking, etc.
  5. This was one of the stories in last week's Nature podcast (text and audio segment on linked page): https://www.nature.com/news/brain-s-stem-cells-slow-ageing-in-mice-1.22367
  6. This just uploaded today on UCTV: ------------------------ Osteoporosis compromises your bone strength - increasing your risk of fractures. Heather Hofflich, DO, FACE, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego Health System explains how osteoporosis is diagnosed, its secondary causes, as well as treatment and prevention options. Series: "Stein Institute for Research on Aging" [8/2017] [show ID: 31841]
  7. KHashmi316

    Hallmarks of Cancer

    The now-classic "Hallmarks of Cancer" article from 2000 was updated in 2011 with four additional hallmarks. Scientific American presented a series of blogs on the updated Weinberg / Hanahan article: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/2013/09/11/introduction-to-the-hallmarks-of-cancer/ A short, related video from European Journal of Cancer is here: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cancer-hallmarks-how-cancers-grow-video/ -Khurram
  8. KHashmi316

    C aRt (or CR art)

    Well, we're all fairly well familiar with CR science (at least in its current state of the art) ... But how would one (practitioner or nor) approach CR from an artistic base -- either academic, professional (book cover) or pure (for its own sake)? Thought of in a different way ... say the CRS finally acquires permanent office space (building) .. how would one adorn/decorate its walls, hallways, lobby, facade, or front lawn? ... Maybe something like the Irish Famine Memorial in Dublin (w/o the depiction of gloom/horror...and a bit more muscle!) Long time followers of the CR List may recall some discussion of Posada's Mexican Death Art a while back: Tho' one can see the immediate general-audience appeal of this decorative image, currently on the CRS home page: -Khurram
  9. KHashmi316

    BBC's "Ugliest Woman" is 60lbs

    http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-ouch-30948179 "Born with two rare conditions - Marfan and lipodystrophy - she is unable to gain weight, no matter how much she eats." "Now 26 she is 5ft 2in and weighs about 60lbs (27kg). ..." "She also has a recurring problem with her right foot which easily fractures due to a lack of fat on the sole, " Not "CR'd" by choice, of course, but I'd be curious to see her bloodwork, panels, and genetic-test results (telomerase, etc.).