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  1. Robert Cavanaugh

    CORONA vs CRONie ... are bugs more scared of us?

    Haven't posted in the forums in a very long time, but thought this thread needed some stimulus. As some here know I am an elected county commissioner here in eastern North Carolina. I have 6 committee assignments with one of them being on the hospital board. This past Monday, the hospital administrator had all board members tested for the antivirus and we all had our test results back about two hours later. To my shock, I tested positive for the antivirus. Sometime during the past several weeks or months, I contracted the virus but I never had any symptoms at all. I am 72 years old, still run a one man landscape company in which I do all the work. I started CR when I was 53 in 2001. I keep my BMI around the upper limit of healthy (24-25) and I am very active as a result of my work. I should do some cardio work, but my GP said I was the healthiest 72 YO he has ever seen....and he has been practicing for 45 or more years. I have no health issues though my cholesterol tends toward the upper limit. Glad to see some of the old timers from our Yahoo days still chiming in. Bob Cavanaugh
  2. Came across this article from Mauldin Economics. Thought I'd share and gather thoughts of others. https://www.mauldineconomics.com/tech/tech-digest/more-evidence-that-aging-can-be-reversed
  3. Robert Cavanaugh

    Base Ingredients for Sauces

    A chickpea flour and onion powder sauce...sounds good enough but what food would you suggest for this sauce? Sounds most suited for a meat. Have you tried refridgerating this sauce for use as a possible salad dressing?
  4. Robert Cavanaugh

    Zucchini and Summer Squash suggestions...

    Well, Frederick.....which spices did you find best to go along with squash and zucchuni? I find both very lacking in flavor if eaten alone and have to combine them with other items to create some flavor. Try this recipe I made up many years ago. INGRDIENTS: Sliced zucchini Sliced summer squash Sliced cucumber Sliced onion SAUCE: Mix together apple cider vinegar and mayonaise to the consistency of paint...usually about a 50/50 mix Combine sauce and vegetables and mix thoroughly. Add black or red pepper to suit your level of spicey and SERVE Once the vegetables and sauce are combined, the sauce becomes more fluid and most of it remains in the salad bowl so you really aren't comsuming much mayonaise. I can't stand low calorie or artificial mayo, though your tastes may vary.
  5. Robert Cavanaugh

    Rice Diet

    What you describe is a horrible diet. First, you can't survive on 800 calories per day. You will waste away as your body cannibalizes itself. Second, you rightfully point out the lack of variety which, based on your diet, is severely defitient in most key micronutrients. Lastly, the Japanese have a epidemic of diabetes from eating so much rice. BTW, the Okinawans, renouned for their longevity, utilize yams as their primary carbohydrate instead of rice.
  6. Robert Cavanaugh

    Main CALERIE II Results

    Were any dietary guidlines given at the outset of the study regarding a target macro-nutrient ratio since protein is the determinent for IGF-1 cascade? Also, the cortisol response seems predictable to me in that the body adapted to a new normal thus alleviating stress; plus, a 10% reduction in calories vs. AL does not seem that great of a stressor compared to what mice are subjected too.
  7. Robert Cavanaugh

    Stephen Ginsberg and the Low-cal Diet that Slows Aging

    I keep a night light burning in the bed room so I don't trip over the dog or cat or my own feet. I sleep well, falling to sleep almost instantly, so I wonder if LAN (light at night) has any bearing on me.
  8. Excellent work, as usual, Michael.
  9. Picked this up from one of Al Pater's contributions on the email list and found it very encouraging. Hope others feel similarly. http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2015/02/q-stephen-ginsberg-and-low-cal-diet-slows-aging Bob
  10. Robert Cavanaugh

    Olive oil vs. canola oil

    Yes, the forums will soon replace the email lists primarily because hardly anyone participates on the email anymore. It used to be a hotbed of discussion, but now it is mostly the resting place of Al Pater's constant deluge of mostly irrelevant science postings. The archives will remain fo as long as it is useful. So much in science haschanged since 1995 when we started that much of the older material nested there is useless. There are still quite a few gems to be mined there however and it is great from a histiorical perspective to see the progression of CR science through the past two decades. Roy Walford thought we would have cracked the aging code by now. Regading canola vs. olive, I use canola for cooking (except for Italian and Greek cooking) and olive for mostly uncooked (salads) and the two aforementioned couisines. Also, I use very little of each. A quart of canola will last roughly a year and twice that amount for olive. My diet has changed over the CR years, but that is the subject of a different post which I do not have time to write about right now. Happy New Year everyone, and let's stick to those resolutions this time. :) Bob
  11. Robert Cavanaugh

    Welcome to the CR Practice Room

    There is a CR Recipe Forum for those who want to start sharing personal recipes with the group. Also, if you are a Supporting Member, you have access to the old CR Society Newsletters "CR Insider". I posted several recipes in the news letters. If you are following CR remember to periodically run your daily diet through some software to get a feel for how healthy your diet actually is. You may be surprised by nutrient deficiencies. A good free program many use in the Society is CRON-O-Meter. Google it for the free download. It was created by an CR enthusiast and Michael Rae has been a mojor contributor toward refinng the program over the years. The Society is soon to have a free APP available to paid members for Apple and Android portable devices. Bob Cavanaugh CR Society, Chair
  12. Robert Cavanaugh

    Looking for CR buddies

    Well Folks, we are near the end of the year and time to make that New Year's resolution. Initiating a CR lifestyle is a good one and though people often have trouble sticking to diets, making it personal resolution can be the needed motivation. I quit cigarettes on a New Year resolution in 1985. I hate to see this particular thread die out and I hope those who have already contributed return and give updates or seek advice. Bob Cavanaugh CR Society, Chair
  13. Robert Cavanaugh

    Keep mind, or body?

    This would be a good question to ask Steven Hawkins.
  14. Robert Cavanaugh

    Cryonics -- which organization?

    David is traveling and cannot reply just yet and only do email at present. I sent your post as an email and await his reply. He is signed up with ALCOR. Here is a list of all the organizations: http://www.cryonet.org/orgs.html
  15. Robert Cavanaugh

    Cryonics -- which organization?

    I'll ask David Stern, our CR SocietyTreasurer, to respond on this topic later today when we speak. He is onboard with post mortem re-animation. Bob