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  1. Matt

    How I Get Exercise... (using vr)

    Haha well, it's a good workout! I've managed to go through the whole thing on the hardest level. Once I got my fitness level up over a few weeks I managed to do it. VR definitely has a big future in education and training! I use VR to help me practice speaking Korean in some social apps like VRChat. I don't often meet people here from Korea, but in VR, I can speak and feel like I am "present" with them and talk. Plus, we can do some role-playing within the virtual world. I have tried Mission ISS! It was really good. I think NASA collaborated with Oculus to produce that one. I did the EVA and docked Dragon to the robotic arm. Journey Inside The Human Cell is okay, but there's much better stuff out there. For something more relaxing, I do enjoy puzzle games like Shadow Point โ€” which is also narrated by Sir Patrick Steward. It's an Oculus Quest game but can also be played on Rift. Oculus Quest can be used in big spaces... Not recommended people use it outside because it's obviously dangerous, but it does work in lower light levels. The headset uses inside out tracking.
  2. If you want to know what it's like, look no further than the channel 'Bald and Bankrupt' It's actually very good though! He takes you through countries which were part of the soviet union. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDZs_ltFFvn0FDHT6kmoXA
  3. I don't even remember if I've spoken about VR on the forum but I love it!! I've had an Oculus Rift for a few years now... Looking to get the Oculus Quest at some point as well, which is a self-contained VR system that doesn't need a PC or anything. This game is one that I use to get some exercise. It really does give you a good work out... Not exactly a boxing fan ๐Ÿ˜‚ but it is fun. Anyone else have VR? I was just testing to see how the PC performs when recording this as I might make a series. Already beat it on the hardest level. Main issue trying to get through it was fitness level... which improved steadily over time.
  4. Still taking zinc every day and it really does feel like it's the most important supplement I've taken for my immune system. I think it'll be 3 years towards the end of the year since I last got sick with a cold or flu. I'm pretty much the only one here that seems to be immune from catching anything. Don't even remember when I was last physically sick (vomiting) from a stomach bug. Must be 10 years +. But for that, I totally credit allicin max. As soon as I've ever felt something coming on, I take 10 capsules in one go with some toast. And then repeat a few times in the day. And it's gone within hours. Anyway, just thought I'd share those tips and give an update.
  5. @Dean Pomerleau I meant that there have been times when I've been on a tight budget and I've eaten as little as 1300 k/cal per day (some days) for a week or two but my weight barely changes. This is significantly less than the number of calories that would be predicted for me based on calculations of my BMR and activity level. And as I said, when I first started CR, eating 1550 k/cal per day caused my BMI to drop to 16. But now I'm maintaining a BMI of about 18.5, but I'm eating just over 1500 k/cal per day. I'm wondering if it's just an age thing or my body composition has changed. But the question is: Should one try to maintain their BMI and reduce calorie intake over time to prevent any increase in body weight or let the weight creep up with age and not further decrease calories. Of course, I still believe CR still works really well, which is why it's tempting to decrease calories further. I wouldn't let myself go below a BMI of 17.5 anyway, so it's not that far from where I am right now. That being said, I'm also mindful of the risks of having a low body weight and given that I'm still quite young (35 in Oct), I might be young enough benefit from treatments that are superior to CR and actually reverse damage and effects from aging. Calorie restriction has become so normal and easy for me to do, it doesn't feel like I'm even trying anymore. And that's not to just gloat to people who say they can't do it... I just wonder if I should be at least a bit uncomfortable or significantly more hungry than I am. In terms of hunger, I guess one way to do that would be to increase activity. @Saul Thank you for your feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. As some of you probably know, I've been on a *CRON* diet since around 2005, but prior to that for 2 years I was removing sugar, sweets, fizzy drinks from my diet, and I was adding more nutritious cereals and fruit to my diet. This resulted in significant weight loss even before I adopted CRON and more carefully tracked my weight and everything else. In 2005, my weight dropped to around 104 lbs or a BMI of 16. I was eating approximately 1550 k/cal per day and measured my food intake and calories every day. I did increase my weight after 6 years of very strict CR, and then a few years later my BMI decreased again to around 17.5 and remained there for some years. And now in 2019, my BMI is around 18.5 and my calorie intake is between 1500-1600 k/cal per day. BMI has stayed the same for years. I eat pretty much the same thing every day. I've measured my calorie intake multiple times very carefully to make sure I'm not eating more than than I think I am, and it consistently comes in around 1500-1600 Calories. And there were some days it was much less! Has this happened to anyone else? I'm more curious about people who have been on CR for years. I now seem to be much more resistant to losing weight than when I first started. On the one hand, I'm aware of research saying that mice on CR that are able to hold onto weight tend to do better. On the other, I'm wondering if I could push CR a bit harder. But with my calorie intake already quite low, that also concerns me.
  7. Matt

    How many calories for me to maintain my weight?

