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  1. Hayley

    Starting a blog on CRSociety?

    Wow - 242 views to this question and only three replies? This place isn't very helpful, I'm afraid. I'd definitely be interested in reading your blog, though. Good luck to you! =)
  2. Hayley

    Alternate Day (Intermittent) Fasting

    Hi. I'm also doing a form of IF - I eat one healthy meal every 48 hours. During my fasting hours I only drink water, or plain tea or rarely plain coffee. I also take supplements like you do.
  3. I started trying to restrict calories during my three meals a day but then realized it was simply easier to skip a meal here and there verses get caught up in calorie counting. So I was eating only one, super-healthy meal at 6:30 pm every day and liking it - but lately I've intuitively wanted to eat my one healthy meal every 48 hours, instead of every 24 hours, so I've been doing that and it seems to be working for me. My only concern is that I seem to be a bit more extreme than other people here and I don't want to hurt my health. With my meal I do take Omega supplements and a good multi - and I make sure to get the nutrients I need with the meal. Anyone else like me? Thanks!