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  1. Saul

    Living for millions of years is possible

    I believe it. But I don't think they have a good QOL. 😉
  2. Saul

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    Hi Matt! Warren gave up CR; but I'm pretty sure he still shares an apartment with Khurram.
  3. Saul

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    Hi Khuram! Indeed; IMO, you may be the most calorie restricted member of the CR Society. I remember meeting you and Warren at CR2. My eyes went wide -- I said to myself, ther is someone who is REALLY on CR! 😉 -- Saul
  4. Saul

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    Out of curiosity, I used the oral temperature probe as an ear thermometer -- I inseted the probe into my ear canal. Result: 97.4. 🙄
  5. Saul

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    Oral temperature is what I take. Like the other methods, it has it's limitations. E.g., your temperature after a hot drink is artificially high; after a cold drink artificially low. Right now, I'm towards the end of the worst cold that I've had for a long time: oral temp is 98.1. Farhead temperature varies a lot also: If you test after coming in on a hot summer day, you get a high number; in midwinter, a low number. Ear temperature varies with where in the ear the probe is placed.
  6. Saul

    CR vs. common illness

    About the possible "gold nanoparticle test for cancer": As noted at the end of the newsclip: “As it stands it is just one more technological innovation that may or may not be useful in the clinical setting.” -- Saul
  7. Saul

    CR vs. common illness

    Hi Khurram! Just a note -- during my unusually lengthy cold, I had no fever; temperature remained in the low 98.<something>, occasionally 97.<something>. -- Saul
  8. Saul

    CR vs. common illness

    Hi Khurram! I almost never have a cold. However, for Thanksgiving my wife and I drove to NYC to spend the holiday with our two daughters, 3yo grandson and son-in-law. The NYC apartment is very small -- lots of people in a small space. I caught a cold -- one that is only now fully ending (an unusually long duration for a cold). The worst of it was a nasal drip that interfered with sleep. However, as usual, the cold didn't interfere at all with my daily activities -- teaching my classes at the University of Rochester, and daily exercise in the gym that I go to. It's good to have it over though (I hope it's over!). -- Saul
  9. https://www.sens.org/research/research-blog/smart-bombs-against-senescent-cells
  10. Todd, I agree with you completely. But of course, we can use Cronometer and other tools to get an estimate -- and to warn us of any severe lack of some nutrient(s), if any; and, along with our daily morning weighing, get some idea to estimate how many calories we've absorbed in the past day. -- Saul
  11. Hi Clinton! "Escape Velocity" is a myth. -- Saul
  12. You'll be dead way before the sun scorches the Earth. But AI is a great investment.