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  1. Saul

    "I hear you're on a special diet"

    Well, I think it will come to nothing. I was merely pleased that two very different sources had become impressed with calorie restriction ("special diet").
  2. And protects you from the flu! 😉 -- Saul
  3. It's never good to have inflammation. But it is good to rev up the immune system through vaccinations. Of course, exercise is also important -- and this causes very brief localized imflammation, which is quickly taken care of by a healthy body. -- Saul
  4. Hi ALL! I thought I'd share two experiences with you, both of which happened in very different places. On returning to teach my two courses at the University of Rochester, Dept of Mathematics after several Jewish Holidays, a much younger (healthy and overweight) female colleague and friend of mine, who is a differential geometer, said "I hear you're on a special diet". I responded, "That's true." She then hoped to get some information about it. I responded positively -- it won't be easy, but I might try to explain CRON to her -- that's quite complicated, since we all have such different diets. Then, about two days later, while changing into gym clothes in my gym, I was approached by an extremely old person, who looked like a near-death alcoholic, who I didn't recognize; he said "I hear you're on a special diet". Apparently (he seemed to claim) we're about the same age, and he knew me from before. I mentioned "Calorie Restriction". He said "that must be hard to do". I gave him the URL "crsociety.org". I doubt that he'll do anything. I'm 79, exercise vigorously for 1/2 - 1 hr. most days, and continue to be optimistic and cheerful, and enjoy my work at the UR Math Dept. I'm the oldest member of the UR Math Dept, and in excellent shape. I'm an example of how CR, ON and EX helps one to maintain vitality. I was especially impressed that in two hugely different venues, I was asked the same question; I thought I woiuld share with you. -- Saul
  5. Dear colleagues, I strongly agree with those who who favor vaccination against dangerous diseases, and also flu (Kefleger's reasoning is, IMO. correct -- ignoring the stuff about rapamycin). For example: We have an excellent vaccine research unit here at the University of Rochester Medical School: About two years ago, I was pleased to be a subject in a study testing the effectiveness of an experimental Norovirus vaccine; when Norovirus ravaged our campus several months later, I was much less concerned than my colleagues. This coming Tuesday, I will be taking an experimental vaccine against RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and also receive my annual flu vaccine at the same time and place. This will take place at the Infectious Disease Unit of Rochester General Hospital (this is the second largest hospital in Rochester -- it is not a teaching hospital like URMC; my wife works at RGH, as an NP specialized in gastroenterology). For those who believe in avoiding vaccinations, consider the result of the foolish mass avoidance of measles vaccine in California: the (vritually extinct) disease has re-emerged, and killed many. LOL, -- Saul
  6. Saul

    Al's CR updates

    However, the details aren't in this summary -- so it's unclear whether Moore's evaluation of the ineffectiveness of lemur and macaque CR might have some value -- or else be the result of "sour grapes" -- a "healthy eating" ad libber "proving" that his diet is the best. 😃 -- saul
  7. Anyway he has $$. My guess: Philanthropy might make him feel good; rather than taking psychoactive pills -- which probably don't improve mood. Philanthropy worked for the "robber barons" of the nineteenth century. It was one of the things that made them happy. -- Saul
  8. His best bet: Start a program of serious calorie restriction, with optimal nutrition. My guess: he doesn't have the self discipline to do serius CR. So he'll die sooner (than he would if he were a CRONnie) 🙄 -- Saul
  9. Some of the junk he's takingmight kill him sooner. -- Saul
  10. My take: Aubrey is funding some very interesting methods that are not unlikely to improve healthspan, and possibly even average and/or maximal lifespan. But I think that Aubrey is much too optimistic in believing that current anti-aging research is likely to extend human lifespan to THOUSANDS of years! -- Saul
  11. Thanks Khuram! Nice find! -- Saul
  12. The evidence that soy is associated with dementia is very weak. It comes from an old post by Michael Rae; Michael admits that the evidence is weak. In fact, at the last CR Conference, Michael was unhappy that tofu wasn't available for the vegans who attended, such as Dean Pommerlau. (I pointed out that garbanzo beans were available -- I personally doubt that edemame is "dementia inducing". -- Saul
  13. Seems like a good study; large number of people, well-made study. Results: No surprise. -- Saul