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  1. InquilineKea

    C60 buckyballs

    Has anyone here tried them? They have an abundance of double bonds (like carotenoids do) which somehow seem to be good at absorbing "damaging components"
  2. InquilineKea

    Methylene blue

    Does anyone try it? See https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-02419-3 for instance. I also know two very educated people in their 60s who have started taking it.
  3. it's super-easy to get the other nutrients from veggies anyways
  4. InquilineKea

    Where do you source your metformin?

    It's complicated. Metformin may not increase maximum lifespan (as ITP data shows), and Kaeberlein isn't excited about it, but still, the effects on healthspan are still important. But still.. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29457866/ It could be that berberine is more effective in general, but it's still weaker.
  5. InquilineKea

    Nuts and Mortality

    Is anyone worried about https://calepa.ca.gov/2019/10/09/press-release-agreement-reached-to-end-sale-of-chlorpyrifos-in-ca-by-feb-2020/ from unorganic almonds? It may not be a concern by the end of the year, given how most almonds come from CA.
  6. Whole grains spike up glucose and have higher calorie counts. It's super-easy to get most of the other nutrition primarily from veggies also there are numerous health benefits from higher BHB levels in blood
  7. Yeah, I don't like wearing them continually that much b/c of the increased resistance, but air pollution is so horrible for you it's worth the risk. Exerting more effort to breathe might in fact be good for your lungs..
  8. It tastes great. Also the fiber are converted into SCFAs too. Most calorie sources have too many calories, and CR is paramount beyond all.
  9. Do you think milk jugs are a concern? Plastic water bottles (type 1) are definitely a huge *confirmed* concern (https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-43388870 ) . But I've always felt less skeeved by milk jugs or the cartons one places industrial chemicals in (eg distilled water comes in plastic bottles too, but they seem to be type 2, which seems much less skeevy than the type 1 confirmed to have them)... What about the shirataki noodle containers? Like https://www.amazon.com/House-Foods-Shirataki-Spaghetti-Shaped/dp/B000VHYM2E/ref=sxin_7_fs_dsk_ap_sira_0o_fs?almBrandId=QW1hem9uIEZyZXNo&cv_ct_cx=shirataki&dchild=1&fpw=alm&keywords=shirataki&pd_rd_i=B000VHYM2E&pd_rd_r=4a3f0195-53be-44f6-93d7-087af3cccdd6&pd_rd_w=R2YX7&pd_rd_wg=O67Om&pf_rd_p=7b9aba2e-b50a-41ad-bb6e-4d4f2ba8c2a4&pf_rd_r=V3SY0R6SN06HMWHWH66X&qid=1591001178&sr=1-1-8f124c0f-9ed3-4c6a-853a-9fdc92d9ce63 Or even like https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074H5HHCS/ref=pd_alm_asim_1_3_fs_dsk_dp_ry_img_sims?fpw=alm&almBrandId=QW1hem9uIEZyZXNo&pd_rd_r=d7a23a2d-8b82-489a-894a-fef949c45604&pd_rd_w=rP0wn&pd_rd_wg=wdxbu&pd_rd_i=B074H5HHCS Interestingly, San Pellegrino products showed the least quantity of microplastic densities (compared to other bottled water products) - I'm not surprised about that having felt the packaging of San Pellegrino bottles.. https://orbmedia.org/stories/plus-plastic/ what about sabra hummus containers?
  10. I got mine from https://www.unitedpharmacies.md/search.html?search_text=metformin&searchbutton= . https://www.alldaychemist.com/diabetes.html is another source but now it turns out that the bottle i got (apotex) has 3.8x the maximum acceptable dose of the carcinogen NDMA... https://www.valisure.com/wp-content/uploads/Valisure-FDA-Citizen-Petition-on-Metformin-v3.9.pdf
  11. it would be great to get to know everyone better/see their websites/etc...
  12. Like, thomas talhem has an amazing blog (and quora answers) on this - there is really no minimum safe dose of pollution, and you can see pollution spikes in even small amounts next to the road (as cars braking causes road dust to go into the air). The plume air quality sensor is great but it still doesn't capture ultrafines, which seem abundant near airports. Coronavirus kind of makes me glad that wearing masks everywhere will probably be forever-destigmatized/un-weird. and american cities generally have air pollution levels below the WHO-I limits, but even then, they often have localized spikes.
  13. It's definitely one of my favorite ways to make myself feel full