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  1. I won't dispute that. That's exactly how I exercise. I also set the resistance level to be near the maximum -- to accomplish some skeletal muscle strengthening as well. -- Saul
  2. not everyone who catches Covid shows symptoms of Long Covid. Remember, we live in the obesity epidemic. People with obesity and/or diabetes are much more likely to have severe problems with covid. any study that doesn't adjust for comorbidaties isn't very useful. If you're in good health, but have recovered from mild covid infection, I wouldn't worry much about Long Covid. I'd go back to at least 30min of aerobic exercise, say about 5 days a week (or more), and maybe a bit of stengthening. Good luck (and looking to work out tomorrow myself - but I've never had covid), -- saul
  3. Yes. But it's a sample of just one. (I sometimes call it a "one rat" study). BUT, I'd love to come close to his lifespan. (No surprise that he lives (lived) in Japan.) -- Saul
  4. Hi Ron! I think you're much too negative in your opinions about Al Pater. Al probably has the best background in biology of anyone on this List, with the possible exception of Michael Rae. Concerning Peter Attiya -- I've never thought much of his opinions. -- Saul
  5. The opposite: arriving later suggests that it should be: more infectious, and LESS deadly (which is exactly what has happened). Why? Because the virus's evolution drives it towards surviving to produce more offspring -- hence more infectious (the more people infected, the more virus) -- and less deadly (the longer the infected person lives, the more viruses). -- Saul
  6. Hi Gordo! Hope that your symptoms, if any, remain mild. -- Saul
  7. Hi Dean! I remember -- from the lasr CR Conference -- you were exercising vigorously, almost every spare moment when no talks were being given. You probably exercised more than what Mike's curve shows -- and seemed to be doing very well. 🙂 -- Saul
  8. Hi Gordo! It's great that your body fought it off in just one day. Welcome back to the world! -- Saul
  9. Hi Sibiriak! I hadn't realized that Bill Gates was a prominent research scientist! Thanks for letting me know this incredibly important fact. -- Saul
  10. Saul

    CR for elderly 80+

    Hi again Geoff! One thing that's always a good idea: Your parents might try eating less meat, and more fruits and vegetables. -- Saul
  11. Saul

    CR for elderly 80+

    I'm 80+ and I've been on Calorie Restriction for over 20 years. BUT, it's probably not good to START CR when you're 80+ -- or even 70+. The process that the body must go through to go from Ad Lib to CR should be slow and gradual. And the older you are when you start, the worse. -- Saul
  12. McCoy, take all your shots and boosters; believe me you don't want to live in a recreation of soviet Russia (which may be becoming real now). My parents left Soviet Russia to come to the US. And, worse, you don't want to be a human robot in Ping's China. -- Saul