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    I kindly ask you to delete my account.

    I have asked the threadstarter for more information and - very importantly - confirmation. Delete is not always an easy button to unpress. I think most people here would be agreeable to the deletion and removal (or changing) of personal information. That said, there is the issue here - and it comes up on other forums - of creating holes in the discussion and/or deleting entire threads (if the deleted account started it). GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California) can create reasonable expectations even if sites like this are not explicitly covered (not in the EU, not in California). Without doing too much technical exploration (test account and posts then testing the delete function or digging into the support forums or contacting support) a simple solution is to replace the user name with a template (UserReqDel20200217), removing any personal info accessible to admins (like email - typically that is it) and changing the password. Then any specific changes or removals can be requested (via email or some other side channel). Users can still edit most of their posts ... down to nothing.
  2. Technically, food has calories so zero is not possible. This might apply ... and good luck?!? https://www.livestrong.com/article/523013-how-many-days-can-you-survive-without-food/ Perhaps your question could be phrased differently. For example, there have been efforts to achieve USRDAs - now DRI often - see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_Reference_Intake ... with a minimum amount of calories using real foods. If using supplements, everything changes. A simple multivitamin might get 90% of it done (micronutrients only). Also, aren't there many caloric nutrients - or are those distinct from the micronutrients. E.g., amino acids, omega fats, fiber. The Wikipedia/DRI lists those as macronutrients: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_Reference_Intake#Macronutrients So, I would think ideally you want to get all of your micronutrients with your more essential (short term, at least) macronutrients: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_Reference_Intake#Macronutrients There may be daily meal plans/diets from members that can be dug up if that is what you want.
  3. timc

    Forum Upgrade (!)

    Hi All, The forum is scheduled to upgrade on either Friday, July 27th or Monday, July 30th. As this is a major revision upgrade (3.X to 4.X), this might cause a loss of access and will definitely cause a change to the look/feel including the color scheme and other aspects. Hopefully, it is back in order soon. -Tim
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    Forum Upgrade (!)

    I'll keep that suggestion in mind (warmer hues). It may be that some RGB hex color codes can be swapped easily enough, RGB --> BGR (light blues become light reds). It may not be 'warm', but a 'dark theme' was added and enabled for all users (logged in or not) - "Extra Dark" (modified from a free, downloaded theme) ... not too much blue. This is at the bottom, middle. It could use a little more contrast in some areas and I'm not sure if the color/font choices are optimal for a white-on-black theme.
  5. timc

    Forum Upgrade (!)

    You are correct. That feature was on the top AND bottom of the page - and where Saul suggested (Activity) which is at the top too. I did remove it from the top (the code is just commented out - nothing is deleted) along with what they call 'breadcrumbs' : (house icon) Home > Forums > Chitchat > Forum Upgrade (!) () Unread Content () Mark site read Those are still visible at the page bottom.
  6. timc

    Forum Upgrade (!)

    I am in agreement on the aesthetics. Everything in the green block above (and the white submenu just beneath) could use a refresh. It's hard to do in isolation (matching font, tab, background/gradient, logos, button colors). I just spent literally two hours trying to figure out how to put recent "Topics" above "Current Donations Goals" and "Blog Entries". These things are never where you expect them to be (I saw a magic arrow while reading your post - it wasn't a code or admin panel thing in the CMS - a GUI thingy on the live website). There will be more changes to navigation especially to re-liven some of the prior content (conference histories, resources, etc). I have found the sub-sub menus to be buggy, so I will avoid (e.g., see the main navigation button 'Activity', then 'My Activity Streams' - it can be cumbersome, IMO). Mainly the focus is still to restore functionality.
  7. timc

    Forum Upgrade (!)

    There is a lot to fix up still (prior content, navigation). For now, the main page, https://www.crsociety.org goes straight to the forums. Likely, the colors/themes will be adjusted after getting navigation to old content restored. If anybody has login/display name change requests, just let me know. Send a personal message or post.
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    Forum Upgrade (!)

