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  1. Occasionally I would like to contact another member privately, however although I am a member if I click on another members name I receive a message stating you are not authorised to view profiles.............on the old lists it is easy enough to contact members individually , how is done on here?
  2. Hi i havent posted here for a number of years as to be honest i drifted away from Cr and gained weight , bmi now 25, though i still ate reasonably healthy food, vegetarian with a little fish but much more than i ever needed, probably more than 3000 calories a day, some days much more. I have around 40% abdominal fat. 180 tall, 80 kg. I have had autoimmune issues which they havent fully diagnosed as yet, including raynaulds, peripheral neuropathy and more recently i have pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. This is helped with enzymes i have to take with each meal . My pancreas is clear on abdominal cat scan and i have excellent endocrine function. I am currently seeing a gastro specialist in this regard. Then this year i was initially told i had chronic lymphocytic leukemia...Cll... (sound a wreck don't i , but quite active ).........Fortunately the haematologist i finally got to see corrected my doctor and i have monoclonal b cell lymphocytosis, which is like a very early pre Cll, and oddly enough found in about 8% of the population over 60. Only 2-3% a year go on to develop Cll. So not as bad as it seems. No need to see haematologist again unless blood levels rise and monitored with 6 monthly blood counts at Drs surgery. The point of this rather long winded post is rather than cling to all manner of supplements etc i feel my best chance of stopping this condition progressing is to go back on a mild calorie restriction with optimal nutrition being of paramount importance. I have ceased all supplements except tumeric, and vitamin D, as i feel some may be involved in the proliferation of cells especially the b vitamins. I know green tea is supposed to be beneficial but my body hates it and it gives me gastric irritation. Not asking for medical advice just general thoughts of perhaps what you would do in my situation. i dont want to practice a severe calorie restriction (i am 65) but enough to try and clear out the rogue cells through the good things that happen with fasting, i do have a 16 hour fast and eat in the other eight hours. i found previously i lost weight , felt good on 1800 calories, so thats what i am doing at the moment All the best Paul
  3. paulgfoster

    monoclonal b cell lymphocytosis

    Thanks Saul, yes i think it makes sense. Trialing 1700 calories a day at the moment . Finding it easy and am very motivated. i will get my 6 monthly blood checks and see how i go, and also increase my exercise and reduce bmi. Many Thanks Paul
  4. paulgfoster


    Hello ,I have a question regarding alcohol , in specific red wine. I have read Hungarian Pinot Noir is best for reservatrol but i drink an Austraian red as its easier living here. I appreciate people follow Cr in there own way but would really like to know how much wine others that drink actually consume ? I am drinking 120 mls day and wonder if this is too much? I would appreciate some opinions. Incidentally i have been on Cr since last year and my health and blood levels have shown vast improvement. :)
  5. I have practiced Cr intermittently over the last few years sometimes for a year or two then slipping off the wagon. I notice two things and cannot really understand either, When not on a cr regime and when i eat simple carbohydrates, all the awful stuff like biscuits and refined bread i sleep really well and have better glucose control. I have just gone back onto Cr and cut all refined carbs out of my diet and consequently i toss and turn all night? Any ideas or can anyone relate to this? Secondly i just had a glucose tolerance test and was told to eats lots carbs for three days prior, my fasting blood sugar was excellent, 4.4 mmol/l and results normal, however now i am going back to Cr and some complex carbs , my fasting bsls in the morning are borderline prediabetic, and my response to foods more marked. Ie in mmol/l on the sad diet my bsl never rose more than 6.5 ...after the 75 gram glucose loading with the Gtt........yet on the carb reduced diet a banana will send it up to the high 7's. I have read a lot of paleo guys on lo carb also have high fasting bsls. Although not of worry to most people it concerns me as i have just been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.(ideopathic but from reading maybe linked to metabolic syndrome) The peripheral Neuropathy hit me with full force two years ago when i had been on an optimal cr diet and no simple carbs for over a year. All my markers were great except Fasting bsl and i achieved my optimal weight and diet. Confused and not knowing what to do to prevent further nerve damage. The doctors here dont seem to follow any of this, or have a clue
  6. paulgfoster

    Do I really want to live longer?

