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  1. deanm

    CR & Sexual Dysfunction

    ok...lol....so from the lack of response i guess i'm doomed to be a long living eunuch? Someone suggested hormone replacement therapy but this seemed counter-intuitive when the issue can be fixed by reverting back to a normal diet...
  2. deanm

    CR & Sexual Dysfunction

    I love the CR lifestyle. I have never looked better in life, I have never felt better in life. I was full of energy, I was in great shape, my skin looked fantastic , I looked 10 years younger than my actual age...I can't say enough positive things about CR...EXCEPT!!!!....I completely loss all interest in sex, I had -0- libido, erectile problems....it was so disheartening....I have done some research on CR and testosterone loss as well as its effect on people's emotions....is there anyway I can retain the benefits of CR and offset some of these side effects? I was hoping to here about other experiences and i am open to any recommendations. Thank you so much.