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  1. Do you know if thats the same for Natural Killer cells or your overall white blood cells? My concern was more because it was my NKC that were slightly low. Thankfully back to normal. The blood test paper stated it was because of a viral infection l had. Thankfully they have since returned in the normal range.
  2. Just reading back on your lower WBC, l guess l was talking more about the Natural Killer Cells. Are these also lower in Caloric restrictors? My normal routine white blood test was and has always been normal, it wasn't until it was broken down and tested separately that it showed low Natural Killer Cells. Thankfully they have returned normal, and it was stated on my Blood test paper it was as a result of some kind of virus.
  3. Shezian

    Is ashwagandha anti-aging?

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK548536/ http://www.mensahmedical.com/ashwagandha-dangers/
  4. Shezian

    Is ashwagandha anti-aging?

    Are there any negative side effects of taking this powder? I have read some people have allergic reactions like itchiness and liver toxicity. I would be interested in taking this powder to reduce my levels of anxiety, which may be a result of being in menapause.
  5. Shezian

    Protein Shakes

    Thanks yet again guys for your input.
  6. Why did you eat the zinc instead of drink it?
  7. HI Can you advise of the Pro's and Con's of taking protein shakes? Here are the ingredients. Sweetened with Stevia.
  8. Shezian

    NAC supplements

    Great info, thanks so much guys.
  9. Shezian

    NAC supplements

    Great thanks so much for taking the time to respond and clearing up through the research. Cheers
  10. Shezian

    NAC supplements

    thanks so much, l found it hard to find much information online thats why l thought you guys might know. Don't want to take anything that might be harmful for my health, so l suppose its best not take this supplement, until more research is done. Quercertin on the other hand, seems to be great for the immune system, and from what l read seems safe enough. Would l be correct in saying that?
  11. Is it worth taking N-acetyl L-cysteine for general immune system boost, especially during these times?
  12. Very interesting, l was always under the impression that sleep actually improve immune system parameters. Goes to show l was incorrect.
  13. It seems increases calories also increases WBC. The doctor said l had some sore of virus, hence why l had lower natural killer cells and it will go up over time. He also said if they don't go up we would need to do extra investigation, and these fluctuates happen more in the younger people. But in the end it does seem more prevalent amongst us calorie restrictors.
  14. Thanks so much for sharing your results. Was your doctor ever concerned about your low WBC? How old are you? Mushroom coffee. Never heard of it before. Interesting to see your WBC, so it seems it can fluctuate a fair bit. Good to know l am not the only one. It concerned me as l was catching more colds than normal. Every few months l was getting a sore throat or felt sinus build up. So for 3 months, l increased my calories, stopped intense exercise, (recommend by my doctor), and gained weight, had mushrooms, zinc and garlic supplants daily, and my bloods have improved. Now l would like to lose the weight l gained, hopefully the colds and sore throats will not return.