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  1. Matt

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    Fernando, you really should get advice from your DOCTOR and follow it. We don't advocate starving yourself and going to these extremes. This forum is NOT about weight loss and trying to get as skinny as possible.
  2. Matt

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    Forget what Zeta said. You should not be doing CR.
  3. Fernando, I don't think CR is for you at all. Get yourself to a healthy normal weight and don't obsess over calories.
  4. Matt

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    Maintaining a higher level of fat mass is actually a positive predictor of longevity within the CR group in animals. Strains of mice that had not adapted well to CR and lost too much fat had no longevity benefit or reduced lifespan. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21388497 Ideally, you'll want to restrict calories enough so that you're not losing more than 1 pound per week. Don't think of this as a race to get to the lowest weight possible, but a journey that you'll go along where your health will be improved by the dietary changes you make in addition to the (slow) weight loss from CR. So, my advice is just to look at how many calories you're currently consuming and factor in your activity level and then start restricting slowly and see how your body responds. As I mentioned on here before, when I first started serious CR I could only just maintain a BMI of about 16 eating 1550 K/cal per day. Now at 35 I am able to maintain a BMI of close to 19 eating around 1500-1600 Calories per day. My body is remarkably resistant to losing weight these days... Look at biomarkers as you're doing CR and as long as you see the same pattern as people on CR, you're going in the right direction. CR is not about getting skinny. CR is not about trying to maintain the lowest amount of muscle or fat to survive. You do need a baseline of how many calories you're eating and keep track fairly often of how much you're eating in the early stages at the very least.
  5. Matt

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    Eat whatever you want. 😀👍
  6. Matt

    Fernando Gabriel current diet

    1000 mg is not a lot of vitamin C and just think about what you're saying... Why are you worried about a heart attack or stroke? You're 18 years old so it's extremely unlikely. What's more of an issue here is the possibility of developing an infection and losing even more weight. Trust me, you don't want to be knocked out with a bad case of the flu and not be able to eat for days. Plus, your body uses up a lot of energy trying to recover and fight it. This should be one of your main concerns, especially as it seems you're not getting adequate nutrition. At your age there is no need to take things to such extremes. Is there something else going on? You don't need metformin anyway.
  7. Matt

    Iron intake

    My ferritin level tests over the years: 2003: 136 2005: 92 2006: 85 April 2007: 126 (went vegetarian in Oct 2007). 2008: 62 2012 I went vegan. 2016: 31 (normal range: 15 - 300) I usually get around 200-250% of my RDA for Iron.
  8. Matt

    Haemoglobin levels

    Imo you're way overthinking this... Just supplement zinc and iron bisglycinate (every other day for iron) and see how you feel. Basic CRON-O-METER should show you your micronutrient intakes... How much Zinc, Copper, and B12 are you getting? And what is your calorie intake? Zinc does play a role in iron metabolism by the way. Supplementing for a month or two is not going to hurt. It's just not and there is nothing to worry about.
  9. Matt

    Haemoglobin levels

    How much zinc are you currently getting? Vegetarians and vegans need more than the RDA. Of course you can overdose on zinc, but it would take very high doses for many months to cause an imbalance of copper and zinc. If I remember correctly (it's been a while!) I took 100 mg per day for about 2 months. This is proven safe for 2-4 months, but I'm not suggesting you need that kind of dose. I was pretty sure that I had a deficiency. Might be worth trying 50 mg zinc picolinate for a month or two and then lower it to 22 mg per day. The upper limit is set at 40 mg per day. https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-zinc/art-20366112 This month working an extra job has been terrible for me and my sleep... many nights with just 2 or 3 hours sleep. Still not caught anything and others have been sick around me. Pretty sure that it's because I started supplementing zinc... (and obviously in combination with things I was already taking and eating helps too.) Can't really overstate how life-changing it has been for me. Anyway, just throwing it out there in case you want to give it a try 🙂
  10. Matt

    Haemoglobin levels

    How much zinc are you getting? I started taking zinc picolinate 3 years ago and I've not been sick at all with any cold or flu. I'm barely getting any sleep right now due to working 3 jobs but even though everyone else is sick here and lots of people in work, I'm totally fine. It's probably the best supplement I've ever taken for my immune system. I started taking zinc (again) after I was constantly getting sick with colds and flu (3 times in a row and ended up with a burst eardrum.) But even a few years prior to that (and after going vegan) was getting sick more than usual... I also ended up with obvious signs of zinc deficiency like months of bad acne, some hair loss, athlete's foot, among other issues. Everything cleared up very fast after supplementing. I'm also taking Allicin Max which is quite helpful. http://www.crvitality.com/2019/01/feeling-sick-after-going-vegan/
  11. Matt

    How I Get Exercise... (using vr)

    Haha well, it's a good workout! I've managed to go through the whole thing on the hardest level. Once I got my fitness level up over a few weeks I managed to do it. VR definitely has a big future in education and training! I use VR to help me practice speaking Korean in some social apps like VRChat. I don't often meet people here from Korea, but in VR, I can speak and feel like I am "present" with them and talk. Plus, we can do some role-playing within the virtual world. I have tried Mission ISS! It was really good. I think NASA collaborated with Oculus to produce that one. I did the EVA and docked Dragon to the robotic arm. Journey Inside The Human Cell is okay, but there's much better stuff out there. For something more relaxing, I do enjoy puzzle games like Shadow Point — which is also narrated by Sir Patrick Steward. It's an Oculus Quest game but can also be played on Rift. Oculus Quest can be used in big spaces... Not recommended people use it outside because it's obviously dangerous, but it does work in lower light levels. The headset uses inside out tracking.
  12. If you want to know what it's like, look no further than the channel 'Bald and Bankrupt' It's actually very good though! He takes you through countries which were part of the soviet union. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDZs_ltFFvn0FDHT6kmoXA
  13. I don't even remember if I've spoken about VR on the forum but I love it!! I've had an Oculus Rift for a few years now... Looking to get the Oculus Quest at some point as well, which is a self-contained VR system that doesn't need a PC or anything. This game is one that I use to get some exercise. It really does give you a good work out... Not exactly a boxing fan 😂 but it is fun. Anyone else have VR? I was just testing to see how the PC performs when recording this as I might make a series. Already beat it on the hardest level. Main issue trying to get through it was fitness level... which improved steadily over time.
  14. Still taking zinc every day and it really does feel like it's the most important supplement I've taken for my immune system. I think it'll be 3 years towards the end of the year since I last got sick with a cold or flu. I'm pretty much the only one here that seems to be immune from catching anything. Don't even remember when I was last physically sick (vomiting) from a stomach bug. Must be 10 years +. But for that, I totally credit allicin max. As soon as I've ever felt something coming on, I take 10 capsules in one go with some toast. And then repeat a few times in the day. And it's gone within hours. Anyway, just thought I'd share those tips and give an update.