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  1. Wharrgarbl

    A natural CR

    Hi,all! I've been on an exciting health journey over the last half decade, simply doing what my body asks for. First, it asked to leave out beef, then pork, then chicken, too. I was pescatarian for a while, then vegetarian. I became vegan a year ago and raw vegan this summer. I feel my general overall vibration rising exponentially--if it were plotted on a graph, the line would shoot up into the sky from left to right! I thought at first that the sudden drop in calories would be a problem but I've actually never felt better. Eating nutrient-rich foods only when I feel like eating has actually cut my appetite in half. My mood has skyrocketed and so has my energy level. I'm a hiker, trail runner, and weightlifter and my endurance, aerobic capacity and strength continue to increase. I seem to need less sleep and am learning how to retire later. I'm dropping weight rapidly but nothing I will lament the lack of and the only side effect has been a need to raise my house thermostat a few degrees. How does my experience compare to yours? Does anyone out there feel a natural "high" when they live this way, as if they are on some sort of happy drug? Wharrgarbl
  2. Wharrgarbl

    Oregon CR folks

    LJK, I just registered here and am in your area. Still learning about all this. Wharrgarbl