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  1. Thank you mccoy. That's exactly what I am looking for. Appreciate it!
  2. Could anyone recommend some websites for the latest health news or important research?
  3. michaelcaolu

    sex-restriction and longevity

    So the advice should be : be a sex-restricter when single. Or do not betray your family after marriage.
  4. michaelcaolu

    sex-restriction and longevity

    There are two articles: 1. Castration & Life Expectancy: Eunuchs Live Longer Than Other Men, Study Shows (http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/1910455) 2. Having multiple sexual partners shortens lifespan. ( http://www.everydayhealth.com/longevity/can-promiscuity-threaten-longevity.aspx) I remember the average lifespan of emperors were only about 30-40 years. Eunuchs lived more than twice longer than emperors...
  5. michaelcaolu

    sex-restriction and longevity

    I go with sex-restriction for longevity. Animal trials indicate that mating frequency is inversely related to lifespan. But I believe more in the fact that enunches lived several times longer than their emperors despite similar diet, life style and access to healthcare. Sex alone could explain this huge difference. Taoism as well as some other Chinese practices are based on thousand year trial experiences, which may not be precise from the point of view of the west, but does show the right direction. In modern science, I was told that something in semen such as spermidine and zinc are vital to health and lifespan. Also sex-restricters can utilize more time and money on other useful things other than dating, let alone free from sex disease.
  6. Hi mccoy, Thanks for your reply. Natto fermenting agent is quite standardized to contain bacillis subtilis var. natto. I asked dozens of international shipping companies but none of them were willing to ship products in the powder form overseas. I was told, however, that the only possible way is to ship bulk cargo by sea, in which case I am not sure whether it is cost effective for you. The natto fermenting agent is quite cheap here but I reckon the shipping cost is very high. Natto fermenting agent is also availble in ebay. I find the selling price is very high compared to the cost of the product itself. (Disclaimer: I have no connection to any ebay sellers) The above picture is pure Natto spore prevalent in Japan. It's very potent and only a little little tiny spoon of the spore powder could ferment a big potful of natto. Another product This one is widely used in China. It adds starch prebiotics into Natto sprore and packaged in seperate sacks. One sack is sufficient for one batch 500g~600g of natto. I find this one convenient to use. Also I use Natto maker. It's a little bit expensive. One batch for 12 seperate servings. The natto maker is designed for natto fermentation at home, which is used to produce commercial level high quality natto. Natto fermenting requires different temperature and humidity from yogurt making. However, if you already have a yogurt maker at hands, I think you could try fermenting natto with a yogurt maker. Just leave the top cover of the yogurt maker wide open and cover natto with food wrap to keep the humidity. That might also produce natto (although with lower quaility and less quantity). Hi michael, here I'd be interested in natto ferments although the product should give guarantees on carrying the specific bacillis subtilis var. natto whose fermentation produces K2 in abundance. While searching 'zymogen natto' I can only find body lotions or similar.
  7. michaelcaolu

    Are radish tops edible?

    Edible but not tasty.
  8. michaelcaolu

    Eating Natto for Bone, Artery & Brain Health

    I just want to add one important thing: Do not heat natto. Better eat natto at room temperature. Heating will de-active or even kill Bacillus natto and thus negate their ability to colonize intestinal tract.
  9. Hi, I'm new to CR Society. I live in China and also interested in learning how to improve health and lifespan. In a thread discussing natto, one CR Society member raised a question about making natto at home. I make lentil natto myself using high quality Natto leavening agent(Natto zymogen power) and different kinds of lentils. It's quite easy and cheap. Also I use Camellia tea seed oil which might be unfamiliar to Western people. Camellia tea oil contains over 80% oleic acid and high amount antioxidants.(http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jf052325a) In here, organic Camellia tea oil is cheaper than olive oil. I am wondering if anyone is interested in buying Natto leavening agent or Camellia tea seed oil from China? If so, I could setup a website for the business.