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    Pea protein powder options?

    Being 7ft tall, my protein requirements are a bit higher than most and I always have a hard time reaching even my bare minimum of 85gr, especially since I have developed a whey-specific lactose intolerance (plus the mTor issues with Whey). Pea protein is high in Leucine, also not that good regarding mTor, but that has been my main supplement, plus greek yoghurt (because it is strained, it is lower in whey than regular yoghurt) and chicken breast, although I am a vegetarian at heart. I just noticed that the protein factory has started selling Oat protein. It has a higher caloric load than pea or whey protein, but seems to be lower in methionine and leucine than rice or pea protein. Oats are pretty high in manganese, so I will have to find out if this is lower in oat protein if this is to become a daily supplement. Comments by the experts would be greatly appreciated... Carel Struycken