    One change of substance is that Invision Power has merged the "Log in name" and "Display name". For most people, this is the same thing. However, if they are different, the "Display name" is being kept (on the principle of least harm, since it is public facing). In that situation, the log in name changes to the display name.
  9. timc

    Caloric cost of thermogenesis

    Do you have a preference for constant cold exposure versus intermittent? My personal preference is for the latter but I can't speak to the health implications. I can tolerate being a rat with cold feet in a shower for about a minute but then I have to crank up the heat. Though it is about that time of year where I can end a shower with a minute of two of cold (not that cold with the underground temps ~50 F). It is very much a seasonal adjustment between the desire to gain/lose heat. A different mindset to identical conditions: It's a little cold: crank up the heat. It's a little cold: good.
  10. I'm reminded of a guy who avoids hospitals (like the plague) and his only health interventions are beer and aspirin. It's not me. I avoid both hospitals and beer.
  11. timc


    People might try googling or DuckDuckgo-ing a store/manufacturer and 'class action'. For example, Safeway Select Olive Oil ‘Imported From Italy’ Class Action Settlement By Top Class Actions January 12, 2018 https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/827685-safeway-select-olive-oil-imported-from-italy-class-action-settlement/ That's 4 days!
  12. Thanks for that note - I waffled on posting this. Among other reasons, they ought to sign up here and give us THEIR email first, lol. I wouldn't recommend signing up for anything with an email address you care about (use one devoted to e-commerce and newsletters and not the last email your grandmother ever sends you before ... or a critical business correspondence). The link above is repaired (it just had some extra garbage characters). If someone does try it, maybe report back.
  13. timc

    Saving a copy of a multi-page thread?

    One VERY THEORETICAL method is to change - temporarily - "Number of posts per topic page" from 20 to 700. I don't know if that would blow something up. This thread suggests print-to-pdf of each page and merging: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/403159-can-i-export-an-entire-thread-inc-images-to-a-file/?tab=comments#comment-2502344 [this link requires a login!] Pertinent portion: I'm not aware of what software does the print merge (while maintaining text search). I've seen that in Firefox from time to time so I click on the down arrow by my log-in name and navigate to "Personal Messenger". I like Firefox but suspect it's becoming the red-headed stepchild of browsers and often might be third or fourth in testing and development of pages.
  14. Need a translator?: https://translate.google.com/
  15. Hi Goncalo Gordo, I'm not sure if that was spam/bot or a legit inquiry. If you register, people could PM (private message) you ... or you could provide your email to them. Not that I advise any of that. As C3P0 said to R2D2 a long time ago, "you know better than to trust a strange computer!"
  16. In the interest of not compounding fake news with false predictions, could you define - this week - what you mean by "slashed"? Also, which fiscal year - exactly - is "soon". Example replies: a) failure to increase beyond 10% ? b) failure to increase beyond the rate of inflation ? c) failure to increase ? d) budget remains the same ? e) budget decreases 5% ? f) budget decreases 10% ? g) budget decreases more than 10% ? Do you have specific predictions based on positions - like stem cells - that would impact this domain?: NIH research is about 3% of $1 trillion: You made a specific prediction that ought to be quantifiable (as outlined above) yet 'slashed' is a fuzzy word. If not, can you - in the interest of saving readers time - admit to the abandonment of fact-based discussion? It'd be nice to avoid unjustified allegations of 20:20 hindsight just because I don't live in somebody else's particular bubble. I'm still in a bubble (e.g., my cable/dish cord has been cut over 5 years, no facebook/twitter) but facts are allowed to permeate my particular bubble. The sobering reality is that there doesn't appear to be fiscal responsibility on the horizon from the electoral college winner. This is without discussing how he runs his businesses (his towers fail without the help of Saudis). FWIW, I'd like to see military spending slashed. And by slashed, I mean option "h) budget decreases more than 25%" (you may not see that option above, it is only available in certain bubbles). It's not likely to happen, but I can wish it would.
  17. timc

    Dysfunctional US Politics

    Read my post. I opened with the good news of 3rd parties doing better and closed with an admission of voting 3rd party myself. I never made that point and disagree with it. As a taxpaying citizen, I'm responsible for the government (however minor my role). Like many, I voted for one of the losers. That happens and I accept it. The bridge is on fire, you can apologize here and we can continue the conversation. Or not. Your choice. Likewise for you Dean. This is unjustified dishonesty. "Toss up" does not equate to "20/20 hindsight". In sports, 40:60 odds or 30:70, 25:70 or even 10:90 is no guarantee of victory (it's the 'upset' range, not a 'shock'). There were many things that took me by surprise, including my surprise at people's surprise. . But ... maybe I am smug? The rapid descent to ad hominem attacks is unfortunate. Where did I say "not my problem"? Or because you attack my "tone", is it OK to say whatever you want? I'm not happy with the ultimate outcome. Not the primaries (note the use of PLURAL there). Not the general (with the caveat of being pleased about 3rd party vote totals - I have not yet seen a tally of 'blank' votes - no vote in the presidential/votes in other races or at least a submitted ballot). Regarding Saul ... You have missed the mark again. This time with unjustified and uncivil discourse. Saul's retreat response was admirable. I would not be as kind or as easy going. Wish I was but ... am not.
  18. timc

