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  1. Saul

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    calcium hydroxyappetite (6 pills nightly-- Jarrow Bone Up), some 1 additional Vitamin D pill forget the dose) nightly, 3 fish oil pills ("SuperFisol"). Before bed, a low dose melatonin pill. -- Saul
  2. Saul

    Cadmium contamination in cacao products

    Since I eat fish, I have my serum and urine checked every few years, for heavy metals (to check for mercury). They all (including Hg, Pb, Cd, As, many more) come out vanishingly low -- with the exception of As (arsenic), which is high. More detailed testing showed that inorganic arsenic was low -- organic arsenic was high. Supposedly organic arsenic is supposed to be OK. ?? -- Saul
  3. Saul

    Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

    Wouldn't touch the stuff. -- Saul
  4. Saul


    Hi Mccoy! Take care -- elevated serum glucose and elevated LDL can be a sign of approaching metabolic syndrome, which, uncontrolled, might lead to diabetes. -- Saul
  5. I have a lesser opinion of Peter Attia podcasts.
  6. Michael Rae was also a skeptic about telomere length: he noted that those of us on CR had elevated levels of epinephrine -- the "fight or flight" hormone. And if I remember correctly, he believed that this should result in shorter telomere length. In fact, many of us participated in a study at UCSF at which the Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn (who discovered telomerase) participated. The hypothesis being tested was: that CRONnies would have longer telomeres than controls. We didn't. -- Saul
  7. Hi Tom! My view: whenever an "expert" decides to prove something by showing you a video, rather than presenting in writing, skip it. Too many video "experts". -- Saul
  8. Pfizer today gave a more detailed statement about the effectiveness of their vaccine -- Key points: In their large phase 3 study, with a very large and diverse group: 95% effective in preventing the disease; 94% effective in people over age 65. Aside from the usual complaints by recipients of complaints of pain at the injection site, there was only one widely reported one side effect, from those who were injected with the vaccine (as opposed to those injected with placebo): Fatigue. I was one of the many worldwide participants in that Pfizer Phase 3 study: I had one, totally unexpected, side effect from the vaccine: Heavy fatigue. So Pfizer is effectively confirming what I already was pretty sure of: At my two shots, I was injected with Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine -- not placebo. Dr. Walsh, the leading infectious disease specialist (technically retired, but actually very active -- currently associated with Rochester General hospital, formerly at the University of Rochester Medical School) in rochester, headed the Rochester branch of the worldwide Pfizer study. (His name is present near the beginning of the two leading papers on the Pfizer worldwide study.) Dr. Walsh assures me that I'll eventually be officially informed whether I received vaccine or placebo. He tells me that American law requires that, as soon as some vaccine (Pfizer or other) for Covid-19 gets approval for use, and is "generally made available", I'll be officially informed. A happy day. 😃 -- Saul
  9. Read the ebook: The Path to Longevity: The Secrets to Living a ... - Amazon.com -- Saul
  10. Saul

    Hello from a new member

    Hi Edmundsj! I suggest that before you start, you get some bloodwork done. Go to the CR Society homepage to find a link to recommended bloodwork. That will give you a baseline. Next, slowly reduce the amount of food that you eat daily. Try to limit meals to breakfast, lunch and dinner -- with no snacks in between. Do not reduce your daily calorie intake by too much -- you should not lose more weight than, say, 2lbs per week. Add the free (or gold) Cron-O-Meter app to your smartphone. Cronometer also runs on all computers. Use cronometer to track your absorption of nutrients; modify your diet as needed to get adequate amounts of each nutrient (known about). Of course, most of your daily food should be vegetables. I would discourage eating grains, including whole grains; they're high in calories, with little benefit. I also personally am an olive oil disbeliever -- I avoid unnecessary consumption of olive and most other oils. Of course, there are the essential oils, that you're body cannot manufacture itself -- especially Omega 3's. Of course, eat mostly vegetables and fruits -- especially raw vegetables. Also be SURE to continue exercising -- IMO, one should do aerobic exercise, at least 30min, almost every day. There should also be some strengthening exercise -- but not so much as to be anything near being a body builder. CR will eat up your muscles (while enough food isn't available, your body will turn on your muscles and burn much of them for energy). so you need to do SOME strengthening exercise. However, if you overdo strengthening exercises and develop large muscles (which can be done even in old age), they burn a lot of calories -- not a good thing. You can't do CR and serious bodybuilding at the same time. My own personal exercise is on an elliptical cross trainer with hand motion -- I exercise at the highest resistance level of the elliptical (that does some muscle strengthening), and maintain a fast speed. As with CR, I built up the level of my exercise gradually, to my current levels. Good luck, and welcome to the Forums! -- Saul
  11. Hi Gordo! I was in that Phase 3 trial of the Pfizer vaccine; here in Rochester, it was run by Dr. Walsh of Rochester General Hospital (formerly at UR). Dr. Walsh, IMO, is the "Fauci of Rochester". I have two reasons for being pretty sure that I received the vaccine, not the saline: (1) I've never had any side effect from any vaccine -- and didn't expect one from the Pfizer vaccine. But I was extremely tired after the first shot; drove home, went to bed, woke up in the morning still somewhat tired. Then it hit me: I just got an injection the night before. Fatigue, I found out, is a known side effect of the vaccine. (2) In following the recent news since Pfizer's announcement, I discovered that the vaccine has to be kept at ca. -50 degrees Centigrade. When they prepared me for the first shot, they took a long time "preparing" it. The syringe was giving off vapour when they came with it -- as if it was very cold. 😉 -- Saul
  12. Hi ALL! Covid cases here in Rochester NY are still low; but they're going up. Here at the University of Rochester, this term a a sizeable fraction of us are teaching in-person -- I'm by far the oldest one teaching in-person. (I'm 81. The others are in their 30's or younger.) One Prof -- obese, but very strong and in his early thirties -- just decided to switch to on-line instruction -- "in an abundance of caution". After Thanksgiving, the University Administration requires us to teach the remaining two weeks of our classes on-line. (I'll drive to my office at UR -- there's a greeat desktop Mac there that does excellent zoom -- and my office blackboard is right in front of it. So I'll teach writing on the blackboard with "Hagamoro chalk" -- the best chalk. Not too different from teaching in-person.) Next term, classes start Feb 1. Almost every member of the math dept is teaching on-line. There are only 3 or 4 of us teaching in-person -- definitely including me. -- Saul
  13. Hi Mechanism! I always wanted to up my level of CRON; I decided to do it. -- Saul