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  1. KHashmi316

    Exercise Effects

    Didn't know about Amazon. I heard about the product on some cycling forums. I've always gotten it direct from the manuf. It's easy to pull the mask down and back up with one hand. You don't need to unstrap. That's what I do on the beach path. Oh, BTW, I've ALWAYS gotten the "Techno" (Large) model: https://respro.com/store/product/techno-mask I did look at the Amazon entry for this model too and its got v. good reviews ... not sure what you saw?? Hope that helps!
  2. KHashmi316

    Exercise Effects

    Gonna go OT a bit. But while I never jogged, I did walk long-distance (5-6 miles) almost every day for several years . And my heavy-CR'd feet and legs felt that stress. That was my mid-late 30s - early 40s. Since then, I've been pretty much been in (outdoor) bicycle-only mode. Maybe 8 miles, every-other-day. This is WAY more fun, and much less aches/pains. Also, and most important, the more efficient workout has allowed me to cut my calorie intake! Alas, the standard diamond-frame bike is a poor design ... bent neck, weird seat, bent spine. So I can't ride all day like I used to at a younger age. Probably the ultimate exercise device is the recumbent bicycle, or trike. They do remove a lot of the spinal/skeletal drawbacks of diamond frame but retain the cardio and strength/resistance bennies. I've also seen ebikes (electric assist bikes) gaining quite a bit of acceptance, even among racers and mountain bikers. They still give you a workout, but are funner ;)
  3. KHashmi316

    Kill The HYPE!

    I think I posted on this topic a few years back ... but human science was unaware of an important human-rodent similarity (or lack of) until 20-friggin'-16. https://www.nature.com/news/first-rodent-found-with-a-human-like-menstrual-cycle-1.20072 All that said, I do find rodent studies -- and their continued use -- of extraordinary importance to biological medicine.
  4. I recall but can't find -- those damned lost Archives!! -- a few CR List discussions on what the stuff ( in certain boozes ) may be that's of bennie. IIRC, Micheal Rae (??) noted the alcohol molecule itself as a key bennie. That's all I remember! Any one have better memory? Journal/paper links probably most useful. (Note: This was well before Resveratrol and the whole longevinex.com/Bill Sardi thing). Thanks!!
  5. I did somehow force myself to watch this video thru the end. I was hoping that from the title. "Immortality, Inc.", this would be a polemic about how Silicon Valley arrogance (however true that is) thinks that massive gains in LS are just around the corner. (Kurzweil, et. al., were saying the same thing over 20 years ago; indeed, one of the three "heroes" of this book is RK). The book -- from what can be gleaned from the talk -- is the usual over-optimistic essay on the topic of immortality. The same been-there-done-that treatment that serves the CEOs and venture capitalists well .... and it sells book. One more book for the publisher's bean counters. In the book talk, a lot of attention is given to Calico ... the grim thought is that if Arthur Levinson (chairman of Apple and Calico, = very deep pockets) can't pull out the rabbit in the next few years, ending biological aging will sound like a scam. And that loss of confidence will ripple in legitimate academic and organization efforts.
  6. KHashmi316

    When Spreadsheets Attack!

