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  1. Yeah. Politicians will say that -- e.g, in both the Trump and Biden administrations. -- Saul
  2. Eating an animal (or plant) isn't the same as torturing the animal (or plant). There are Moslem and Jewish traditions of how to end the animal's life humanely. (In the Orthodox Jewish tradition, the animal must be made aware that it's life is to be taken. Immediately after, the animal is "shechted". E.g. with cattle, I believe a cut is made to the carotid artery, in the throat.) Please note: Even though I note that we -- and all animals -- live by consuming other life forms -- I don't eat any land animals myself -- not for moral reasons; but because they aren't healthful for humans (and I don't like cow or chicken flesh). (Interestingly, the various races of man are not equally well adapted to eating meat -- the Oriental races are better adapted to meat eating than the other races of man). It is believed that the human race is evolving to becoming more carnivorous. So, every obese person gorging on meat is hastening this evolution -- even while he/she is hastening his/her demise. -- Saul
  3. Hi Ron! The basic question is, where do you draw the line (from supersentient humans, apes, monkeys, cephalopods, crows, whales, mammals and birds, other vertebrae, plants, fungi, bacteria and archaea? My claim -- there is no such line. My view: Animals -- aside from the very few that have gained chloroplasts and are able to manufacture their own food -- are parasites on other living creatures. We can not live without taking the lives of others. Nothing wrong with that -- whether or not you are vegan. -- Saul
  4. I read the vanityfair link. News reporters are not the best virologists. The genetic structure of the virus makes it impossible to have been human modified. True, it might have come from a lab leak by people studying the novel coronavirus. But, if this was the case, it wasn't "tweaked" by them. Probably most likely, it jumped to humans from an animal -- no lab needed. -- Saul
  5. So you understand the experience that a plant may undergo? How did you get that infprmation? -- Saul
  6. Hi ALL! I've just been enrolled in a new study financed by the NIH, and given "the highest priority". The study is for fully vaccinated participants, who received their last shot three months or more ago. The unknown is "how long does effective immunity last". The hypothesis is that it might wear off -- if so, fully vaccinated individuals might need a booster shot. If so, the question that they want answered is "might a shot of the UNMODIFIED moderna vaccine be effective as a booster shot" The NIH is hoping "Yes" -- that would save a lot of money -- it would be far more expensive to develop modified moderna or pfizer vaccines. NIH is enrolling a total of 500 people in the study -- of which 50 are to be Rochesterians. I am one of the 50. Nine vials of blood were drawn from me this afternoon, and I received my shot of the moderna vaccine shortly afterward. More blood will be drawn in the weeks ahead -- I think on Wednesdays. And NIH will deposit $$ in my bank account. 😀 -- Saul
  7. All kidding aside -- my point is a moral disagreement with those who are vegan, because for moral reasons they wouldn't eat an animal. But they would eat a plant. -- Saul
  8. My view: sentience may be something common to all living creatures. To quote animal farm: All animals are created equal. But some animals are more equal than others. -- Saul
  9. I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge real cheap. -- Saul
  10. The takeaway: Life expectancy is longer in States with Higher Income. (Big surprise.) 😉 -- Saul
  11. I avoid all sugary fruit -- but I eat avocados. -- Saul
  12. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/staghorn-fern-colonies-first-plants-share-work-ants?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=latest-newsletter-v2&utm_source=Latest_Headlines&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Latest_Headlines
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    I take 6 capsules of Jarrow Bone-Up daily. This has calcium, in the form of calcium hydroxyappetite, magnesium and a host of other minerals, as well as supplying 1000IU of Vitamin D3. I also have blood and urine tested semiannually, and see an endocrinologist annually, and a CR-friendly nephrologist semiannually. -- Saul
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    I downloaded a free sample. -- Saul
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    Yep. I know. Good news. -- Saul