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  1. Saul

    aging protein waves in blood

    Very interesting post, Corybroo. -- Saul
  2. Once again Ron, I agree with all that you've said. -- Saul
  3. I totally agree with Ron. (I often find Tom's ideas interesting -- but I totally disagree with his thoughts on this topic.) -- Saul
  4. Hi Dean and Tom! About Rapa -- Matt Kaeberlein gave a talk here at the annual forum on anti-aging at UR. He believes that the evidence is strong that just plain rapa is safe for healthy subjects, and really might have an anti-aging effect; he is engaged in trials of rapa on pet dogs now. I asked him how he would compare the ant-aging effects of CR and rapa -- he answered that there were some common features, but some of the pathways are different. I asked him if he thought whether CR and rapa would work together -- he answered that it would be impossible to test such things -- that such a trial would never be sanctioned. About rapa: Your discussion suggests that rapa is easy to get. Is it? (Not that I'd be likely to try it.) -- Saul
  5. Saul

    cheese and red wine?

    I avoid all grains -- including whole grain oats. Grains are too nutrient poor per calorie -- they're too full of starch. -- Saul
  6. I suggest ignoring Walter Longo. -- Saul
  7. IMO, a simple summery: Keap protein consumption, especially animal protein, low, in order to keep IGF1, and other growth hormones, low -- as part of your effort to increase healthspan and (possibly} lifespan. But do regular (most days a week) vigorous aerobic exercise -- preferably with some resistance -- to keep your muscles small, but healthy. (Massive muscles consume a lot of calories -- they are not consistent with the goals of maximum lifespan or healthspan.) -- Saul
  8. Saul

    How low is too low calories

    I agree. -- Saul
  9. Saul

    cheese and red wine?

    Many of us are vegan, or at least non-eaters of dairy. And many of us won't eat grains -- whole grains or not. And in particular most semi-serious CRONies don't eat crackers or bread. I suggest slowly weaning yourself from grains and dairy. (E.g., eat fewer and fewer crackers, and less cheese, each week.) -- Saul
  10. And enough calories to support a developing teen age brain. -- Saul
  11. Hi Fernando! Sooner or later, you will die. We all do. In your case, probably it will be a lot later. 😊 -- Saul
  12. Hi Fernando! Whatever your BMI, those are lousy numbers for someone your age. (True, a lot of teenagers are obese, and might have numbers like that. But you're not obese.) However, the prevailing opinion among CRONies is: One should not start CR until (at least) the early twenties. The reason: The human brain is still developing in your teens -- you want your brain to have abundant resources while it is still developing. So I would suggest eating a healthy diet, and not eating more than you need, or when you're not hungry, but not to attempt to reduce calories until your twenties. -- Saul
  13. Saul

    Al's new DXA body scan

    Hi Al! You have severe osteoporosis. It's not easy to improve osteoporosis. There are two drugs that will help -- either Forteo or Tymlos (both bind to the same sites on bone.) Happily, Forteo is about to go generic -- prices have dropped. -- Saul
  14. Saul

    Heavy metals in foods

    Maybe that's the source of the lead? Perhaps the filter is polluted? Sorry to hear about your problem. -- Saul