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  1. Yes, that's right. His post noted that he ate very much seaweed, which resulted in an iodine overdose, resulting in thyroid damage. That was the source of the damage to his vocal cords. Since then, he is very cautious about seaweed. -- Saul
  2. Gordo, I weigh 122. My youthful height was 5ft, 5in. Currently, 5' 2in. You do the math. BMI is a crude measure of CRON -- amount of visceral fat is a much better measure. My abdomen is flat. As Michael Rae has noted, my body shape is such that BMI is a bad measure for me. My new GP in her visit notes noted that my abdomen is flat. I won't ask if you have a protruding belly. -- Saul
  3. Saul

    New to CR, have 4 basic questions

    1. Don't try going on a CR diet right away. Eat A LITTLE less food, with fewer calories. Improve your diet slowly, begin to check your nutrient consumption -- using e.g. the free CREN-O-METER app. Do not try to lose more than a pound of weight weekly. 2. When a male gets onto fairly strict CR, he tends to lose the (normally very strong) sex desire -- it significantly decreases (I remember a time when I had to disappoint several females when I lost interest). Females that are on extremely strict CR stop having periods. But their menopause actually occurs later than ad lib. (A CRONnie female who wants to have a baby goes off the diet, until after the little one is born.) 3. Don't worry about it. 4. Exercise important -- especially aerobic. Strengthening exercises should be at most mild to moderae for the reasons that you correctly mention. (When I was tested by Luigi in the early 2000's, he found that my skeletal muscles were small, but strong. That's probably the result of vigorous aerobic, with some (but not too much) strengthening.)
  4. Hi Gordo! Science News had a much more extensive report on this. I'm too lazy to pull it up. BUT, here's the basic details: The infectious disease people say this is no surprise. In the widely reported Hong Kong reinfection: The person reinfected showed no symptoms; he simply had been tested for virus, and it came back positive. The ID people say: This is normal for flu and many other infections. A person in the same state as the Hong Kong person during his "second infection" is probably unable to infect others. So: No, Gordo: You don't have to vaccinate everyone simultaneously to establish herd immunity. -- Saul
  5. I disagree with Gordo and Mechansim, and encourage Aducknamed]oe to do just as he intends. -- Saul
  6. Hi Gordo! In fact, the the second part of Phase 3 testing of the Pfizer vaccine, in which they are testing a large group of people age late teen to 85 has begun. My wife Maxine is an NP working in the Gastroenterology Department of Rochester General Hospital. She attended on line a Grand Round of the Hospital (on-lline -- it was at the height of the Covid panic here in Rochester -- I think March). At that meeting, attendees were informed that RGH would be conducting Phase 3 trials of the Pfizer vaccine, and that interested persons should call a certain telephone number. I called immediately, and presented my data. They (eventually) enrolled me in the study. They have been in the second part of Phase three -- they've chosen the preferred version of the vaccine, and people in this second part of phase 3 receive either saline or the vaccine (half in each category). They began with younger participants -- they called me about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I had my first shot. The injection is made intermuscularly -- top of the left shoulder -- the same spot as the shingrix vaccine.. Afterwards, I felt extremely tired. I thought "I am getting old". I remained extremely tired all day, and the next day, I still felt tired, but less so After working out on my elliptical, I felt fine. Maxine noted that I probably got the vaccine. (E.g., after every other injection that I've gotten, I never had that effect -- including with the both doses of the Shingrix vaccine, which is injected exactly the same way as at RGH.) I realized: She was right! I checked -- fatigue is the commonest side effect of the vaccine. 😊 I get the second dose on Tuesday, September 1 at 2PM at RGH. -- Saul
  7. Saul

    Metformin and appetite

    Hi Mike! As Luigi and others note, rodents allowed to eat all the time, given essentially zero calorie food, and real food in CR amounts only once a day, did not gain life-extension. Luigi suggests that it's best to eat a few meals a day, with no in-between snacks, evwn if very low cal. BUT, what your doing is A LOT BETTER than being ad-lib. -- Saul
  8. Not a big surprise. -- Saul
  9. Saul

    New book on aging

    Hi Matt! Please review my last posting -- I edited it with some important added material about the NIA study. -- Saul
  10. Saul

    New book on aging

    Dean, I completely agree with you -- I'm surprised at Tom's unjustified speculation. HOWEVER, I remember that at one of the last few CR Society Meetings -- I think the last one -- a question was addressed to the panel of invited guests (the last presentation of each CR Society Conference) -- about the disappointing result of the NIA monkey study -- in nt finding life extension in the CR'd group. One of the invited presenters in the panel answered: He said that he was aware of the design of the NIA study -- and that there was problems in obtaining enough similar monkeys for both groups -- and that additional monkeys were added, that were very different for the two groups, both in sex and race. the presenter regarded this as being more than sufficient to cause one to ignore the fact that there was no obvious boost in lifespan for the CR'ed group. Tapes were made of all of the CR Society meetings -- this information, in detail, is on the relevant CD. I recall that at least one member of these Forums has them. -- Saul
  11. According to Kaeberlein, the weekening of the immune system is insignificant for healthy adults. -- Saul
  12. I don't take rapa and don't intend to. It is true that rapa slightly lowers the effectiveness of the immune system -- but according to Matt Kaeberlein, of the University of Washington, who the negative effects to the immune system is insignificant for healthy adults. Dr. Kaeberlein believes in using rapa as an antiaging drug -- he's trying it out on pet dogs. -- Saul
  13. Saul

    New book on aging

    Good for you. -- Saul