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  1. I just got my flu shot -- the fluzone quadrivalent, recommended for people over 65 (same flu vaccine that I got last year). -- Saul
  2. Also.I'm now reading "Brave New World" on my kindle. I hope some of the crazzies aren't trying to create their own version of "Utopia" here in the US. -- Saul
  3. I can't imagine wearing a mask at home with my family. My oldest daughter, (who is an MD/PhD about to start working for the CDC, researching fungal disease) came to us with her husband, two young children (2 and 5) to celebrate the Rosh Ha Shona Holiday with us. She was very sick -- considering cancelling her flight from her very bad sickness (cold? flu? [fully vaccinated, and having had Covid before, so not Covid]). She was afraid of infecting her mother and me. We insisted that she come -- and they all did. No one even thought of wearing a mask, or avoiding hugging. --- Saul
  4. Hi Dean! In one of the last meetings of the CR Society -- which we both attended -- one of the invited speakers addressed this, when asked about it (I think by you). The monkey trial conducted by the NIA, which showed "little benefit" to a CR diet, was, in fact, deeply flawed. As it turned out, the invited speaker who had been involved in observing the study, noted that the researchers conducting the study found that they didn't have enough monkeys -- so they obtained additional monkeys, not of the same geographic area, and of different breeds. These were not balanced between the CR group and the control group; not in race, country of origin, or gender. Result: This study waa of little, if, any worth. -- Saul
  5. Dean, As Michael Rae note in a post, the "Monkey Chow" is just a small supplement to Khurram''s diet: He eats almost exclusively raw vegetables. -- Saul
  6. I'm glad to hear that Lisa Walford is back to being active, and that she has re-opened her yoga center. However, I, like Michael Rae and Khurram Hashimi, am more optimistic about the potential life-extension possibilities of serious CR. -- Saul
  7. Hi Khurram! Why are you so fascinated with Quaks? -- Saul
  8. Hi Dean! I had an interesting conversation a couple of months ago with Dr. Walsh, who holds a dual appointment in Infectious Diseases, both at UR Strong Memorial Hospital and Rochester Regional Health. (He also headed the Pfizer vaccine trial here in Rochester). I pointed out that Covid-19 is an RNA virus; and that these usually mutate quickly; but that it is a Coronavirus, and these tend to mutate more slowly than other RNA viruses. Dr. Walsh said, "Yes and No": "Yes", what I said was correct for coronaviruses that have been infecting the human race FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS -- which is "True" of all the coronaviruses with which we are familiar (including the ones that were new to Westerners, but familiar to other parts of the world). But the novel Covid-19 virus is new to humanity; it will take a long time for it to adapt to humans, and during that period, it will mutate rapidly. Dr. Walsh certainly was 100% correct. -- Saul
  9. Hi Dean! I also greatly miss Michael Rae's posts; IMO, Michael is the the leading thinker on this list -- he is a truly remarkable person. -- Saul
  10. Saul

    Healthiest Greens?

    Cabbage is great, any variety! Of course, eat it raw. I eat 1-2lbs of raw Nappa cabbage every morning for breakfast, with a little unsweetened pure rice vinegar.
  11. Hi Dean! I'm vaccinated, and in the CDC's "mix and match" trial. So, I've had my two shots of the Pfizer vaccine, and ("Mix and Match") one shot of the Moderna. My physical age is in the 80's, but I believe my biological age is much younger -- as is probably true of most of us who are practicing serious calorie restriction. Masks are a burden on breathing -- not good for "pranayama". You can shroud your face in a mask, if you want to. But I think it's presumptuous of you to preach to Gordo and me, with your prejudices. -- Saul
  12. Ha ha! Quite a picture! Probably about 1/3 of people are wearing masks here -- paradoxically, mostly younger adults. Monroe county does have a high infection rate in NYS -- worse than NY city. Dean is in Pittsburgh, which I think is a slightly bigger city than Rochester. (But the greater Rochester area probably has a higher per capita average income.) -- Saul