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  1. Saul

    The Intermittent Fasting Advantage

  2. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/getting-covid-again-reinfection-omicron
  3. My thought is that there is a difference between DIETARY TMAO and TMAO produced by gut microbiota. TMAO eaten (sya by eating fish) doesn't pass unchanged into your gut. -- Saul
  4. Wasn't. He ate dairy. (IMO, nothing wrong with that). He used to eat egg whites -- my guess, he probably stopped eating them, because of the high methionine (but I don't know). -- Saul
  5. Saul

    Does CR keeps you looking younger?

    I think that CR does help the skin -- that and taking cold showers, while avoiding soap, which will damage your skin microbiome. I thin that my skin is thick for my physical age. -- Saul
  6. Michael's diegt wasn't vegan. -- Saul
  7. Hi Gordo! The first study was about remembering words -- not very general. I'm also highly skeptical about the second. There have been studies of various "brain-training" exercises, that did not show cognitive improvement. -- Saul
  8. In tests over several recent years, a low of 4.1, a max of 4.7 (usually about 4.3) g/dL (reference range: 3.5 - 5.2 g/dL). So I guess a little below the midpoint. -- Saul
  9. I don't remember, but I can look it up. -- Saul
  10. As I recall low RBC is typical for CR. -- Saul
  11. Saul

    Does CR keeps you looking younger?

    My wife (who is 14 1/2 years younger than I am) disagrees. She says that I look a few years younger than my chronological age. (So foes she.) 🙂 -- Saul
  12. Saul

    Does CR keeps you looking younger?

    Hi! I began practicing CR in April, 1996; so about 26 years. I don't think that my physical appearance is much better than others my age. But, I still teach mathematics full time at the University of Rochester, as I have been doing since 1974. I don't think that CR is a beauty treatment. 😉 -- Saul