    Hello , I practice Cr and think its a great idea, however I don't do it to live longer. I do it for optimal health and to avoid medical practitioners and polypharmacy. Why don't I want to live longer? , well at 58 I think the world is changing and not all for the better. I am not resistant to change but already have begun to feel I don't fit into our current world and am shocked at how society is heading. In this ' Brave New World' I see myself moving more and more into Huxleys savage reservation. Would I want to be here on earth in fifty years time, well the answer is no. Why you ask , well a lot of society involves around what you wear, where you eat and who you are seen with. The obsession with plastic surgery and people walking around looking like stunned cod fish because they have had so much surgery they cant smile or blink. Then there is the youth with their fake tans, hair extensions and tendancy to want to drink to oblivion. The work place that today is so punctuated with meetings there isn't time for the work that's supposed to be done. The loss of trades and skills , the shoddy prefabricated houses that will be lucky to last one generation, unlike some of those built hundreds of years ago. The lack of quality in bought items once built to be repaired and last a life time , now lucky if they reach the end of the warranty. Take a trip on a bus or train and view all the people plugged into machines, not seeing not hearing in a world of their own. In my opinion the people seem like they are being dumbed down, too pre occupied to protest or get passionate about their life or culture. Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist maybe that's what is wanted. Meanwhile their lives and cultures are being eroded with mismanagement by our leaders but does anyone care. Then there is the appalling inability to cook, or want to cook,the lack of understanding of nutrition the dependency on fast foods ,and the fact due to poor eating these generations will die earlier than their parents. The growing gulf or distance from nature and mother earth and the real reason we are on the earth. Go into our supermarket and the checkout staff cant tell what half the fruits and vegetables are. Even worse the countries our forefathers fought for are being sold to overseas interests and will never be the same again. Yes I do have a computer for a while but should this one break down will not bother with another . yes I have a mobile but for emergencies only ie if I break down in the bush .Again I wont be getting another and most of the time its off. I have just got rid of my car and have two bicycles. I could live without all modern items if I had too, the only thing I really would miss is my refrigerator as its so hot here and food would spoil quickly. Yes I am in my little reservation , growing my own food and following Cr and I can see as I age that will be my retreat from the crazy outside world. Maybe people will point at that skinny old savage looking man who seems to have lived there forever!
  7. paulgfoster

    macro nutrient ratios

    I have been managing very well to adhere to my allocated calories of late but must admit to total confusion over macro nutrient ratios..........The more i read the more i am not sure, I read Ornish Pritikin and it sounds plausible.....i was on Pritikin for years and scored zero on the coronary calcium scan,.......... Then i ate sad and moved towards metabolic syndrome..........cr has fixed this , but how should i eat now........ There is a huge movement towards high fat and olive oil, and it all makes sense...........I dont feel happy with a Paleo approach as i dont eat meat anyway.............ON a strict low fat regime like Pritikin i will have low cholesterol and ldl but also very low Hdl............some say this is risky , Pritikin says it isnt and higher fat diets which in my case would lead to better hdl levels, lead to more arterial plaque. Whatever is thought about recent changes in attitudes to fat if Ancel Keys practiced what he preached he did live to a 100. At the moment i have increased my fat intake to 50% of calories, and although mostly healthy fats my sat fats go up to nearly 20g a day along with them. I dont eat refined carbs at all or sugar, no bread, rice pasta or potatoes. Part of me says go back Ornish ?pritikin and the other part just doesnt know, and the more i read the more it seems the scientific community doesnt know either.(conclusively) What sort of macro nutrient ratios do most others follow on here?
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    Overdosing on Vitamins

    If you following Cr with optimal nutrition by using a programme like cron-o-meter you should probably need very few supplements, chron-o-meter will identify any deficiencies for you. My choice would then be to try and reduce the deficiency by looking up foods which contain the vitamin or mineral i am not achieving an optimal level of, or Rda . You can then choose to supplement accordingly if still necessary. Supplements are not without side effects and some interact with main stream medications. There are some conditions whereby larger doses are used as preventative measures , like the B vitamins with cognition issues, or niacin as a cholesterol lowering agent. but imho lower doses if needed are best. Many brands have huge mega doses which may be un neccessary..............................
  9. paulgfoster

