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  1. KHashmi316

    Vaccine risks, injury and related topics

    Did a DuckDuckGo search on "VARES". Found this (link below) in addition to the US govt official site: https://vaersanalysis.info/2022/06/26/vaers-summary-for-covid-19-vaccines-through-6-17-2022/ Did a GOOGLE search for 'VARES" and various keywords. Came up with no "analysis" links or counter-narrative web site.
  2. KHashmi316

    Caloric Restriction - latest human data

    One good thing from the video is a tightening up of the definition of CR. The use of the term CHRONIC is effective. That term, if/when taken seriously -- i.e., not acute-- discounts: yo-yo and popular tv, "magazine" or bestseller "diets". May even dispel some of the fasting hype.
  3. Caloric Restriction - latest human data
  4. KHashmi316

    Is David Sinclair a hypster?

    About Sinclair using Botox ... he JUST spoke about it in his own vlog, Feb 9, and seems to think it works as claimed. He does NOT criticize it nor does he confirm / deny use on himself. Here's the clip from a 70-min vlog:
  5. KHashmi316

    Is David Sinclair a hypster?

    And/or it may be Collagen ... (it's very interesting the way this video clip -- on Sinclair's OWN YouTube channel -- is MARKETED: <1min and in vertical (phone) format and that clickbait title and tumbnail. The clip is extracted and verticalized from one of the std. longer 16x9 vlogs).
  6. KHashmi316

    Is David Sinclair a hypster?

    Hmmm ... Sinclair has his own YT channel and podcast .... here in episode 2, there is some discussion about CR ... and then botoxboy polishes that diamond (we know n' luv) back into his own turd ...
  7. KHashmi316

    Is David Sinclair a hypster?

    About the REZ scandal ... Anyway, folks ... If I wanted lotsa $$ and fame n' 'tention ... I would do EXACTLY what Sinclair is doing now (and, besides, conspiracy theories are fun bedtime stories !!) .... Sinclair made over $700M after he sold his stuff about Resveratrol., back in 2004. So bank / invest / bitcoin that. Keep writin' 'em books wit da major pubz. Botox, anti-aging skin creams, Oil of Olay, etc .... Keep gettin' guested on popular vlogs and podcasts. Stick to the same script; never admit anything you prev. claimed was flawed. Lather - Rinse - Repeat. Oh ... and most 'portant ... do at least moderate CR. The dude does look pretty thin in the vidz .... yeah, he KNOW how it works 😉
  8. KHashmi316

    Vaccine risks, injury and related topics

    JAMA: mRNA vaccines elevate myocarditis risk by 133x https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2788346
  9. From WION news service (India) Gravitas: Wuhan scientists flag deadlier coronavirus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z8XsTtUHwE Scientists in Wuhan have flagged a deadlier coronavirus found in bats from South Africa. They say the virus is one mutation away from infecting humans. Its mortality rate is around 33%.
  10. KHashmi316

    Spirulina -- a "perfect" food?

    Going way back to my CR List mail archives, the contamination and hazards issues were raised. Farmed (Hawaiian) spirulina was an option. Not sure about ultimate effects. Marine filter feeders seem to consume a LOT of it.
  11. Discussions of Spirulina go waaaaayyy back to my early days on the CR List. Indeed there were several discussion threads devoted to the product. IIRC, there were also several active Spirulina users at the time -- myself included (have not used it, however, since 2004/5). A few recent product spotlights have re-sparked personal interest. According to this video ... --- Also, just received an email from Methuselah Foundation with subject "Deep Space Food Challenge Phase 2 Opens". Have no idea what this is about or whether spirulina is being investigated. https://www.mfoundation.org/news/deepspacefoodphase2opens I think cryptocurrency is involved! So good for MF!
  12. KHashmi316

    Cell phones and cancer -- redux

    Y'all want better evidence from the top universities ... big journals .... scientists with elite university creds ... well much of that has been out there .... sorry it took me so long to find it ... but much can be summarized in this 2015 Univ. of Melbourne lecture ... bottom line keep your connected i-device away from your tissues ... Who is Dr Devra Davis? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devra_Davis
  13. This 1-min tv spot and internet video was created and produced by El Salvador govt. for mass viewership of its population.
  14. Diet-Sleep-Exercise ... don't forget the Holy Trinity. After that ... for anal tweakers .... Vit D caps, and garlic caps.