    So what do spreadsheets and CR have in common? Spreadsheet use is ubiquitous in bioinformatics and life sciences .... Bottom line: all those papers, and their pervasive errors! When Spreadsheets Attack!
  7. A few thoughts of Sinclair and his use of Shannon's information theory (I haven't read the book; only going by the Google talk).... Sinclair uses CDs as examples of information carriers. First, that the music signal can be reconstructed if you use enough samples (based on highest freq. in the audio signal). Second, that CDs can get scratched, but may be re-polished to make them workable. The audio fidelity of CDs is matter of huge debate in the high-end audiophile world. Many claim vinyl LPs sound better despite specs (measurements) being "worse". Also, and even as metaphor, "equating" biological information to digital (signal) information is pretty big stretch. I hate to use yet another Star Trek example, but ... from episode The Ultimate Computer (1968)... Mr Spock's logic prevails, of course ;) KIRK: Have you located the malfunction, Doctor? DAYSTROM: As I suspected, it is not a malfunction. M-5 was merely shutting down power to areas of the ship that do not require it. Decks four and six are living quarters, are they not? KIRK: Yes, that's correct. DAYSTROM: And currently unoccupied. SPOCK: I am not familiar with these instruments, Doctor. You are using an entirely new type of control mechanism. However, it appears to me this unit is drawing more power than before. DAYSTROM: Quite right. As the unit is called upon to do more work, it pulls more power to enable it to do what is required of it, just as the human body draws more energy to run than to stand still. SPOCK: Doctor, this unit is not a human body. The computer can process information, but only the information which is put into it. KIRK: Granted, it can work a thousand, a million times faster than the human brain, but it can't make a value judgment. It hasn't intuition. It can't think. DAYSTROM: Can't you understand? The multitronic unit is a revolution in computer science. I designed the duotronic elements used in your ship right now, and I know they are as archaic as dinosaurs compared to the M-5. A whole new approach. http://www.chakoteya.net/StarTrek/53.htm
  8. If I burn my hand on a hot stove, does being CR'd (via the neuro-chemical effects of CR) help or "hurt" with physical pain? "Neuro-chemical effects of CR" aside, in Mailing List discussions from years ago, I (and others) commented that being CR'd may work against pain relief. E.g., fat insulates flesh and nerves from physical impacts and hot/cold surfaces. Further, slower wound healing means more time under the "pain area curve". OTOH, practitioner reports of fewer (or milder) headaches, etc., means less area. A recent paper in Nature reported relationships between immunity and pain. Because of CR's impact on immunity and because of the HUGE financial market (and incentives) for pain medication, it would be interesting to note CR vs. pain effects. Does anyone know of such specific research?
  9. KHashmi316

    Jeanne Calment was a fraud?!!

    It seems that quite a bit of the fundamental-level science is being re-examined. Some of it for the sake (and survival) of pop science. The British weekly excels at sensationalism ... That 13 July cover story about nutrition even calls in to question fruits and veggies. Despite all this marketing and scientific noise, I do think for those of us who can tolerate CR, and on an uninterrupted and life-long basis, we can safely ignore much of this distractia .
  10. KHashmi316

    Jeanne Calment was a fraud?!!

    Didn't realize this topic was already (unsurprisingly) prev. posted her on CRS...
  11. This Live Science article has been getting some attention since it was posted a few days ago (you may have caught the Aug. 16 topical segment on NPR Science Friday): https://www.livescience.com/oldest-people-may-not-be-so-old.html The World's Oldest People Might Not Be As Old As We Think--Poor record-keeping and fraud may be inflating the numbers.
  12. KHashmi316

    Earthquake prediction

    For those of you living in EQ zones, you may want to brace up ... Surprised this study (reported in Science, Oct. 2017) didn't get more attention: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/10/sloshing-earth-s-core-may-spike-major-earthquakes
  13. KHashmi316

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    About midnight awakening ... it helps to have your bladder empty. HOWEVER, on heavy CR, I can't get drowsy (or stay asleep) without some calories in the belly. As far as peeing ... a bad pan urinal can help ... I also found it helpful to not turn on bright lights ... one of these "reading lights" has a dim orange lamp that works well (clip it next to your bed)...
  14. For those on hard-core CR, you know may already be familiar with this SUCKY drawback. Difficulty in falling asleep ... difficulty in re-sleeping after any midnight awakening, etc. Indeed, these and other "CR sleep" topics have been the subject of several threads, back in the Mailing List days. It seems U.S. Navy research has come up with some tips that may help. The Navy aimed for 2 minutes. I am down to about 3-4 mins. Some of these tips new to me including: pro-actively positioning body to reduce "pressure points". If you're a back sleeper, you're all set. I'm a side sleeper, so I experimented a bit, till I found a very comfortable position. The other tip -- completely new to me -- is the LAST step. With eyelids shut, rolling eyeballs up and pulling them into sockets -- you'll feel a bit of pressure. I think this may be the natural position of eyeball in unconscious state. The following video is long-winded but if you can sit thru it, you might find it useful.
  15. KHashmi316

    CR vs. common illness

    Just some quick notes about my cat allergy... Before CR, the allergic reaction felt like a mild case of a cold or flu -- except, of course, the symptoms would dissipate a few hours after exposure to the animal. Also to note is that although this allergy was always mild, the allergy to cats persisted until my CR weight went below 120lbs. Which is what I call "hard core."