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    So Why Don't We Brew Our Olive Oil?

    Hi Dean, I just discovered this thread and read only your first post in it. Absolutely, FOR YEARS I've consumed OLIVE LEAF for the same reasons you mention. I've been consuming it in powdered form mostly from Frontier (a very trusted source) and wildernessfamilynaturals (where I get my cacao powder, too; they test their products for Cd and other metals / contaminants and provide results). I also am a whole-food OLIVE MONSTER and eat 8 or more a day ~gobble grum chomp (I don't consume much salt in my diet or in the olives). I look forward to reading the thread in whole (insert pun wink) in the future. Cheers, Kenton
  2. Kenton

    Kenton's Latest Blood Tests — December 2016

    (1) pitch for "help" = request for "analysis assistance" (no connotation of distress, pain, illness, or symptom(s) of concern intended). (2) The high chol #s are hereditary and have, despite efforts, persisted in both me and my identical MD twin for decades. (3) AlPater and TomBAvoider, I fixed the attachments. ~Thanks.
  3. I've bought Apollo OO for over a decade; they have tested the 1yo batches in the past and the astronomical (pardon pun) numbers are mostly (~95%) unaffected due to careful packaging/storage/low peroxide--the taste is phenomenal, always, imo, too.
  4. What's the best way to turn my tummy cold. I bought a blender for blending ice water to down, but the ice clumps together. I'm also thinking even if I find a way to make the blended ice not stick together, I will be suffering from ice-cream headache. Any ideas for making a tummy cold, via mouth, fast?
  5. Thx for pinging me off list. I try to keep up here in the crsociety "house" but often am behind. Email typically will get straight to the middle of my brain real-time at (almost) the speed of light! Game on. I got one. Thx Dean, Thx Gordo!!
  6. Kenton

    A New Leaf

    hiDean. You're an awesome pixel posting pal no matter the purpose. btw, I liked your cow pun (and, yup, Sthira's metaphor). btw2, I still hope to make the CRica geographical trip somehow so keep a (creative)n eye out for options. As for pixel / posting destinations, tell me briefly about the AGI topic and your part(s) in it. Wet our appetites!!!! btw3, I've done several AGI patents for longevity-focused clients.
  7. Hi, and thanks, Al! I always appreciate your input. ...And, yes, I think (!); to what "it" does the it ("topic") in your missive refer? To the extent it is BATBs not being introduced and not appearing in wiki|P, I nominate absolutely that it should, e.g., just as it has been introduced and now appears in longecity.org. I further nominate, aghh hmm, that a reader(s) of this post consider making said wiki|P introduction. ~Shine the light!
  8. Agreed. That is the answer for which I was fishing. :()
  9. If you're saying it's likely unproductive wrt BAT, fine, but my Q was not wrt BAT but rather in general, i.e., wrt health and longevity. Is there a difference? (Evidence may be compelling re brown adipose tissue benefits (BATBs), but does that make BATBs the only plausible objective for wanting to practice CE.) Is CE only about BATBs for you?
  10. I've gained about 7lbs so it's not so bad and life is still good. However, I thought CE even w/o significant fat was still benefit. Kindly succinctly recap on how it's a waste. BTW, as you may have gathered, I'm a mild CE practicer 24x7 pretty much like lab counterparts (i.e., I'm not an ICE VEST TOTER!) cheers.
  11. Hi Brian - I have always loved the cold but THAT was in the context of being warmly dressed (or wet-suited, or blanketed in bed). Being cold is less than heaven on earth (comparatively speaking, being hungry seems a cake walk :~). I think Khurram (K^2) may agree on 'having less than an overpowering preference for being cold' at a low BMI. Your rs2421085 CT status likely would not make it much easier if your BMI is still low. Also, your CT status makes you "at risk for accumulating fat and obesity"--highly doubtful.
  12. Kenton

