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  1. prettyinpink

    Alternate Day (Intermittent) Fasting

    Kudos to you guys! I've always wanted to try intermittent fasting but I always end up still eating as I feel extremely hungry. :(
  2. prettyinpink

    Too much Vitamin K

    What if I get too much of vitamin K because of taking supplements? Is that a problem?
  3. prettyinpink

    Anyone else eat once every 48 hours?

    Wow! I can eat once every 24 hours but not for 48 hours. How do you manage that?
  4. prettyinpink

    Fish or no fish?

    I wonder why you consider eating fish not good? Maybe, if it's too much then that's the time it is bad. :D
  5. prettyinpink

    Is there really a need for dietary b12?

    Really? Mushroom is a good source of vitamin B12?