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  1. pete533

    OMG! Obesity paradox stupidity

    I remember that Walford said that a people with a high set point in the overweight or obese range,that lose weight and maintain a lower setpoint using a CRON diet., will still get a significant health and longevity advantage over thinner people on the Standard American Diet. Even if they can't get down to the typical BMI of most Cronies. I believe this was from mice studies using genetically altered mice who were bred to be obese. I think majority of thin people probably are malnourished at least by CRON standards. Unhealthy habits would of course add to this.
  2. pete533

    Certificate error

    I have problems with firefox. Can only use Chrome or windows. I have to click go to unsafe each page I try to access. Wish someone would fix this.
  3. pete533

    Dr Alan Green prescribing rapamycin

    I think I will take a prudent approach as suggested by McCoy. I will upgrade my diet that has been going off the rails of late, increase daily exercise that has been hampered by minor injuries. + more sleep and stress management. After doing this for a few months I will see my internist for blood work and reevaluate whether I want to try something as radical as Rapamycin + Metformin
  4. pete533

    Dr Alan Green prescribing rapamycin

    I am turning 68 in August and think I need something to get me out of a perceived downward spiral. Parents and grandparents have checked out in their 70's and one early 80's. Have a 76 year old brother who I am watching like the canary in the coal mine. I live not to far from Dr. Green. I am debating whether to become a patient. I have a friend who has known him for years and has assured me he is a knowledgeable and serious man. I am by nature a cautious person and I am trying to weigh the pros and cons. I am thinking I should make a decision before my next birthday.
  5. Just curious. Do you think we all have subscriptions to the Financial Times? I wanted to read the article