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  1. Discussions of Spirulina go waaaaayyy back to my early days on the CR List. Indeed there were several discussion threads devoted to the product. IIRC, there were also several active Spirulina users at the time -- myself included (have not used it, however, since 2004/5). A few recent product spotlights have re-sparked personal interest. According to this video ... --- Also, just received an email from Methuselah Foundation with subject "Deep Space Food Challenge Phase 2 Opens". Have no idea what this is about or whether spirulina is being investigated. https://www.mfoundation.org/news/deepspacefoodphase2opens I think cryptocurrency is involved! So good for MF!
  2. KHashmi316

    Cell phones and cancer -- redux

    Y'all want better evidence from the top universities ... big journals .... scientists with elite university creds ... well much of that has been out there .... sorry it took me so long to find it ... but much can be summarized in this 2015 Univ. of Melbourne lecture ... bottom line keep your connected i-device away from your tissues ... Who is Dr Devra Davis? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devra_Davis
  3. This 1-min tv spot and internet video was created and produced by El Salvador govt. for mass viewership of its population.
  4. Diet-Sleep-Exercise ... don't forget the Holy Trinity. After that ... for anal tweakers .... Vit D caps, and garlic caps.
  5. KHashmi316

    Is David Sinclair a hypster?

    Well, Sinclair seems to believe his own spiel .... so he many be "genuine" .... and when you've got Harvard creds, published some papers, look young and healthy for the camera, speak in complete sentences .... and get book contracts with the major publ. houses,... well .... you get "important" people to pay attn. to ya .... Actually, there is some fascinating stuff in this recent vlog ... one being that iron being a "senescent metal" ...
  6. KHashmi316

    CR vs. common illness

    As the “authorities “ say… lotsa things can cause sinusitis… including coronaviruses, bacteria, et. al. ET. Friggin’ AL. And, o’ ‘course, EVERYTHING that sniffles is Covid… I’m convinced of it 😉
  7. KHashmi316

    CR vs. common illness

    … continuing with the topic of sinus infection… I think sinusitis was one a year illness my two siblings and I came down with. So… fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, body aches, loss of energy and malaise. Miss several days of school… and after the customary doctor visit, the SOLUTION was ALWAYS the same and it worked EVERY mothereffin’ time. What’s weird is that many “authorities “ and “experts” have nothing but broad-spectrum speculation on what triggers and sustains this very common disease. Take Wikipedia, e.g. , look at the “Causes “… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinusitis
  8. KHashmi316

    CR vs. common illness

    Should add sinusitis (sinus infection) to the list of common illnesses . Very common in western countries… and easy to self diagnose via well known symptoms. I think THIS indeed may be the once a year “minor “ CR ailment I previously mentioned. Usually in the “background “, symptoms waxing and waning over period of week. Can carry on as usual but it is annoying! This time it’s hitting a bit harder with more “sinusitisy” features… and it has been going for two weeks. I took my calorie intake down by 150kcal about a year ago. So for this current illness, the actual “healing “ process may be attenuated… like CR wound healing.
  9. Let's see .... first report of Omicron ... November 24, 2021 (South Africa) https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7050e1.htm Dec. 21, 2021: "The Omicron variant is now dominant in the US" https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/omicron-variant-coronavirus-news-12-20-21-intl/index.html Whoa Nelly! Someone puhhhhhhhleeeeze ask Mr Omicron what brand o' runnin' shoes he's usin'. I want a pair for Xmas 😉
  10. The full May 2021 paper (Journal of Animal Science) on the benefits of SW: https://academic.oup.com/jas/article/99/5/skab063/6152506 There have been various marketed SW devices out for quite some time. They tend to be pricey ... Google "structured water" and you may encounter devices that look like:
  11. KHashmi316

    Vaccine risks, injury and related topics

    About increased cardio risks and MRNA vax ... here is the new CIRCULATION paper that's getttin' a lotta attn .... (Al, do you have the FULL PRINT ? Thx!!) https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712
  12. KHashmi316

    Vaccine risks, injury and related topics

    About covid vax-related cardiac injury ... especially when it comes to children ... some scary stuff ...
  13. KHashmi316

    Vaccine risks, injury and related topics

    Have their (YOUR ??) titers checked first ... I think Michael Mina's Harvard Univ. test for COVID was along these lines (???) ...
  14. It's much more complicated ... folks at the highest levels of academics and education are ALSO susceptible to mass psychosis ... time and again. The most notorious example occurred less than 100 years ago in one of the world's most advanced nations (Germany, 1930s). Arguably, the European Jews were more successful and higher-IQ'd than their non-Jewish counterparts-- and probably still the case in 2021. Here is part of the "Nazi Solution" ... in the early stages ... as Spielberg depicts ...