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  1. Inositol powder seems to work but it seems to work best in conjunction with ethanolamine which doesn't seem widely available..
  2. Eternus from neurohacker collective
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gL4olknNgUoVQd7I7Tb9s5OIHyrVGBblmANBCdLU9yg/edit#gid=0
  4. InquilineKea

    High Fibre reduces risk of many diseases

    I don't really trust the generalizebilty of this but when you're talking about ppl who eat 2kg+ of veggies per day, that's a diet regime that very few people (or traditional cultures) have tried so there is some risk of the unknown there.
  5. InquilineKea

    High Fibre reduces risk of many diseases

    Isn't diverticulitis/straining the intestines an issue if you eat too much of the fiber? Like if you eat 1-2 kg of veggies per day?
  6. Like, partcularly those who are interested in studying novel dietary practices like eating novel banana peels or those who study various particularly edgy/unconventional diets.
  7. InquilineKea

    Are saunas good/bad?

    one source I've seen mentions that they inhibit the proteasome...
  8. InquilineKea

    Fitness trainer recommendations?

    So I'm wondering if I should get a fitness trainer. I don't care about getting buff - I only care about reducing muscle wasting and being able to better support backpacks/reducing neck pain. I did a sample trainer in Boston and he said that I need some weight-lifting along with cardio (otherwise the constant cardio would waste away my bone structure => in fact i wonder if my most likely cause of death would be fall from weak bone structure). I am concerned about the effects of increased protein intake, however. Is lifting light weights useless if one doesn't increase protein intake? Also, what's the best feedback mechanism in response to lifting light but not heavy weights?
  9. Well, I did notice an unusually high glucose level (120 => 140 after chickpeas/apple) in response to the combo once..
  10. I already feel "interesting", which is a good sign of something? Also, how does ketosis affect mTOR signalling and testosterone? Is it also easier to meditate intensely during keto? does eating an orange ruin it, and how do I reduce cravings for oranges while on this?
  11. Also I'm starting to take 850mg metformin per day and wonder when is the best time for me to time it...
  12. in the sense that if you don't eat much, you won't get hungry easily. And if you're used to eating in large quantities (ugh, it's so difficult when vegetables taste SO amazing), how long does it take to transition to a smaller stomach?
  13. InquilineKea

    How unhealthy are vegetable samosas?

    like the shell is fried..
  14. enough fiber can occupy space that other nutrients/calories would otherwise be occupying? or push that fecal matter through faster?