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  1. bobbuckley

    ?Subtract exercise calories?

    Taurus, Patting now. Thanks for weighing in - you've clearly been at this for some time, judging from archived email, and your advice always seems very level-headed. Bob
  2. bobbuckley

    ?Subtract exercise calories?

    Thanks, Saul. I figured as much. About a third of the time I've been eating some portion of those exercise calories, but it felt like a dodge to me. Bob
  3. bobbuckley

    ?Subtract exercise calories?

    Hi, folks, I've been using cron-o-meter for a little over six months, and I have a question for experienced CRON folks. In calculating your total calorie intake for the day, do you or do you not count the negative calories produced by exercise? For instance, if you want to keep daily calories to 1400, and your daily recorded exercise has burned 600 calories, do you replace the 600 calories by eating more - leading to a total daily intake of 2000 calories - or do you just stick with the total intake of 1400 calories and pat yourself on the back for the exercise? Bob