    Supplements for Relaxation

    The only one i take is ashwagandha, which can be taken as a supplement or bought and drunk as a tea.
  10. paulgfoster

    macro nutrient ratios

    Thank you for the replies Keith and Michael, they are very much appreciated. I am at the moment about 16/40/40 and 4% alcohol for my 100ml glass of red wine............when i tried to increase fat levels i did not feel as well and had less energy when exercising. Also unhappy about increasing sfa levels, so will probably stay at my current ratio which seems to work best for me. It is always re assuring to know what others are doing, especially those that have been practicing some time............
  11. paulgfoster

    organic when possible

    Hi I have been an intermittent cron practitioner, however my circumstances have changed and now I am able to practice more seriously and with a vengeance. This time around I still have questions do most cronies eat organic? Having tried to grow my own fruit and veggies in Australia I realise without pesticides every creature there is seemed to attack my produce. I know there are a lot of pesticides used to combat fruit fly alone. So this time around I have gone organic but like all labels organic doesn't necessarily mean healthy. The organic yoghurts available here are often either high fat or high sugar or both and organic cheeses tend to be high fat. It all gets rather complicated and is of course more expensive. Because I do not eat meat chicken eggs or even fish other than rarely I like a little cheese and yoghurt for my calcium. I am mixing a non organic no fat yoghurt with a higher fat sugar organic yoghurt for breakfast. For my evening meal I include 50mg full fat organic cheese. I do not like the taste of low fat alternatives. Does anyone think this is too much saturated fat taking into account I don't eat meat or eggs or fish? My daily calories are 1800 and my menu is like this. Breakfast Yoghurt and papaya and banana. Lunch. Usually organic rice crackers with avocado and chilli sauce. Afternoon snack almonds sultanas and a brazil nut. Also 6gm raw dark chocolate some plums or fruit and a 180mls glass red wine. Evening meal a 250 gm salad kale spinach toms cucumber corn beans onion beets and carrot.With an evoo and apple cider vinegar dressing. A couple of olives some kim chi and my 50 gms cheese. My protein intake is only around 50gms or 10% and fats 34% and 70gms carbs 50% and alcohol 7%. Any help or suggestions most welcome. Lastly cron not to live longer but more healthier and also to avoid polypharmacy of old age. Incidentally I take 500mg krill oil and alt day vit D and multi b......Multi b for my b12 and to lower homocysteine as mother has alzheimers and I am hoping not to follow in her footsteps Paul Ps I know its a personal thing but I wonder if my large glass of red wine a day is too large? it does use up 140 calories with little nutrition but again its one of my few pleasures.
  12. paulgfoster

    Café cúrcuma

    Hello Brian, What a good idea,i have been making a turmeric pickle mix to try and get some turmeric into my diet but don't really enjoy it. I made your café curcuma yesterday and my first cup I thought it spoiled the coffee, the second cup I rather enjoyed. Today I thought I would add a couple more ingredients in addition to the turmeric, , I put five cardomen pods broken in half, and a quarter teaspoon ginger. As its cold and wet here at the moment and most of my food is raw or salads I found this delightfully warming and am having my second mug now. Its rather like a chia coffee..........incidentally I have one of those drip coffee makers and put all the ingredients in the mesh basket as you would coffee and let it make itself. Paul ps now wondering what else to add.
  13. paulgfoster

    Do I really want to live longer?

    Thank you guest K ,I was beginning to think there was only me that thought this way in our Brave New World.
  14. paulgfoster

    Do I really want to live longer?