    Probably around 1900 Calories according to this calculator. Although, it says I need over 1900 Calories to maintain my weight yet I eat about 1500 Calories per day. I still think you should probably not do CR until you reach skeletal maturity. Didn't you say you were 18 in the other thread?
  8. If you wanted to get her DNA and sequence it, you'd need to create a reason or scenario to have her body exhumed for DNA testing. Claiming that she was a fraud and not even who she says she was would be what you'd probably need to do. I don't think the claims by the Russian guy were taken seriously anyway. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but it's what I thought after reading his paper. ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but the cynical side of me thinks that someone would claim this because it'd would be the best way to get her DNA.
  10. Matt

    Body fat percentage?

    I see where others are coming from because your body is still developing and you could jeopardize your growth into a more adult-like (male) body. So you need to think about if you're willing to accept (potential) consequences of severely restricting calories. Things such as not being as tall as you could be, having a smaller frame (including less broad shoulders), not having a deep voice, and other characteristics which are considered masculine. I don't know for sure that these are affected, but I would take it seriously. And being so skinny might make it harder to get into relationships in the future as well. Can you stand up straight with your shoulders back and the camera more body level? I was trying to just get an old similar pic I took when I had a BMI of 16 just to compare. Photobucket is being rubbishing right now (as it usually is) so I can't access it. I don't think 18 is too young to start eating a really healthy diet and just staying lean but not underweight. Starting this early assume that there is much room for improvement beyond the current functioning of your cells and body as a whole. I started this journey when I was also around 18 years old (35 this Oct) and I continued more seriously at 20, and then ended up with a BMI of 16.3 or lower which I maintained it for about 6 years. Then I increased it to 17.5 (intentionally) for a few years. It's hard to see my trajectory if I hadn't done CR. I'm only just over 5 ft 7" and my brother and father are much taller than me. I have the small body frame, even when I went to my sister's wedding, I was like 1 size away from a boys suit rather than men's because my shoulders were not very broad. Didn't really develop any overly masculine features, very boyish (teenage) voice (even often referred to as a girl on the phone.) All that might've not happened even if I didn't restrict to just 1500 K/cal for years (and now back at 1500). Or it might've happened anyway due to genetics and whatever other factors were involved. I do feel though that I may have interrupted my development to an extent. But it just so happens that I'm perfectly fine about all of that. I have zero regrets and I'm very happy about my decision. It was probably one of the best things I could have done. But now imagine yourself 10 years from now. You're a 28-year-old dude and CR is old news. We have senolytics and other therapies which are far superior. Now you're stuck with many of these features because you deprived yourself of energy while you were still developing. Yeah, you could bulk up, do some weights... but would you have preferred to be taller? Have a bigger body frame? Broader shoulders? Many of these things matter if you're into girls, it's what they're attracted to. Even though I have a site partly about CR, I would not recommend people do it at 18 or even 20. Earliest would be 25. Think more about the consequences...
  11. Matt

    Blood Pressure

    I don't think you should be concerned if you're not experiencing any symptoms. This is pretty normal for most of us on CR. My blood pressure is usually around 90/60 with a HR usually between 50-60 when I'm home. At the doctors, it can be quite a bit higher. I tend to get a bit anxious and I'm running around not relaxed. This is pretty common though... When I first started doing CR I did get a little dizzy when standing but over time I seemed to just adapt to it. Low blood pressure is likely a good thing as long as you're not experiencing any bad symptoms from it. If the association between very low LDL cholesterol (common in CRONies) and hemorrhagic stroke is real, then having low blood pressure + low inflammation would be good at preventing any increase in risk IMO. And if your arteries aren't clear, then as mike said, low blood pressure could be an issue.
  12. This thread reminds me that it's probably time for some more blood tests. I haven't done any in years... Only measured Testosterone twice 516 ng/dl (2013) 412 ng/dl (2016) Ref: 8.8 - 36.7 nmol/l (260-1080ng/dl) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V6gvGoCnZGqcr-sR5TuFY4TKLr4mj_X6f7TlXJaLwk4 I've also taken Finasteride since the end of 2016.
  13. Matt

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    I really don't understand the skepticism of Matthew Walker's work around here or what he is saying that is wrong. You'd personally ignore his book.. have you read it? He works for Google (One of their Alphabet companies) so they trust him ๐Ÿ˜›
  14. I watched the whole thing and thought it was pretty interesting. A bit over my head to be honest, but surprised they were already working with rats and monkeys using the technology "An abstract in a Neuralink whitepaper published today notes that the system could include โ€œas many as 3,072 electrodes per array distributed across 96 threads.โ€ The coauthors of the paper also noted that Neuralink has performed at least 19 surgeries on animals and successfully placed wires about 87% of the time. During the presentation, Musk hinted that Neuralink has worked with primates. โ€œWe definitely need to address the monkey in the room. This is a sensitive subject,โ€ he said. โ€œA monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.โ€ https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/16/neuralinks-technology-embeds-tiny-wires-in-the-brain-to-read-electrical-pulses/ https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6204648-Neuralink-White-Paper.html