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  1. Larry Johnson

    Trying to find ways to eat more turmeric

    I have a similar mix that I put in just about any bean or grain mix. My wife calls it my "orange paste". She tries to be in another room while I'm eating it, as she doesn't find it appetizing. I started doing it with steel cut oats, and began adding it to other cooked meals. My teeth didn't turn yellow, but my wife put aside dedicated utensils for me, since I was staining everything with turmeric and clove.
  2. Larry Johnson


    I wish I could offer something that would really help, but all I can do is describe my own simple way of coping. Over the past 12 years I had a succession of deaths in the family. First my wife of 20 years died after an agonizing six-year decline in which I was the primary caregiver. A few years later my father died, then my mother. None of their deaths were fast or easy. So I spent 18 years taking care of people who were dying. I learned things useful for me by watching their means of coping with the physical pain and discomfort, but the emotional pressure I was under only seemed to have one solution, and that was acceptance of each moment I was in. I wasn't always perfect at taking that approach, but when I did, it worked. In those moments I wouldn't think about anything I should have done in the past, or think too much about what's going to happen in the future. It's sort of like the Serenity Prayer 12-step groups use: "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference." I hope that didn't come of as just spouting platitudes, but that approach has worked for me in some pretty dismal circumstances.
  3. My wife often complains that I smell like garlic and onion much of the time. It's probably true, since I eat prodigious amounts of allium, but there may be a solution. Raw apple, lettuce, and mint leaves were found to reduce the volatile compounds associated with garlic breath, including diallyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, allyl methyl disulfide, and allyl methyl sulfide. Here's a link to the Science Daily article describing the study by the Institute of Food Technologists. I guess I'll try eating an apple/lettuce/mint salad with my garlic, and see if my wife complains about the smell less.
  4. I'm doing a lot of reading on sarcopenia and other muscle-related topics lately. I'm 65, which is the threshold of the steep decline in muscle mass, so I've developed an almost unhealthy interest in the topic. As part of my reading I've begun Bruce Grierson's book What Makes Olga Run? Olga Kotelko died at 95 a couple of years ago (of a cerebral hemorrhage), but up until her last year of life she was involved in track and field competitions. The notable thing is that she maintained a great deal of her muscle mass into her 90s. I remember reading a few years ago that researchers at McGill University were running tests on her to try to determine why sarcopenia largely spared her. Kotelko herself expressed as much curiosity as anyone else about why her muscle mass and athletic performance declined so little, but guessed that it was a combination of genetics and continued activity.
  5. I haven't come anywhere near digesting the article fully, but it had enough interesting details about the changes in transcription brought about by endurance exercise that I thought it worth posting. It's from a study at Karolinska Institutet. The article is in the latest issue of PLOS Genetics, and is entitled (full text available at the linked article): The Impact of Endurance Training on Human Skeletal Muscle Memory, Global Isoform Expression and Novel Transcripts Here's the author's summary: Here's the abstract:
  6. This thread looked interesting enough that I ordered a TICKR too. I'm probably a bit of an outlier, since I'm a 65-year-old who picks through CR practices and discussions like it's a buffet, adopting things that look interesting without having ever followed a strict CR routine (too nervous about BMI dropping too low at my age). I do cold exposure and TRF, though, exercise for a minimum of 4 hours per day (just over half of it walking, the rest a mix of resistance, flexibility, and balance exercises). My TICKR should arrive in about a week. If I'm not entering too late, and y'all think the data from someone of my hybrid regimen would be useful, I'm in.
  7. After reading the exchange between Dean and Gordo I added cold exposure to my regimen, and while I was waiting for my vest to arrive, began cold showers. For me the first few seconds are the worst, and then it's fine. I set a timer for the length I want to spend (usually ten minutes) turn on the cold stream, and immediately back into it to get that initial shock out of the way. I have to use the timer because otherwise I'll overestimate the time I've spent showering. Now I do the vest for about four hours a day (two sessions, morning and evening of taking it out of the freezer and wearing it until the packets melt), a cold shower, and drink water and green tea nearly at the freezing point. It'll be cold enough here in Atlanta within a few weeks that just wearing lighter clothing will give me a lot of cold exposure.
  8. The interesting thing is that I eat/do almost everything on that list daily, for reasons unrelated (as far as I knew when I added them to my daily routine) to BAT. I added cold exposure and wasabi specifically because of the studies linking them to BAT activation, but the rest (aside from metformin and camphor, which I don't use) I added to my routine at different times due to studies current to the time I added them.
  9. Larry Johnson

    Avoid Dry Cooking to Prevent AGEs and Diabetes

    One thing that struck me was the wide variation between frying an egg and other (lower heat) cooking methods: 1237 for frying down to a low of 19 for scrambled over medium low heat for 2 minutes.
  10. Larry Johnson

    Motivation for Practicing CR?

    This is the core of my own approach. I jokingly refer to it as "Live forever by not dying ...", and it includes a lot of really mundane stuff (keep an eye on the top ten causes of death and pay attention to how my lifestyle might help me avoid them, use sunscreen, be really careful while driving ... or better yet, avoid driving at all when possible, arrange my house so that the danger of slips and falls are minimized, exercise, choose food carefully, etc.) At 65 I'm not altogether optimistic that medical technology is going to cure aging in my lifetime, but since my parents lived to 88 and 94 years-of-age with terrible sedentary lifestyles, I think I can eke out a decent healthspan into my 90s, and hopefully get to see what the world looks like in 2051.
  11. Larry Johnson

    Dean's Current Diet

    I didn't notice this the first time I read this post. I've tried various homemade ketchups with various acceptable ingredients, and this looks promising, so I think I'll try it.
  12. Larry Johnson

    Keep mind, or body?

    Can I negotiate proportions, and have the mind of a forty year old, and the body of an unusually healthy 50 year old? I generally favor mind over physical attributes, particularly if we're talking about the more aesthetic qualities (well defined muscles, smooth skin). On the other hand if I'm physically miserable, it would make it hard to take advantage of that sharp young mind I've maintained.