    Yes I suppose I sound a little eccentric but what I am asking is how do other cronies see themselves fitting into an ever changing world of the future? a future where they may see all their non cronie friends and family pass away and outlive them all. Not negative thoughts but just something that interests me. Although not as traumatic as being resurrected with cryogenics, if it were possible. I have worked with the elderly in aged care for 36 years and a part of the aging process seems to be that they become satisfied with their lot, feel that the good old days are gone, often that they have achieved what they want and are ready to move on. Most don't understand the younger generation , their music, lifestyle and struggle with ever changing technology. Please don't think my comments are negatives against Cr because I am a firm believer in Cron, I just like to think about all the outcomes and see the situation in its entirety.
  15. paulgfoster

    Alternate Day (Intermittent) Fasting

    for me personally I would and could not follow the above mentioned plan.( "Anti-Aging Cyclic Nutrition) After a month of Adf I found that I was eating too much on my ad lib day and for it to be effective I would need to count calories on that day, which rather defeated the purpose of a more relaxed approach. I tend to have an insatiable appetite with very little control if I am not able to follow a guideline. Also I found on ad lib days I felt mildly nauseated with twinges of discomfort in the liver region. Perhaps Keith was right with the shocking the body thought, as I was swinging rapidly between gorging and fasting. So today I went back on my old cr regime of 1900 clories and had a really good day and there seemed to be lots of food and little hunger , in fact I finished the day on 1800 calories. So guess it may be the way to go and stay, especially as it worked so well for me before. Paul
  16. paulgfoster

    Alternate Day (Intermittent) Fasting

    I originally went on a cr diet of 1900 calories for a year and maintained optimal nutrition as best as I could using chrono meter. As expected wonderful things happened my weight and bmi reduced dramatically and my bloods returned to normal or better than so called normal. my metabolic syndrome was reversed. Then I went on a month long cruise and knew with all the wonderful food I wouldn't be wanting to weigh it, so I increased my exercise on board, walked up all the stairs and never used the lifts and walked miles around the decks. The results were on my return that I had no weight gain and I thought I could just return to cr but I couldn't. The exercise caused a torn meniscus in my knee and I got a bit down about that as I couldn't walk far without pain. Thus I have been trying ever since to return to cr and cant last a day , its although my will power has gone. I regained 11kgs in weight. Then I watched the Michael Mosley Alternate day fasting method of Cr and gave it a go. I eat 600 calories one day and unlimited the next. I have the will power to last the fasting day as I know the next day I can eat what I like. It is working well for me, and on my unlimited day I don't feel like eating too much. My only concern is the optimal nutrition on the fasting day.......I eat a reasonable healthy diet anyway, haven't eaten meat in 40 years, small fish and dairy, lots salad and vegies some nuts olive oil. On my fasting day I eat one meal of low fat yoghurt, blueberries, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and apple and a second meal of a small amount of salmon and salad or veggies, totalling 600 calories. I spend time in the garden with few clothes on so get my sun exposure. I do take a small dose of zinc, and a multi b purely because I read its good for cognitive function and my mother has recently developed alzheimers.I have a brazil nut for my selenium.I am on no medications and aged 58.(though for years was on at least two tablets for b/p....... After a few months on Adf I will get my bloods done and compare them with my Cr results. Although I didn't get extensive tests done I think the comparison will be interesting. I think I will stick with Adf as it seems to work for me. Also I am moving towards a self sufficient lifestyle growing my own food for financial and health reasons, so Adf appears more suited to this ................ When I reach my goal weight bmi I may reduce the fasting to Michael Moselys suggested 5 and 2 method but that is way down the track. Paul
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    Pain relief

    Many thanks for the advice, and you may both be right, regarding fluid intake. I am ashamed to say i have been so busy and meticulous with entering my diet onto chrono meter i havent even thought about fluids . I realised this after reading your comments, it was 6pm and all the fluid i had consumed that day was two cups of coffee. I dont drink any water at all. On average i have three cups of coffee and two to three cups of oolong, rooitea or green tea a day. I know i get quite a lot of fluid from the food i eat ........but i realise not enough! So i am now putting a large bottle of water in the fridge and making sure i drink this in addition to my other fluids. So i will see if this helps. Also will look into the other suggestions, thanks Paul
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    Pain relief

