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  1. I agree stupid is spreading. I will no longer go to this website. Have nothing more to say.
  2. Your point is what??
  3. I just got the first dose of Modena Vaccine this past Friday and I am scheduled for second dose on March 12th. I am 71 years old. Does anyone have an opinion on whether fasting (FMD or water) or senolytics (fisetin) would help or hurt immune response between doses?
  4. pete533

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    In the podcast, James Wilkes brings up a study done on pigs. It was a study using a Forrest plot. I am not a scientist, but even Kresser seemed to agree that vegetable protein was as absorbable as animal protein. I think it doesn't really matter anyway. I track everything on Cronometer, and although I am 70 and Longo thinks someone my age should get slightly more, I take his recomendation and add 10% and it is still easy to do. I don't know how it is in Europe, but Americans are crazy about getting enough protein. I will eat fish in restaurants, if I ever get to go to a restaurant again. Only because I like it, and not because I think I need it in my diet. Eating animal protein is what contributed to my ill health, not getting too little of it. Been a vegan since March of 2019, and I fear it is too little and too late.
  5. pete533

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    I would say that some vegan authors are wrong. You should check out the Joe Rogan podcast with Chris Kresser and James Wilkes.
  6. Actually Manhattan itself has the second least amount of cases. Another island, Staten Island has the least of the 5 boroughs. The whole metro area is affected. Long Island, Westchester, North Jersey. What I think is laughable (along with anything coming out of the White House) is that New Orleans has become a hotspot and so has Atlanta, but the governor of Mississippi thinks it is not going to affect them, so he has no orders in place. I had been stationed for a short time in Biloxi Mississippi while in the Air Force and and I remember New Orleans is 90 miles away. Sometimes I think we are too dumb to survive.
  7. I live in NYC in the borough of Queens. NYC has one third of the cases of covid-19 in the country and Queens has the most cases in the city. It is still increasing. I wear gloves and a mask to even take out the garbage. Although I've kept my shopping down to a minimum I wear gloves and a mask. Live in a garden apartment which is like a small two family house. My neighbor goes out and also has her boyfriend come over periodically. I wipe down door knobs and every time one of them leaves. I don't have a washer in the apartment and have to use the common laundry room on premises. I have so far went at times where I have avoided other people. I am 70 years old. I've read that some stores have special hours for seniors with lighter traffic. Not near me. I have a daughter living in Brooklyn with two roomates and a dog. She is working from home. Wanted her to move in with my ex, my son is there also. At least there would be a backyard so she wouldn't have to walk the dog. She refuses. I am retired but life has never been harder than now. . Don't know if I've covered all things. Also worrying about two older brothers, one in St. Paul and one in San Diego. Although they don't live in "hot" spots, they both have underlying health conditions. Trying to do as much as I can do, but I am getting to the point where I think bad things will happen. Feel like I'm losing this war. Oh, I can't dispose of the gloves. I have to re use them because I can't get more. Even Amazon has them back ordered. I spray them with disinfectant. Was just lucky to get toilet paper yesterday. They have been out for weeks.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/24/science/aging-dna-epigenetics-cells.html?action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage
  9. Roy Walford died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Check out his Wikipedia page
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    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    Caesar, Alexander the Great, Euclides, Plato AND Muhammad had people write about them when they were alive. There were no contemporaneous writings about Jesus or Moses. Only written accounts repeated from stories passed down orally long after they were gone, by people who had not witnessed events. . Hence, that is why the Gospels differ. There also is no archaeological proof of their existence. Many have tried to find such proof, but it is yet to be found. If you want to believe based on faith (and over a billion do) that's one thing. I have on occasion, but we do have archaeological and contemporaneous of the existence of Caesar and other historical figures that we do not have with Jesus and Moses. In fact, almost every Passover, some rabbi will cause a stir by stating that the whole Passover story about Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt is a myth.
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    OMG! Obesity paradox stupidity

    I remember that Walford said that a people with a high set point in the overweight or obese range,that lose weight and maintain a lower setpoint using a CRON diet., will still get a significant health and longevity advantage over thinner people on the Standard American Diet. Even if they can't get down to the typical BMI of most Cronies. I believe this was from mice studies using genetically altered mice who were bred to be obese. I think majority of thin people probably are malnourished at least by CRON standards. Unhealthy habits would of course add to this.
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    Certificate error

    I have problems with firefox. Can only use Chrome or windows. I have to click go to unsafe each page I try to access. Wish someone would fix this.
  13. pete533

    Dr Alan Green prescribing rapamycin

    I think I will take a prudent approach as suggested by McCoy. I will upgrade my diet that has been going off the rails of late, increase daily exercise that has been hampered by minor injuries. + more sleep and stress management. After doing this for a few months I will see my internist for blood work and reevaluate whether I want to try something as radical as Rapamycin + Metformin
  14. pete533

    Dr Alan Green prescribing rapamycin

    I am turning 68 in August and think I need something to get me out of a perceived downward spiral. Parents and grandparents have checked out in their 70's and one early 80's. Have a 76 year old brother who I am watching like the canary in the coal mine. I live not to far from Dr. Green. I am debating whether to become a patient. I have a friend who has known him for years and has assured me he is a knowledgeable and serious man. I am by nature a cautious person and I am trying to weigh the pros and cons. I am thinking I should make a decision before my next birthday.
  15. Just curious. Do you think we all have subscriptions to the Financial Times? I wanted to read the article