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    Hungry at night problem

    Hi, I've been on a lean diet/plan for many years and have maintained very lean/thin physique with same weight for many years with very little problems/challenges and only minimal insignificant hunger feelings occasionally during the day or related to exercise. That was my 20's and 30's. Now that I am entering my 40's I am noticing a lot of hunger at night, often problems going to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night hungry and ill at ease and unable to go to sleep. I don't ever wake up hungry in the morning, that is never a problem. (If I do manage to get back to sleep by the morning the hunger is gone but usually not able to go back to sleep). I've played around with the time of meals, number of meals, composition of meals, like have more fat/protein later before bed, carbs only in the morning, vice versa, nothing seems to help. Big meal before bed/small meal before bed? I am not advanced CR and have not been losing weight or exercising more, same 6'4" 185 lb's for many years. I am not deficient in anything and eat a well balanced combo of nutrients from every type. Any advice/suggestions? I HATE getting up of bed and having a meal in the middle of the night, it is disruptive for many reasons. Thanks for everyone's contribution, hope to get some new answers, not happy here.
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    Absolutely love kimchi and other fermented similar treats. Unfortunately, they pack an astronomically high amount of sodium. I tried making my own at home with minimal sodium and it didn't work and tasted pretty bad. Wish there was a workaround.
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    Hungry at night problem

    I don't drink coffee at all, maybe occasional tea bag, but it might be herbal tea so that shouldn't have any caffeine. I sleep about 8-10 hrs, I can't function well on less and yes, longer sleep is hungrier, if for some reason I do get to only sleep like 6 hours then I don't have enough time, I guess, to get hungry, and by that time I already wake up. I've started eating more carbs and much closer to bed time, last couple of days have been good sleep, but I pretty much would fall off any CR with that and end up just eating a standard/plentiful type diet then. Meditation is great, I do use it to deal with feelings/unpleasant emotions, all that, and I can certainly deal with the hunger itself, just not good enough to get myself back to sleep. I will try better meditation, I probably could do a better job with it, it is a powerful technique. \Thanks everyone.
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    Hungry at night problem

    I go to sleep every day at the same time religiously, I need to be fully rested the next day for high mental concentration work, so my sleep hygiene is as good as it gets, fully dark room, no distractions, no TV before bed, etc etc. I've spent years perfecting it, it is so important to me. I don't have any breathing issues, my sleep study was normal, no sleep apnea, my friend happens to be a sleep specialist and we did it anyways even though I don't have any problems. I manage stress as well as another person, not better not worse, reasonable person level.
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    The Intermittent Fasting Advantage

    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what relevance the statement regarding "most nutritionists …." has especially in reply to my post, since I did not discuss what most nutritionists do, and focused on advice that my nutritionist gave me specifically regarding intermittent fasting. Perhaps it is a simple misreading of my post or just a straw- man argument against it but bringing up something not entirely related? Don't know. I think she is well educated and versed in the latest science, works with athletes and specific nutritional needs people, I am sure she could also focus on weight loss. The last claim "pushing high protein diets"? Wow, that's so incorrect, I have never met a nutritionally educated and up to date person that did that, maybe online forums with self proclaimed nutritionists or in bodybuilding forums? Nobody recommends a high protein diet that I have ever met in my life. I think we need to wake up and get more real and serious with the evidence, having little things show up here and there is not enough to proclaim benefits that are conclusive and widely applicable to different people.
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    The Intermittent Fasting Advantage

    From my limited research and consultations with a nutritionist short term fasts like 12-24hr are just too short to activate anything than the most early/minimal body changes that one is seeking with true fasting state. One is simply activating the early hunger responses and alerting the body that a lower calorie phase might be coming, please "wake up". Sort of like ringing the bell, the people inside know someone is at the door, but the door isn't open and you haven't come inside, LOL. My nutritionist said it is likely that to reproduce the effects of the animal/cell experiments one would have to fast for at least 3 full days (water/vitamins/minerals excluded of course) and probably closer to 5-7days and do it routinely, like twice a month. It is not clear if super low calorie intake would simulate fasting, no clear evidence yet she said. I've been ok doing 24hr but longer than that my performance deteriorates and it becomes not worth it from the life functioning perspective for me. I can still do it if I sit on the couch and read a book, but not go out and live a full life. Wish it was easier.
  7. Low blood pressure is associated with accelerated brain aging due to the brain not getting enough nutrition. I forget the exact number but there is a U curve, too high is not good but so is low, it was related to dementia and micro-strokes.
  8. Keliot

    Hungry at night problem

    Thank you, no problems with hunger during the day. Tried water and cold tea by bedside at night, no effect unfortunately. I can't do ketogenic diet, it's too unhealthy for me and my body, I stay in the balanced zone. I don't have food cravings.