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  1. dieublanc

    A question about Cron-O-Meter

    Thanks so much for the replies. I didn't get an email notification that anyone had responded but decided to check back. Excellent information. Thanks again. I've lost 11 lbs in 5 weeks which is probably still a bit fast but am enjoying eating real food. Will do this for a couple more months and then will see about reducing calories.
  2. dieublanc

    A question about Cron-O-Meter

    As a quick introduction I am a 38 yr old male, 5 foot 11, 164 lbs 21.5% body fat who works out daily, but has a bit of a 'beer belly'. After reading about The Longevity Diet book in the Toronto Star newspaper I picked up a copy and am very impressed with the scientific research. I have been on "The Game On Diet" (http://www.thegameondiet.com/) for 2 weeks now which is a competitive one month diet "game" played with others where we have to eat 5 small meals a day, each meal has carbs, protein and a healthy fat and we have to drink tons of water etc. The diet cuts out all sugar, processed meats, white flour, juices, pop etc which I understand is a great start to the CR lifestyle! We do get 100 calories of whatever we like a day (chocolate in my case), and we get a day off each week. I've lost 6 lbs which hopefully isn't too fast in a 2 week period. I'm in no rush to lose weight. Anyway onto my question. I noticed from some of the previous posts in this forum that Cron-O-Meter (http://cronometer.com/) is popular here. Is the Cron-O-Meter based on a CR lifestyle or on the normal reccomended daily amount for a person (I assume these 2 numbers don't match)? For example if I were to get 100% on the energy/calories amount would that be 100% of what I would need/should get if I were on the CR lifestyle or is it based on the US gov't recommended amount for a 38 year old male of my proportions? Thanks for any help you can give and I look forward to associating with you as I/we attempt to live a healthier (and hopefully longer) life.