    Hi, I am 57 and started practising cr about a year ago with great results. However as a result of heavy manual lifting over the years as a registered nurse (being male i was always called upon to help lift the heavy patients), and possibly genetics ? I have a lot of osteo arthritis demonstrated on cat scans. Scans show mild degeneration in many places but the worst is my cervical, thoracic and lumber regions. For many years if i sit too long ie in the movies one hand develops parasthesia. If i work too long in one position i get intense pain between the shoulder blades. My lower back is stiff at times and i dare not chop wood or dig a hole with a shovel as the jolting means i will suffer for a few days thereafter. I take no pain relief or anti inflammatories( except very very rarely when i cannot tolerate it any longer or have a job that has to be completed ) as i am very anti all forms of medications as i know from experience they all have side effects and possibly would be detrimental to my cr lifestyle. I appreciate at my age the damage has been done and my intentions with cr are for optimal health in my older years rather than extending life, thus my concerns with the drugs. My height is 5feet 11 inches or 180 cm and weight about 160 ibs or 73 kg. (bmi in 22 range) With continuance of cr i am hoping to reach a weight of 143ib-150 ib or 65-68 kg which may help. All other health issues have been resolved with Cr including reversal of metabolic syndrome and hypertension. In fact i look so healthy people tend to disbelieve i have to be careful with lifting or have discomfort. Incidentally prior to cr i weighed 86kg or 190ib and had been as high as 92 kg, 202ib! I guess the point of this message is do any other cronies need pain relief or anti inflammatories and do you think/know if some are less harmful than others, as it may come to a time where i have to take them. Or any suggestions with natural remedies, any ideas are most welcome Paul Incidentally i have tried fish oil and glucosomine to no avail, although i wasnt happy taking them as i am vegetarian.
  19. paulgfoster

    vegetarian new to cron and need help

    Great reply keith and very inspiring. In fact i have modified my diet to smilar to yours and find it much easier to stick to my allocated calories, whereas before i was going well over on some days or bingeing. Hunger is now less and quite manageable and food far more enjoyable. Paul
  20. paulgfoster

    Is there really a need for dietary b12?

    Hi I have searched the archives regarding savoury yeast flakes which are readily available in Australia and produced in the Usa. Are these not recommended by Cronies as a means to supplement B vitamins and particularly B12. Just wondered as they add great flavour but i have been unable to find anything either positive or negative about them Paul ps I have found out the product is marketed under different names in different countries and known as "nooch", or "yeshi," in the Usa.
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    Thanks so much for the informative replies. Due to living in Australia and the difficulty obtaining specific European wines and a change in my financial circumstances i am currently drinking a red blend which is local from the Margaret river region, a blend of cabernet and merlot and completely organic/preservative free. The problem of how much to drink has been answered for me as i now need to follow a budget and only drink 50 mls a day which i still enjoy. Whether or not i get any reservatrol in that small amount is questionable but thats ok , ill stick with it anyway. Paul
  22. paulgfoster

    Guidance Needed

    Hi Gilbert. my first advice is for you to read the Cr books and as much information as you can. In answer to your question if you down load cron-o-meter which is free and enter your food daily it will tell you which nutrients you are deficient in and you can proceed from there. You may then be able to manipulate your foods to ensure you get the required nutrients and make a decision on supplementation based on these facts. White rice isnt a low gi food and probably not one most cr folk would eat? i would suggest a low gi type carbohydrate source instead but take slow steps, and your diet will develop as you go along. I believe cron-o-meter or a similar nutritional tool is essential for a person beginning cr. Just my thoughts, good luck Paul
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    "CRSociety Say Your Piece!!!"

    Hi Cactus i think Cr with the emphasis on optimal nutrition will help with your afore mentioned health problems.It certainly has me. Just in case you havent read them the Walford books and Paul McGlothins book are essential reading, also there is a link on here to the old Cr site and a wonderful archive section you can search where some very learned cr's have posted. Just go to the resources tab and the classic cr.org website. Paul ps two things you may already know but i will mention here in case you dont, they advise you not to try and lose weight too fast (Weight loss is secondary to cr practice and a side effect i suppose) and secondly to get a set of bloods and mesurements done so you an see a before and after picture. Paul
  24. paulgfoster

    Starting a blog on CRSociety?

    Im not a computer whiz but surely we could just post here as a kind of journal , updating progress and results as time permits. Calling the subject your journal name? Paul
  25. paulgfoster

    I am new to CrSociety Hello!

    Hello Cactus and welcome to the site. Im reasonably new here too so hopefully we can all learn from each other. Paul