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  1. apriciot043

    Guar Gum and other fiber supplements

    I've recently purchased a Vita-Mix so that I can make green smoothies. I'm very happy to report that this too helps me to manage hunger, and I have some theories about why this is so. Granted, my drinks are heavy on greens and taste a bit like sweetened chlorophyll, but I like the effect on hunger so I am encouraged to keep drinking every day. Today's drink was: - 1 red chard leaf - handful of green leaf lettuce - 1/3 baby zuchinni - 1 celery stalk - 2 5-6 inch carrots - 1/3 yellow bell pepper - 7 blackberries - 1/4 cup blueberries - half Gala apple - small chunk habanero pepper - few chunks pineapple - water + few drops of sucralose/neotame mix Apricot
  2. apriciot043

    Guar Gum and other fiber supplements

    My perception was that guar gum stayed with me longer than bran. I presumed this was due to the guar gum's viscosity attribute. Also, I did not feel reduced hunger at time of eating, but instead I noticed this benefit later. Around 8 hrs after ingestion or the next day. This encouraged me to take in small amounts spread out over an hour, 2 or 3 times per day, in order to smooth hunger fluctuations. I no longer use guar gum though. Apricot