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  1. Saul

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    I agree. -- Saul
  2. Saul

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    Hi Khurram! After reading the Table of Contents posted by Sibiriac, I bought the Amazon kindle version of the book, for a little over $11. -- Saul
  3. Dear ALL, I've just received the letter below, from Dr. Luigi Fontana. It describes his latest book, and includes an attached video. Enjoy, -- Saul Dear Saul, how are you? Hope you are doing well in these difficult times. I am writing to bring to your kind attention a new book, entitled the ‘Path to Longevity’, that summarizes more than 20 years of research, clinical practice and my accumulated knowledge on healthy longevity. Here, a video interview with Sunrise TV that encapsulates some of the key topics: https://youtu.be/bho1IfJqCBw My ultimate dream is that by reading this book people might start to examine their current level of physical and psychological health, and their subconscious expectations for the future. I hope that by becoming more aware of their full potential they will unlock a profoundly felt need for transformation and possibly help the world become a better place. Warmest regards, Luigi PROFESSOR LUIGI FONTANA, MD, PhD, FRACP Professor of Medicine and Nutrition Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Translational Metabolic Health Director, Healthy Longevity Research and Clinical Program Charles Perkins Centre | Sydney Medical School (Central Clinical School) Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney
  4. Hmmmm..... Disclosures! Arne Astrup: Research funding from Danish Dairy Foundation, Arla Foods Amba and the European Milk Foundation. Speaker honorarium for Expert Symposium on the Dairy Matrix 2016 sponsored by The European Milk Foundation. Advisory Board/Consultant for McCain Foods Limited and Weight Watchers. J. Thomas Brenna: Research funding from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association/North Dakota Beef Council. Panel participation honorarium from Dairy Management (2017). James O. Hill: Research funding from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Member of the scientific advisory committee of the Milk Producers Education Program (Milk PEP). Member of the health and wellness advisory board for General Mills. Trustee of the International Life Science Institute. Andrew Mente & Salim Yusuf: Research funding from the Dairy Farmers of Canada and the National Dairy Council to analyze data on dairy consumption and health outcomes in the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study, which is funded by the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), Hamilton Health Sciences Research Institute, and more than 70 other sources (government and pharmaceutical). Jeff S. Volek: Research funding from foundations (Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation) and industry (Metagenics, National Dairy Council/Dutch Dairy Organization, Malaysian Palm Board, Pruvit Ventures). Royalties for books on ketogenic diets. Scientific advisory board for Virta Health, UCAN, Advancing Ketogenic Therapies, Cook Keto, Axcess Global and Atkins Nutritionals. Equity in PangeaKeto. Founder, chief science officer, and equity in Virta Health Ronald M. Krauss: Research funding from Dairy Management. Scientific Advisory Board for Virta Health and Day Two. Licensed patent for method of lipoprotein particle measurement. -- Saul
  5. Saul

    Limiting threonine and tryptophan

    Hi Sibiriac! Of course my diet is plant based -- but it isn't vegan. I eat a small amount of fish daily -- usually 3oz of raw salmon, or 2.5oz of hamachi (yellowtail). Today may be an exception -- it's Father's Day in the US, and my wife and I will eat out in a restaurant. I restrict protein -- biological age is not the same as chronological age. The Finger Lakes region of NYS (which includes Rochester, NY) is in stage 3 of the reopening -- indoor restaurants are now open. Happily, we have very little COV-19 infection. -- Saul
  6. Saul

    Limiting threonine and tryptophan

    Varies. But I usually eat some salmon or other fish. But no grains, eggs or dairy -- also rich sources of methionine. -- Saul
  7. Saul

    Limiting threonine and tryptophan

    For those of us interested in health and life extension, reduced methionine availability is a plus, rather than a minus. So the study confrims: (1) Don't eat rice (high calories; higher methionine content than desired in rice protein. Same problem with all grains.) (2) Eat your chickpeas and/or other legumes; they should be your primary source of protein -- rather than grain and/or animal protein. -- Saul
  8. First: We don't know what all the proteins in blood are. That alone may be a difficult, if not impossible, task.
  9. Well, it's new to all of us. Certainly sounds interesting. Possibly investigators might figure out what are the proteins that are best to reduce (by this dilution procedure). Exactly where it will lead remains uncertain. But I'm sure that there will be some $$ made by professionals who present videos of their : "dilution lab": "pay me money and I'll dilute your blood". -- Saul
  10. I read the full article. There is no mention of saving the platelets in the half of the body's blood that is discarded. If those platelets were to be saved, how? I'm no plegmologist (spelling🙂?), but I think that may be hard to do, without damaging the platelets (probably not a good idea). Also: The article claims that, after discarding half the blood and replacing with saline and albumin, the remaining cells are activated, producing more useful protein. Perhaps the rejuvenated blood might also easily replace the discarded platelets. -- Saul
  11. Fascinating! One possible complication: When diluting the blood, you are also removing half of your platelets. There is evidence that CR causes mild "anemia" -- a slight deficiency in blood platelets -- at least that is true for me. Probably not a big problem -- quite possibly the dilution procedure will also jack up platelet formation. -- Saul
  12. CRON, for many years. My Endocrinologist also thinks it's my diet. I'll be getting new T tests soon. -- Saul
  13. Out of curiousity, I checked my last T 5 testosterone tests: Skip navigation to main content Currently accessing my record Messaging Visits Medical Record Billing Profile Resources Saul LubkinLog Out TESTOSTERONE TOTAL FREE - Past Results About This Test Details Past Results Graph of Past Results Select a date range or total number of readings to graph.Starting dateEnding dateTotal number of readings to graph.From to - or - latest values (hide) Dates as columns Dates as rows Name Standard Range 3/17/13 12/15/13 7/23/14 4/2/15 12/23/16 Testosterone 193 - 740 ng/dL 616 922 786 659 795 Testosterone,Free 47 - 244 pg/mL 44 75 68 57 50 Testosterone,% Free % 1 1 1 1 1 Name Standard Range Testosterone 193 - 740 ng/dL Testosterone,Free 47 - 244 pg/mL Testosterone,% Free % Back to the Test Results List Interoperability GuideLOG OUT ||Site MapTerms & ConditionsGet MyChart Website HelpHigh Contrast Theme MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation © 1999 - 2019(PRD)