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  1. Cactus

    "CRSociety Say Your Piece!!!"

    O.K. it's Saturday, Just wanted to say that when I started this I wanted a natural sweetner and I chose Sweetleaf Stevia. I think I found the best one. I found Sweetleaf the one coming out of Gilbert, Arizona. the founder is James May from what I read on his companies website he was in the Peace Corps and found this plant and now ships it here. etc. I am using that in coffee tea etc. to get rid of my sugar cravings. It has helped me lose weight. I was so fatiged I couldn't stay awake I was in trouble. my dentist wouldn't touch me I had 176/110 blood pressure. I knew I had to walk into a doctor's office I did. he gave me high blood pressure pills. if I lose 20pds. he said and walk 30min. a day he thinks I can get off of them. I'm trying. I use to be a health fanatic yrs. ago I just went ba-hooey. I will get back to my old self. I am getting rid of the fatigue. that is one of the most devastating things wanting to sleep constantly I am staying awake more and enjoying life I need to do the walking I'm lax on that. this CRSociety I believe will be good for me I need this Site.I'm starting to feel better. I really got scared. O.k. Just thought I'd share.I got on the Cronometer. yep it said loose 20lb.s........have a great Saturday Fellow Crs's Stay Healthy I think my dentist saved me from a possible heart attack. !!!!! and the tooth got fixed too. Later.........Cactus
  2. I am going to try this recipe. I am going to have to buy a dehydrator soon also. We live in the desert and go offroad alot this is perfect. all your ingredients are very healthy. thankyou so much for this recipe. I have studied sweetners and found a real good one instead of sucralose. It's Sweetleaf natural stevia. but the best one is when you get on the website it's contact is Gilbert,Arizona it's headquarters. the founder is James May he was in the Peace Corps and found this sweet leaf and now has it grown and sent here for us to enjoy.I only use it after reading about it.instead of the natives growing drugs for profit he has them growing this sweetleaf. He must be a good guy. thankyou so much for this recipe you did alot of work Kuddo's to you!!!!! Thanks Cactus... :)
  3. That answer you gave Eilee was excellent. Makes me want to truly stick with this lifestyle. My Dad always use to say,"Look at the Silverback Gorilla, all he eats is fruits, vegetables, and greens." "Look at his strength and muscles. I just looked up gorilla's that's it I feel no worries of my mixed salads and handfuls of different nuts I throw on the salad. Wow. Thanks for the encouragement. Cactus.. :D
  4. Cactus

    Anyone else eat once every 48 hours?

    Wow Hayley if your that disciplined to be able to eat every 48hrs. your capable of any layout plan that the seniors that have been doing this for yrs. advise you.!!!! I commend you for being that disciplined even if they say that's a no no. wish I had your willpower I don't think I've ever gone without food that long.Wow. You are going to be great at this!!!!!! Your like the Top Gun or will be with proper coaching. Yeah I'll watch your progress if I can track people on this thing. I joined that cronometer last nite. my BMI is like 26.1 I think I have to loose like 20 lbs. or so. and it says I should eat 1,024 calories to get there. O.k. back to the drawing board. nice meeting you thanks for the input, Cactus....... :)
  5. Cactus

    I am new to CrSociety Hello!

    Thankyou, I started a thread,"CRSociety Say Your Piece!" Maybe for Newbies like us just to check in on each other daily weekly whatever to talk I did see you mentioned cronometer something like that on a thread I'll do that here in a minute thanks for the help. Cactus... :)
  6. "CRSociety Say Your Piece!!" I am starting this thread for people to help each other. Sort of our sounding board for daily get togethers,encouragement etc. A basic Club member thread.Our Whole Body Blog! I'll put this in my watched topics, and click on it in my content as a saved subscription. and check it daily hope others do too. I am new and I think we need this....Thankyou Cactus.. I did my part today by the way I ate a big bowl of organic salad a handfull of cashews and Greek Yogert. some cheese my daily calorie count I ate already.so far I do about 1,000 but 1,200 it ends up to be.... I don't want to think of food it's over for today. once you eat your calorie limit got to get busy doing something else. I try to do 3 or 4 small meals I write everything on paper calorie count. Later, Cactus....
  7. Cactus

    Starting a blog on CRSociety?

    Hope we can be able to get that set up for everyone. Newbie, Cactus
  8. Cactus

    I am new to CrSociety Hello!

    My Name is Cactus, I have practiced CR without knowing I was on the right track. Now I have found this Society through seeing it on shows like 60 minutes Oprah etc. I will try to contribute easy recipes and learn from members too. My Husband told me he will help me to navigate on this site that's the only problem I need to learn how to use the site hope to post soon and communicate with you. Thankyou, Cactus Hope this posts I'm trying....