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  1. https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/JAHA.119.012865 just published and me thinks a good study because they controlled for so many confounders that are often associated with plant based eaters. IAC, the association was as you might expect the more whole plant foods that are eaten the lower the cardiovascular mortality as well as overall mortality
  2. mikeccolella

    Cholesterol paradox

    My own experience which I’ve reported here several times is this. high 35-40% fat raises my Hdl by about a 1/3, cuts triglycerides in half and has zero effect on my ldl when compared to a low fat diet ~ 12-15% The fat thing is still an issue for some and of course high fat diets tend to injure the endothelial tissue by causing chronic issues with flow mediated dilation. Of course this will effect some more than others such as smokers, sedentary folks, junk foodies, diabetics etc. wine is an excellent accompaniment with high fat meals and may partly explain the French paradox.
  3. Tom I have not tried such a diet. To me it sounds insane! I suppose the Inuit ate something like it? Not sure, but generally it’s just weird and I don’t like weird because I want something that’s been shown to be safe in the long run. That’s why I don’t like prescription drugs most r not tested for a lifetime and so we really don’t know their effects.plant based diets have been a mainstay of human evolution and therefore something not weird. We don’t have any evidence like that for ketogenic diets
  4. mikeccolella

    TMAO & Cardiovascular Disease

    I agree with you Dean; however I’ve found it challenging to eat a vegan diet and to get 550 mg. Which MR says is likely insufficient! Not sure what he’s basing that on. You didn’t mention legumes? How come? I’m eating 4 oz of broccoli, ounce of nuts, cabbage, collards, cup of lentils and cup of chickpeas, mushrooms, whole grains like wheat bran, oats etc and I still only get 388 mg. The egg pushes me up over 500. Me thinks your on to something Dean. This 550 mg. Of Choline just does not ring true.
  5. mikeccolella

    TMAO & Cardiovascular Disease

    http://www.clevelandheartlab.com/blog/what-your-gut-says-about-your-heart/ for now I am simply going to follow the above advice of the Cleveland clinic. The whole plant thing advantage seems to be based on gut microbes and this some other substances. As for choline one egg a day should be fine and at 150 mg of choline will push me above 500 mg. I will eat eggs from a woman I know personally who sells them and considers them pets and treats them accordingly. They don’t mention it in the above for some reason but elsewhere they recommend balsamic vinegar, grape oil, red wine and EVOO. I will continue with 8 oz of wine with evening meal and add some balsamic vinegar for the 3,3-Dimethyl-1-butanol
  6. mikeccolella

    TMAO & Cardiovascular Disease

    Maybe a dumb question but is vegan choline less problematic strictly considering TMAO or no??
  7. Omg Saul this is so totally true in my case. I have posted numerous times how much more fulfilling a low fat diet is from a hunger perspective. When I cut out the fat I feel almost challenged by how much I can eat! I always assumed it was the fiberous foods replacing the fatty foods that explained. The sheer volume of food also. But this adds another aspect that may be a factor.
  8. mikeccolella

    Should we all be drinking wine?

    https://time.com/4070762/red-wine-resveratrol-diabetes/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&utm_content=20190806 I have tested the post prandial effect of red wine several times. It is just one more positive effect. The stuff is excellent medicine imo,
  9. mikeccolella

    Must we throw out the blue zones?

    Hype is the name of the game. Nothing new under the sun. It’s basically the same old bullshit recycled over and over again by this person or that person trying to get published or sell a book etc. Yes there are some basic facts like sleep hygiene, eat your veggies, exercise moderate CRON and don’t smoke, and drink moderately. That’s about it folks and the aging process will take its toll and the best we can do at this point ain’t a whole lot! God Bless Michael Rae cause he is realistic on this point and works for a real solution. The rest is weak ass medicine to say the least.
  10. mikeccolella

    Should we all be drinking wine?

    https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/add.14402 The above study addresses the issue brought up by Ron wrt aging and alcohol and seems to support Ron’s contention that alcohol loses its benefits in old age. In the meantime I will be reviewing the studies posted by Sibirak and whatever else I can dig up looking specifically for more information, if any, that specifies Wines overall impact on mortality in the over 60 population.
  11. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0378512214002941 the problem is outlined above. Wine appears to have remarkable effects, even profound effects on overall mortality;however as we all know the evidence is mostly observational and may be simply and association. The likelihood is that wine drank at very moderate levels is EVEN MORE BENEFICIAL then surmised based on several factors and they are: 1. Underreporting 2. Drink sizes tend to be more than what researchers call a drink. This ties in with the above and exaggerates the overall problem 3. Abstainers are often sickly former drinkers. 4. The very negative effects of binge drinking which is problematic because the overall weekly consumption may appear lite to moderate
  12. mikeccolella

    Blood Pressure

    My daughters in their teen years had BP READINGS QUITE SIMILAR TO YOURS TOM. Their pediatrician said it was quite normal. My only concern would be if you r having any cognitive issues. In aging low blood pressure can be an issue here if arteries in the brain are not squeaky clean as they would be in youth. The not totally clear arteries may, with lower pressures, not keep up the supplies of glucose, oxygen etc. to ideal levels which could effect cognitive abilities.
  13. mikeccolella

    Coffee Revisited

    I do recall Longo saying the same
  14. mikeccolella

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5385214/#!po=30.4878 the above review strongly supports aerobic and resistance exercise and more generally fitness as an important element for improvement of sleep. They also indicate that mindfulness based tai chi and yoga are especially helpful, but these lack the volume data supporting exercise in general. It also appears that morning and evening exercise may have immediate impact that is favorable. on another note a friend of mine is a respiratory therapist and works in a sleep lab. He always eats a large meal right before bed because he feels low blood sugar disrupts sleep. That would be consistent with the above comments by TombAvoider. Also consistent with predators like lions etc who sleep after gorging.