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Dean, thanks for the message. I'm in with possibly a travelling partner.
  13. When I was in grade school a classmate "taught" me how to not feel pain in my injured left leg by kicking my right leg (thus getting my mind off the left one). Funny how I never seem to feel or mind being weak or hungry any more, being preoccupied with feeling cold ! !
  14. It only provides the lowest ("basal") temp/day rather than the average temp/day. Hence, in addition to not being available it will not be useful if/when ever available. LMK if you find anything on the market, now, and I'll do the same. (Meanwhile, I'm grateful for and keeping the S3.) Thank you!
  15. In reality, I did for years but now do not count my calories. I get on the weight scale once a day and check a single number. I would prefer not to count temp readings daily for similar reasons. BTW, my ambient temp does not vary much as I am mostly indoors and I have watched it on my Hesvit; it is quite consistent at a given time for any given day...hence, accuracy from day to day is crucial. BTW2, my calories don't vary much either day to day even though I do not count. I want to check a single accurate number for average temp, like I check a single number for weight, 1x/day.
  16. thx for replying to my post but i was not asking for a tape on thermometer. i need one that will take readings (eg, one every half hour) and then give me one single average temperature for the day. (As I have tried earlier in this thread to say, i want to count/restrict my thermal energy input (entering through my skin) for the day like I count/restrict food energy input (entering via mouth) for the day. For example, I may eat 1700 cal in a day and have an average armpit temp for the day of 97F. The next day, my eaten calories may be 1800 and that same avge temp may be 97.3F. The thermometer needs to do that. (The Hesvit takes the temps and plots them for the day but does not *average* them for the day.) Got it? If one or all of the links you gave me do that, then I would be a happy man! !
  17. Holy cow Kenton! ... if you're feeling good (physically & psychologically), more power to you! P.S. Do you plan to be at the CR Conference? I'd love to finally meet you in person! --Dean Did you ever find any better tape-on sensors than the one you posted on in this thread? All the bands I keep getting don't provide just a simple average temp reading--just want a tape on sensor that will take a reading every half hour and then give me an average temperature at the end of the day. (BTW, we met at the November 2004: Third Scientific Calorie Restriction Conference -- Charleston, SC.)
  18. As mentioned above, I'm tossing the MS Band 2 (MB2) and getting a Hesvit S3 because the S3 seems dramatically more suitable for the types of temp tracking I want; hence, I won't be sharing MB2 data in favor of awaiting acquiring S3 data. (Per the link I gave above, the S3 measures wrist skin temp, temp b/w wrist and ambient, galvanic, etc., or some things like that.) As I mentioned multiple pages up, I want an average and/or mean temp reading in any of the measured temp categories, for each day, to approx daily thermal energy intake like I approx daily food energy intake. One might liken this restricting of thermal energy intake via skin to restricting of food energy intake via mouth. On your thermogenesis (TH) remark, my wrist skin temp does not appear to be affected much by TH (except 1x/day before eating) possibly due in part to my CR/CE practice particulars--I'm hoping the readings will be meaningful even in consideration of TH effects and, who knows, if TH becomes stronger the readings may be meaningful in flushing out that transitioning, too.
  19. You and MR seem to be speaking on wearable trackers for fitness (i.e., heartrate, activity, etc.). My posts have spoke to skin temperature sensors which seems highly germane to CE.
  20. Dean, duh, I was saying since the small size is so large the medium size or the large size would likely be huge enough to fit around your tiny CR'd CE'd leg ! ! ! You have enough m$n$y to buy both dear Dean! I bought my Hesvit for less than 50 via ebay. Re various temp tracking features, it looks really awesome (and I'm sure the Android App installation will be fine.)
  21. Hi Dean - The MS Band 2 comes in three sizes. The small size band is almost too BIG for my wrist. Since you and I seem to have similar frame sizes, I'll bet the medium may be your fit and if not that the large. BTW, I'm buying a Hesvit S3 (http://tinyurl.com/j56vz59 and http://tinyurl.com/z3zlbh5) for additional temperature sensors/functions/options. It's more of a stand-alone device with a ~7 day battery--not necc better but poss more suitable for a temp tracker. Cheers, Kenton
  22. My FitBit was less expensive but limited (e.g., no skin temp sensor). The MS Band 2 is loaded with 10+ sensors, extremely versatile, software updataple, 3rd party APP compatible, desktop client enabled, and runs on all three OS platforms. An overview on just the new release improvements is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEy6k9j8BP4. I keep mine on airplane mode and charge it every 4+ days.
  23. Kenton

    The role of grains, processed & unprocessed?

    "Black rice also has a low Glycemic Index (GI) of 42.3 ... compared to white rice, which has an average GI of 89, and brown rice that has an average GI of 50,” per http://thecarousel.com/recipes/entertaining-wine/switch-dark-side-5-health-benefits-black-rice/
  24. I have been tracking my body temp (trying to keep the average low) through the day the way one might track calories (trying to keep them low) throughout the day. I tossed my FitBit and got a new fitness tracker band (after 1.5 days research) that tracks skin temperature (along with many other fancy sensors and software features like a "smart alarm" that does not wake me if I'm in the middle of a REM stage of sleep). It's a "Microsoft Band 2."