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    New to Cr and need some help

    Hi, I am very interested in the idea behind cr and I am very excited to start a healthier lifestyle. I have read that some people do not keep track of their calories and or nutrients, but instead just guess or assume they are on the right track. I have also read that some people keep track of everything they eat. Since I am some what of a perfectionist (which I hate to admit), I need to keep track, weigh and record everything I eat to make sure I am getting every nutrient that I need or else I will never feel like I am doing it properly. That being said, I signed up with cronometer and got started recording my food only to realize that I have so many questions. I understand the basics, weigh the food I eat and simply enter it. But what about foods that are not single items. For example, Frozen mixed vegetable. I live in Canada and for most of the year getting local fresh produce is not an option and I have read that frozen is a better option then imported produce. (please let me know if I am wrong about that) The calorie content is listed on the bag but should I be weighing while it is frozen or prepared? Also, since it is mixed produce, how do I accurately measure the nutrient content? or is that even possible? I am also having the same problem when making a stir-fry type dish. Since the nutrient content changes when cooked, how do I accurately measure the calories and nutrients when everything is mixed together once cooked? What about making vegetable and fruit juices? Do I weigh before I make the juice and will the nutrition content remain the same? My other question is for dry foods. For things like rice, the calorie content is listed on the bag, but is that for when it is cooked or dry? Also, I buy a product of sprouted mixed beans and lentils, which I love. How do I accurately measure the nutrients since it is mixed? I buy sprouted cause I get terribly bloated from non-sprouted beans. Does sprouted change the calorie and nutrient content of the food? Is there a way to get my body to accepted non-sprouted beans? Sorry for so many questions. I will be very great full for any help that I can get. Also, if anyone could recommend any other sources to help me get started and answer my questions such as any books or online resources, that would be greatly appreciated. Finally, if there are any other Canadians out there who read this and are successful in this way of living, I would love to hear your story. I am worried that the weather here might make this harder for me but maybe that may not be so. I do not know anyone personally that is into this way of living nor do I know anyone who even cares about that they eat and I would love to meet or at least have contact with someone who is successful in the cr way of living for further questions and support. I understand and like the fact that everyone does this their own way, and for that reason, I am very interested in how other people have adapted to this lifestyle. Thank you so much for reading my really long post. I can't wait to read some responses. - Heather