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  1. Kenton

    Safe use of BHB salts supplements

    Hi Gian - How is your experimenting with BHB alongside IM coming along? Have you uncovered any of-interest supplements or regimens?
  2. Kenton

    Fasting for CR Benefits?

    A free-access link is now available: https://rdcu.be/czIQZ .
  3. Kenton

    Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Bone Health

    1) I surmise that whole vibration would not work well in a car seat for any parts of the body below the waist, and for the spine, due to the lack of load bearing. 2) On smelling to stimulate Ghrelin, I always subscribed to that, too, until this: https://tinyurl.com/hu56bfr4 ~!
  4. The longstanding CRON meat substitute, Quorn, esp. the vegan version, is better than meat for methionine content (cf. above) and also for sundry other reasons including insulin sensitivity. See https://tinyurl.com/yxjz338h.
  5. Hello folks - I haven't been keeping up (KU) with this list but have been KU with CE! Here's a brief article that may have tangential topicality or if not that at least entertainment value! https://tinyurl.com/yyjoffy5 How to Activate Brown Fat 1. Cold Exposure As mentioned above, exposure to cold temperatures or water can increase brown adipose tissue or promote the transformation from white to brown fat. This is due to brown fat’s thermogenic effects — cold temperatures activate the adipose tissue to burn energy. Cold exposure can be performed by turning down the thermostat or taking cold showers; the temperature range most often studied is 64-66 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the most benefit is seen with two hours of cold exposure per day, even shorter amounts can be beneficial. 2. Polyphenolic Plant Compounds The compounds resveratrol, berberine, curcumin, cinnamon, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) from green tea, and capsaicin (found in chili peppers) have all been shown to activate or increase brown fat. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids have also been linked to brown fat activation. 3. Moderate Exercise Physical activity stimulates the production of irisin, a hormone that improves metabolism and is secreted from the muscles in response to exercise. After exercise, irisin then stimulates thermogenesis and the switching of white fat to beige or brown fat. However, you can have too much of a good thing. Over-exercising may have detrimental effects on brown fat activity, especially in females. Therefore, moderate exercise is the key to turning on brown fat. 4. NMN Another factor that may play a role in brown fat activity is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a precursor to the coenzyme NAD+. Research has found that adequate levels of NAD+ in adipose tissue are necessary for thermogenesis. For example, administering NMN to mice with low levels of NAD+ led to restored thermogenesis and brown fat activity. Quality NMN products are available in powder, lozenges, sustained-release, and capsule forms. Key Takeaways • Brown adipose tissue is a healthier type of body fat that burns energy, increases energy expenditure, and improves glucose metabolism. • Brown fat activity is also linked to increased satiety after meals and reduced inflammation. • Increase brown fat activation through cold exposure, various plant compounds, moderate exercise, and supplemental NMN.
  6. Kenton

    Whole Body Vibration and glucose control

    Thanks for posting, Tom. I missed Dean's post, until now. (Nicely done Dean‼️♒📳✅)
  7. Kenton

    Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Bone Health

    I have had the same machine for 5+yrs & use it ~3min daily. My colleague Mark Emdee has one and uses it similarly, as does my mother (total of 3 🏠s & 3 machines 8^D).
  8. Kenton

    Carsten's Current Diet

    or share 😅
  9. Kenton

    Carsten's Current Diet

    and the elephant in the room (cannabis sativa)!🤩
  10. Kenton

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    Don’t at all understand this one. Letting them FALL deep in their sockets? Yeah! That is the best part--the part I always incorporate. While you are laying on your back facing the ceiling, think of your eyeballs as being so heavy that they fall (e.g., via an oozing motion, lol) or slowly travel under their own weight (they are very, very dense / heavy in your imagination) down through your skull to the back of your head.
  11. less than a half of one percent fat. o_O
  12. I wouldn't be too concerned about the ratio for Black Gram since it's almost fat free.
  13. I'm a long investor in Musk and am on the invite list for the acid-drop reveal on Tuesday. Judging from the screening q's for the event, I think the brain-computer company will be focusing on "neural lace" tech and foremost on my wallet!! See this, 2:20 ("just like Neo from The Matrix" lol) and 1:40 ("without this ... humans will be unable to keep pace with advances in AI ... and will become the intellectual equivalent of the housecat" lol). STAND UP SCIENCE!!
  14. Kenton

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    I've been using parts of that 2-min technique for months. The way I learned it here is, starting in bed on your back: Your face is the key to slowing down everything Now that you’ve got your position, it’s all about the face. Think of it as the epicenter of your emotions. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Then relax all 43 of your face muscles — no squinting or frowning. Your forehead should be smooth. Let everything go loose. Breathe out as you feel your cheeks, mouth, tongue, and jaw relax. Your eyes are shut, but you want to make sure they are totally limp. Do this by letting them fall deep into your socket. There are six muscles that control your socket; feel them relax and go lifeless. When you relax your face and let your eye sockets go limp, you signal to the rest of your body it’s time to unwind. Send your upper body south Now it’s all about the shoulders. Let them drop as low as they can, as if they were floating down your body. You should feel the back of your neck go lifeless. Let all the muscles there go even looser. Breathe in deeply. Then exhale slowly, blowing out all of the tension. Next are your arms. Start with your dominant side. If you’re right-handed, focus on your right bicep. Feel it relax and drop down your body. If it’s not relaxing, tense it first, then let it go loose. Then move to your right forearm. Focus on sending it limp. Finally, comes your hand and fingers. Let them fall like a dead weight against your leg. When you’ve finished with your dominant side, work through the process with your other arm. Your upper body should be nice and limp, like it’s sinking into you. You’re more than halfway there. What to say to your legs Next stop is your legs. Tell your right thigh muscle to sink, like a dead weight. Then tell the same thing to your right calf muscles. Then do the same thing for your ankle and foot. Feel the muscles go limp, as your leg sinks into the ground. Repeat the process with the left leg, talking to your thigh, then your calf, then your ankle and foot. Now you have unwound, relaxing every muscle in your body from your face to your feet. There’s just one more thing you need to do to turn your relaxed state into deep sleep. How to not think about anything The last step is to clear your mind for 10 seconds. That’s it. No thinking about what went wrong that day, or what time you need to get up, or when you’ll get to call your partner. Doing these things all involve movement. Which means just thinking about them is enough to make your muscles involuntarily contract. Instead, you need to keep your mind still. You can do this by holding a static image in your head. Imagine you are lying on a comfy couch, in a pitch black room. Hold this image in your mind for 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work, say the words “don’t think … don’t think … don’t think” over and over for at least 10 seconds. This will clear out any thoughts and stop your brain from wandering. When you’re physically relaxed and your mind is still for at least 10 seconds, you’ll be asleep.
  15. Kenton

    New to CR: some random questions.

    Nice vid share; it starts getting good/relevant at ~8:25.