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  1. Office for National statistics UK Government report backs up the latest CDC study showing that immunity from prior infection was significantly more protective than vaccination (even boosted). https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveycharacteristicsofpeopletestingpositiveforcovid19uk/19january2022 January 19 2022.
  2. Yes I saw it but a few points Al. 1. Vaccines only provide protection from infection for a few weeks; one would need to be vaccinated every 3-4 months. I'm not doing that. I will almost certainly be exposed to Omicron if I haven't already. I've been in contact with people who had it, but I've not been sick or had any symptoms as of yet. I seem to be holding up pretty well despite everyone catching Omicron around me. 2. As the CDC study shows, people with immunity from previous infection had a very good protection from severe disease against Delta compared to vaccinated. People who were vaccinated on top of naturally acquired immunity only did marginally better. Isn't this the most important point? 3. In the CDC study, they are also looking at the general population. The general population have high BMI's, largely eat a terrible diet, almost certainly worse biomarkers and risk factors than me (especially those in my age group, but even below). And yet they still did very well against reinfection by having immunity from previous infection. Also see study I posted above regarding plant-based diet and risk of severe COVID with earlier strains. 4. Give me a vaccine that doesn't wane after 3 months and I'll use it. Right now, the benefit vs the risk for me is not worth it. So what if the risk is 1 in 10,000 for myocarditis? I've been that 1 in 10,000 when I've taken other things. Remember I took Cipro, the risk of tendonitis was something like 1 or 2 in 10,000 people. I developed bilateral achilles tendonitis after a day. I also got peripheral neuropathy from it with a rate of 1 in 34,000 people getting the side effect. Sure a vaccine is different, but based on my current health, my age (which is much younger biologically), the fact I already have some immunity already and is very protective against moderate or severe illness, my very healthy diet, and Omicron being intrinsically less virulent, it is rational in my opinion to just simply wait. I am not worried at all.
  3. Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a population-based case–control study in six countries "After adjusting for important confounders, participants who reported following ‘plant-based diets’ and ‘plant-based diets or pescatarian diets’ had 73% (OR 0.27, 95% CI 0.10 to 0.81) and 59% (OR 0.41, 95% CI 0.17 to 0.99) lower odds of moderate-to-severe COVID-19 severity, respectively, compared with participants who did not follow these diets. https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/early/2021/05/18/bmjnph-2021-000272
  4. Here's some data from California for vaccinated, unvaccinated, people with co-morbidities, previously infected, etc. It seems all groups do better with Omicron. The paper the doctor is going through is here: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.01.11.22269045v1.full-text
  5. One of the CDC's study highlights for me... and one of the most important results to consider: ..hospitalization rates were 19.8-fold lower (95% CI = 18.2–21.4) among vaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, 55.3-fold lower (95% CI = 27.3–83.3) among unvaccinated persons with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, and 57.5-fold lower (95% CI = 29.2–85.8) among vaccinated persons with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis." A vaccine on top of previous infection was only marginally better. The risk / benefit calculation should be different for someone who already has some immunity like myself. And of course I have no health conditions, much healthier than the average person my age, I eat very healthily, fitness level is good and BMI is low. And Omicron is 90% less likely to cause hospitalizations because it's intrinsically less virulent. I still don't see a good reason to get vaccinated.
  6. CDC Study: Basically, the vaccine did very little to improve the protection already given from naturally acquired immunity. COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations by COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Previous COVID-19 Diagnosis — California and New York, May–November 2021 "By the week beginning October 3, compared with COVID-19 cases rates among unvaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, case rates among vaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis were 6.2-fold (California) and 4.5-fold (New York) lower" "Rates were substantially lower among both groups with previous COVID-19 diagnoses, including 29.0-fold (California) and 14.7-fold lower (New York) among unvaccinated persons with a previous diagnosis, and 32.5-fold (California) and 19.8-fold lower (New York) among vaccinated persons with a previous diagnosis of COVID-19" Delta wave: " Rates among vaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis were consistently higher than rates among unvaccinated persons with a history of COVID-19 (3.1-fold higher [95% CI = 2.6–3.7] in California and 1.9-fold higher [95% CI = 1.5–2.3] in New York) and rates among vaccinated persons with a history of COVID-19 (3.6-fold higher [95% CI = 2.9–4.3] in California and 2.8-fold higher [95% CI = 2.1–3.4] in New York)." "During October 3–16, compared with hospitalization rates among unvaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, hospitalization rates were 19.8-fold lower (95% CI = 18.2–21.4) among vaccinated persons without a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, 55.3-fold lower (95% CI = 27.3–83.3) among unvaccinated persons with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis, and 57.5-fold lower (95% CI = 29.2–85.8) among vaccinated persons with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis." Basically, the vaccine did very little to improve the protection already given by naturally acquired immunity. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7104e1.htm
  7. CDC finally says that previous infection resulted in BETTER immunity than vaccination against Delta. Quite obvious for a long time now. Surviving a previous infection provided better protection than vaccination against Covid-19 during the Delta wave, federal health authorities said, citing research showing that both the shots and recovery from the virus provided significant defense. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday that data from 1.1 million Covid-19 cases in California and New York last year showed people who were unvaccinated and hadn’t previously contracted Covid-19 faced a far greater risk than both people who had gotten the shots and people who had been infected." https://www.wsj.com/articles/prior-covid-19-infection-offered-better-protection-than-vaccination-during-delta-wave-11642619009
  8. In December, the government said there would likely be a huge rise in hospitalizations and deaths because of the Omicron outbreak. Largely thanks to the vaccines, this has not been the case. But I suspect that given the fact that millions of people in the UK have still not had a vaccine at all, they believed the toll would be much higher. It seems to me they could be ignoring the data that shows 95%+ of people in the UK have antibodies to the virus and the vast majority of those have longer lasting cellular immunity that is still effective at preventing severe disease (true for previous infection and those vaccinated). This is despite official government reports and other data showing that previous infection is hugely protective against severe disease if reinfection occurs (and that it was just as good or better than vaccines at preventing alpha and delta infections; though less effective at preventing Omicron), the level of immunity in the population may not have been taken into account when coming up with the figures. The sole focus was only on vaccination rate. Of course, Omicron is also intrinsically less virulent, which is great, and that played a part too.
