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  1. Kenton

    So Why Don't We Brew Our Olive Oil?

    hello Dr Hiatus (Dean)! I've been doing the same thing (same source & dose of olive leaf pwdr) for 6+ years, as has my colleague 2000 mi away, Mark Emdee, an ancient CRS member and CRS conf. attender. OT content: Are you still wearing the ice vest? I went through that and then, even better, cold-water surfing, and currently am (1) sleeping in 60F air unclothed with a sheet and a thin yarn blanket and (2) upon waking each day spending the first 30-60 min of putzing around (e.g., doing daily chores, fixing food, etc) still unclothed. Feel free to reply in the CRS CE thread. ~k_
  2. One of the purchasers on the webpage you linked to, Colleen Ray ,says on that webpage "Four out of five Triphala powders imported to the U.S. has been found to be contaminated with heavy metals…Terrasoul was happy to provide me with lot-specific reports on heavy metal test results, and their customer service has been great."
  3. I use www.amazon.com/Terrasoul-Superfoods-Amalaki-Powder-Organic/dp/B00FEPUNUS/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1514684136&sr=8-5&keywords=amla%2Bpowder&th=1, which includes HM testing data.
  4. ha anybody looked into triphala, which is an ayurvedic mix of harad/baheda/amla in the ratio of 1/2/4?
  5. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-09-bad-body-fat-good.htmlsays, in rhodents, "The researchers found that blocking the activity of a specific protein in white fat triggered the fat to begin to brown into beige fat, a type of fat in between white and brown. Blocking the protein to create beige fat caused the fat cells to heat up and burn calories."
  6. I've been consuming about 1/4 hot chili pepper (thinnly sliced) a week, too. ~Any more than that is greater than this pie hole is gonna allow! :()
  7. Nice ~adds possible credence to the three "Nature's Way-Cayenne, 450mg" capsules I've been popping a day.
  8. Kenton

    So Why Don't We Brew Our Olive Oil?

    Hi Dean, I just discovered this thread and read only your first post in it. Absolutely, FOR YEARS I've consumed OLIVE LEAF for the same reasons you mention. I've been consuming it in powdered form mostly from Frontier (a very trusted source) and wildernessfamilynaturals (where I get my cacao powder, too; they test their products for Cd and other metals / contaminants and provide results). I also am a whole-food OLIVE MONSTER and eat 8 or more a day ~gobble grum chomp (I don't consume much salt in my diet or in the olives). I look forward to reading the thread in whole (insert pun wink) in the future. Cheers, Kenton
  9. Kenton

    Kenton's Latest Blood Tests — December 2016

    (1) pitch for "help" = request for "analysis assistance" (no connotation of distress, pain, illness, or symptom(s) of concern intended). (2) The high chol #s are hereditary and have, despite efforts, persisted in both me and my identical MD twin for decades. (3) AlPater and TomBAvoider, I fixed the attachments. ~Thanks.
  10. I'm a 50yo long-term CR'r (110lb, 5'9 tall, for 10yr) and short-term CE'r (lots of AC; no ice vests, for 3/4 yr). Of the many differences between my Oct.2014 and Dec.2016 labs (attached), the below seem most relevant: LDH 167 -> 220 (rf 121-224) AST 14 -> 20 (rf 0-40) ALT 12 -> 17 (rf 0-44) GGT 11 -> 13 (rf 0-65) Chol,Tot 248 -> 227 (rf 100-199) Trig 69 -> 77 (rf 0-149) HDL 99 -> 103 (rf >39) LDL 135 -> 109 (r f0-99) Free T 6.8 -> 5.9 (rf 7.2-24) dhea-slf 126.2 -> 95.3 (rf 71.6-375.4) Estradiol <5.1 -> 23 (rf 7.6-42.6) c-ReactPrt 0.07 -> 0.13 (rf .00-3.0) I don't post much but am a Founding CR Society Member, consistently current & committed; that's my pitch for help ~any and all comments on the two sets of labs are welcome and highly, highly appreciated. TY, HNY, & Keep On Chillin' and Skinnyin' !! =) ​Kenton 12-28-2016 KRM Labs.pdf 10-7-14 KRM labs.pdf
  11. I've bought Apollo OO for over a decade; they have tested the 1yo batches in the past and the astronomical (pardon pun) numbers are mostly (~95%) unaffected due to careful packaging/storage/low peroxide--the taste is phenomenal, always, imo, too.
  12. What's the best way to turn my tummy cold. I bought a blender for blending ice water to down, but the ice clumps together. I'm also thinking even if I find a way to make the blended ice not stick together, I will be suffering from ice-cream headache. Any ideas for making a tummy cold, via mouth, fast?
  13. Thx for pinging me off list. I try to keep up here in the crsociety "house" but often am behind. Email typically will get straight to the middle of my brain real-time at (almost) the speed of light! Game on. I got one. Thx Dean, Thx Gordo!!
  14. Kenton

    A New Leaf

    hiDean. You're an awesome pixel posting pal no matter the purpose. btw, I liked your cow pun (and, yup, Sthira's metaphor). btw2, I still hope to make the CRica geographical trip somehow so keep a (creative)n eye out for options. As for pixel / posting destinations, tell me briefly about the AGI topic and your part(s) in it. Wet our appetites!!!! btw3, I've done several AGI patents for longevity-focused clients.
  15. Hi, and thanks, Al! I always appreciate your input. ...And, yes, I think (!); to what "it" does the it ("topic") in your missive refer? To the extent it is BATBs not being introduced and not appearing in wiki|P, I nominate absolutely that it should, e.g., just as it has been introduced and now appears in longecity.org. I further nominate, aghh hmm, that a reader(s) of this post consider making said wiki|P introduction. ~Shine the light!