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  1. Probably irrelevant to CE. Possibly more important to "General Health and Longevity" than e.g CE. ( I'm a CE agnostic, but a strong believer is the importance of sleep.) -- Saul
  2. Today from Science News: Another article involving the important research being conducted here at the University of Rochester: Microglia had been thought to be active all the time; not so; they are most active during sleep, especially when we are not stressed (low circulating noreprinephine) https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/news/story/5584/the-night-gardeners----immune-cells-rewire-repair-brain-while-we-sleep.aspx
  3. Saul

    Cucumber water as a water alternative...

    What's wrong with the taste of sink water is the chlorine. Cucumber overnight helps to get rid of that taste. -- Saul
  4. Saul

    Tempeh and Seitan?

    Very true. you cannot "disprove" a theorem that has been correctly proven. Biological "proofs" of results in studies are just strong correlations that have a high probability of being likely on the basis of standard statistics. Thanks for looking this up, Siberiak. The excessive concern over soy in the CR Society dates back to the old CR List; Michael Rae (perhaps our most brilliant member) posted the 2000 Honolulu-Asia Aging Study to the Society, and showed a lot of concern. I was always skeptical. (I suspect that Michael was too, since he was very unhappy when no tofu was available for vegans at the last CR Society meeting.) I encourage people to read the whole of Siberiak's post. -- Saul
  5. Yes. The bottom line: Have a good CRONnie diet, mostly plants, possibly a small amount of fish, no red or white meat, HAVE a lot of TMAO. The takeaway: Dietary TMAO (as in fish) can be ignored. Sort of similar to shrimp and LDL cholesterol: Shrimp have cholesterol; but eating them won't raise your LDL cholesterol. -- Saul
  6. There is one (and probably only one) intervention that really works that really does stop aging: Death. ☠️
  7. Saul

    Colonoscopy Pro and Con

    My experience with my two colonoscopies is very similar to Siberiac's. Assuming that you have the services of a competent gastroenterologist, it's a good idea. In my case, both colonoscopies showed a perfectly healthy colon -- nothing that suggested the possibility of something precancerous. I'm 80, and will get another one in about 5 years -- despite the idiotic accepted idea that there's "no need" after age 70. -- Saul
  8. According to Matt Kaeberlein, healthy adults should have no problem with rapa. Matt believes that rapa is probably a true antiaging drug. And that it has been shown to be beneficial in improving the lot of rodents that suffer from a model of human Alzheimer's disease. Matt thinks that it's absurd that so far human clinical testing of Rapa for severe Alzheimer's patients hasn't been started. Luigi also has shown an interest in the potential benefits of rapa. -- Saul
  9. (Although several researchers -- including Matt Kaeberlein and Luigi Fontana -- believe it possible that rapamycin MAY extend maximal lifespan. Kaeberlein is testing rapa supplemtation of pet dogs -- a large study. I asked him how he thought CR and rapa might work together. He answered that the effects of both have some overlap -- but that no researcher could hope to get funding for a study of both CR and rapa. -- Saul
  10. Not surprising, Dean. 🙄 -- Saul
  11. Hi Dean! Thanks for providing this valuable information. It's information that should be useful, I think, especially to some of our newbies. A very rough summary: Anabolic drugs build muscles, and shorten expected lifespan. This includes GH, IGF1 and testosterone. (Happily, I've never heard of anyone trying to supplement IGF1.) -- Saul
  12. Hi Todd! I have a much lesser opinion of Peter Attia. -- Saul
  13. Thanks Dean. My apologies for not noticing that you'd already posted that info. -- Saul