  9. My sister came over yesterday and I was talking to her about the rapid rise in cases here where we live. She knows so many people who are currently ill with COVID at the moment. What is interesting, although maybe not that surprising, is that my niece, 4 nephews, and my sister have all been in close contact with a few people that have had COVID recently and none of them have caught it (they test quite frequently). They were even in the same room and sleeping in the same bedroom when they stayed over their friends who tested positive for COVID the next day. Almost everyone in my nephews class at school tested positive for COVID not long ago as well, but Ethan did not. Perhaps because he had COVID at the same time as my family did around October 2020 (my sister had it, so I assume her kids did as well). I've been in contact with people that have recently tested positive (likely Omicron) and I'm still testing negative still as well. I'm gonna get that antibody test done at the end of Feb. It's possible that I already had a "boost" and was reinfected before Omicron and perhaps I was asymptomatic? I guess I'll know either way if I see my antibody titers much higher than my previous level.
  10. My (very) local area has third highest rates of COVID in my city, even country I think (Wales), according to the number of cases reported today. So many people I know are sick right now with Omicron. Number is *officially* 1,962.1 per 100K. I've not gotten sick again with COVID again yet... but I'm starting to wonder now if I have been reinfected but just didn't realize it (as I already had COVID once before...) My immunity is usually very good overall. I've not been ill since having COVID, but my family has been ill many times with colds since then. Wish me luck lol.
  11. Glad you're feeling better! Well yeah, vaccine may have helped... Omicron is spreading in your area? That being said, you are pretty healthy, right? Well, at least now you have the most protective immunity (vaccination + naturally acquired from infection). 😛 I also recovered from COVID in less than 2 days (October 2020) and fever was gone within 1 day. My only symptoms were muscle aches, fever, and night sweats. Didn't experience any cough or loss of smell and taste. My case was the mildest in my family. So, it's probably both... your lifestyle and vaccine.
  12. @brian A terrible study from the CDC for many reasons.
  13. A key part of the immune system's second-line defense - its T cells - are highly effective at recognizing and attacking the Omicron variant, thereby preventing most infections from progressing to critical illness, a new study shows. "Well-preserved T cell immunity to Omicron is likely to contribute to protection from severe COVID-19," which supports what South African doctors had initially suspected when most patients with Omicron infections did not become seriously ill, they said. "Despite Omicron's extensive mutations and reduced susceptibility to neutralizing antibodies, the majority of T cell response, induced by vaccination or natural infection, cross-recognizes the variant," the researchers reported on Tuesday on medRxiv ahead of peer review. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/omicron-cannot-escape-t-cells-boosters-protect-households-omicron-2021-12-29/
  14. Topics and time codes: 0:00 Intro 2:17 Boosters for All? 8:47 Young people + Covid, flawed CDC studies? 12:45 Natural immunity, Myocarditis, population risk vs. benefit 21:15 The narrative of simplicity and one-size-fits-all in public health 27:12 How we’re treating college students re: COVID quarantine, boosting, testing 30:45 Omicron, animal source? 34:08 Journalistic responsibility, and natural immunity revisited, what healthcare CEOS should do 43:28 Dr. Oz and the state of politics due to COVID disruptions in economy and freedoms 47:40 Socioeconomic status effects under COVID policies 53:59 Why so slow to learn more about vaccine resistance and omicron? The role of media 57:31 Therapeutics like fluvoxamine (Luvox) vs. molnupiravir 1:04:50 Zero COVID is a delusion, so focus protection where it matters 1:05:27 Fluvoxamine and the hydroxychloroquine/ivermectin debacle 1:08:23 Fauci’s foibles 1:12:12 Gain of function research 1:21:56 Listening to doctors 1:26:45 Pandemic of lunacy, gain of fear, and Fear-naught values 1:32:57 Cloth masks, and masking as distraction from real risks 1:34:58 Chemotherapy shortages