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  1. Saul

    Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer

    The BBC article gave no clew why there is supposed to be a UNIVERSAL cancer modified T-cell; it just described CAR therapy. -- Saul
  2. Saul

    Living Bricks that Reproduce

    I found this article fascinating: Living building materials that reproduce. Part photosynthetic bacteria, sand and gelatin. https://www.insidescience.org/news/research-harnesses-bacterial-power-generate-self-reproducing-building-material -- Saul
  3. Sinclair gave the annual talk on aging at the University of Rochester at the end of the Spring term in the bio department last year. I think that i posted a note about it. -- Saul P.S.: He was pushing NMN. But, also, he did indicate that he's practicing Calorie Restriction.
  4. Saul

    Should we all be drinking wine?

    Hi All! I drink a small amount of high quality red wine twice weekly. I find one concerning side effect: a feeling of tiredness. A lot of water helps neutralize it. I suspect that alcohol enters the blood directly, and passes the blood/brain barrier, possibly interfering with brain function. I intend to reduce my minimal intake of red wine. (And I certainly have no desire to consume any other alcoholic beverage.) -- Saul
  5. Hi Khurram! Thanks for the nice post. I'm 80 1/2, and continue to combine CR and vigorous aerobic exercise (elliptical cross trainer with a high resistance setting for ca 45 min daily, 6 days a week). I'm still fully employed at the University of Rochester as a math prof. I'm the oldest member of the UR Math Dept -- and in excellent health. As I recall, in addition to your very strict adherence to CR, you are also a very vigorous exerciser. The more power to you! 😉 -- Saul
  6. Saul

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Hi Ron! Jesus is mentioned in the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, which was written during Roman times. (There is also a charming Talmudic brief anecdote about a top Rabbinical scholar, who refused to talk to an early Christian commoner -- but then reproved himself, claiming that the Christian was more in the right he was). There are several references in the Jewish talmud to Jesus, who was clearly a historical figure. He is not referenced as Christ, which (as I understand it) is Greek for Messiah. Jesus was clearly a historical figure. It would be more difficult to find historical references to Moses, since that's much further in the past. I think you would make your point much more effectively if you accepted the existence of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, but indicated your own disbelief in their doctrines.
  7. Saul

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    Matt, I agree with you. -- Saul
  8. Saul

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    A duck
  9. Saul

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Disbeliever! (In Hebrew, "Afikorsis!") 😈 👽 💀 (Shit -- no devil). 🙈🙉🙊 😊
  10. Saul

    DEXA Scans

    Hi Tom! Zero VAT is as unobtainable as zero subcutaneous fat. The only way to get either of these numbers to zero is to be dead. Since you are not dead, your VAT is not -- and never will be, while you're alive -- zero. The (presumably) small amount of VAT that you have evidently does perform some essential tasks -- but you don't need more VAT to accomplish these tasks. So, to be practical, your goal should be to have as little VAT as you possibly can. How to accomplish this? Diet and exercise. For the obese, surgical removal (--or possibly burning off by carefully targeted lasers?--) might be useful. -- Saul
  11. Saul

    "The CR Way" vs "The Longevity Diet" tips

    Below is the video from Luigi Fontana. It includes a discussion of "calorie dilution" -- which suggests strongly that "grazing" -- eating bits all day, even with reduced calories, does not result in the benefits of CR. Luigi suggests eating at specific times. There is also evidence that eating early in the day is better than later. -- Saul
  12. Saul

    Altering exercise modality to benefit brain health

    I exercise for about 45 minutes six days a week on a tough elliptical cross trainer with hand motion at resistance 20 in my gym. Concerning mental exercise: I'm still fully employed as a Math Prof at the University of Rochester, teaching two courses per term, with a large summer break. -- Saul
  13. Saul

    Supplements Thoughts

    But another large study showed an inverse association between osteoarthritis and CVD, and also lifespan and healthspan more generally. So the apparent positive health benefits of glucosamine might actually just be because a significant fraction of osteoarthritics might be taking glucosamine. "Correlation is not causation." -- Saul
  14. Saul

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    How many angels can you fit on the head of a pin? -- Saul
  15. Saul

    aging protein waves in blood

    Very interesting post, Corybroo. -- Saul