    Dysfunctional US Politics

    There were at least two positives from this election. The third party vote was very high (3x - 5x that of recent elections) but what may be more important and what I have not yet seen quantified, is the blank vote: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/george-bush-left-presidential-ballot-blank-hillary-clinton-donald-trump You see, the blank vote is very important because it represents a demographic that showed up to vote (possibly in other contested elections or ballot measures) yet they eschewed the unpalatable choices placed before them. The blank vote isn't fooled by some left-right paradigm*. The blank vote doesn't vote strictly along party lines. The blank vote is what the 2020 candidates will fight for. The ones that voted "R" or "D" in 2016 are likely - in sufficiently large numbers - to vote "R" and "D" again. [Yes, I'm generalizing as W is a horribly tainted R example to pick from but at least he made the effort.] The blank vote showed up without prodding to have their blank vote cast. They won't need to be prodded in 2020 to submit a ballot again. The blank vote will not be taken for granted these next four years. The blank vote won't have to riot or protest to have it's voice(s) heard. It's the vote the 2020 contenders will scramble to win. Blank and third party votes are in play. The rest of them ... not so much. There were two big jokers in this deck and - sadly - it's likely that 99% of the "R" and "D" electoral college voters this cycle will be "R" and "D" electoral college voters next cycle regardless of the choices before them. * I will say this about the posts and posters that preceded me. The serious use of labels like "left", "right", "extreme", "liberal" is an extremely disappointing*** waste of bandwidth. Why not communicate what you think about the war on drugs? That issue impacts economically marginalized minorities - both rural and urban of all colors - and health care costs much more so than any L-R/L-C/R-D** choice before you. Am I to assume - by voting "R" or "D" for president - that you're OK with the US having "the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners.": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_incarceration_rate ** It doesn't matter what those mean as the terms are sufficiently meaningless. *** Words cannot express how disappointing these posts have been. It is fine to self-identify yourself as some "L", "l", "l", "c", "r", "R", "d", "i", "G", "D", "C", "C", "C", "c", "a" or whatever else. You can disambiguate the label if required. However, attaching it to other people avoids the disambiguation step. Here is your basic political map: Note that there are two labels that have ZERO mapping to principles. These labels are "Left" and "Right". They are as meaningful to political discourse as a navigator telling you to "make a purple turn at the next stoplight" is to driving. Two of the words on that image might map to principles but I would advise not getting caught up in those labels either (at least one of which is a largish, generally bickering, tent - I can't speak for the others ... which is why I'd prefer they speak for themselves, coherently so, stating the governing principles to which they adhere not the warring factions). ******************* One last note, if you were surprised**** by the outcome last Tuesday, then you weren't paying attention to simulation inputs. This is one of the more entertaining pieces on that: **** For the record, I considered it a toss up, voted third party, and generally believe a good defense is preferable to a weak offense.
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    Inspiring Oldsters

    This is from guest "Guest_corybroo" (reposted to omit email addy).
  20. timc


    One idea is to avoid news (mainstream or otherwise - especially the local 'if it bleeds, it leads'): https://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/apr/12/news-is-bad-rolf-dobelli https://open.buffer.com/mainstream-news/
  21. timc

    CR & Biogerontology in "The Economist"

    I'll add my nitpick: For those restricting calories - for health - low body mass is likely an unnatural condition and potential confounder.
  22. timc

    Winter is Coming

    No payment is required to register and participate in the forums. Payment does help support the CR Society (a 501c3) and gives discounts on our conferences. The website is ad free too so if you see ads/popups, either the website server or your PC has something fishy. Aside that, I was curious if biotin might - might - be involved: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotin_deficiency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotin Per the second wiki link, evidence for a role in nail growth is 'weak'. Regarding winter, I'll run a humidifier in my bedroom for 6 months (~October to ~March/April) which prevents sore throats but I'm not sure what else it might help.
  23. timc

    Self Driving Cars

    Congrats on the citation. Automating the tedious task of driving will add life to our years.