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  1. Thanks, thats what l was thinking too. Probably not a good idea for people like me, who suffer from health anxiety.
  2. HI Has anyone had there genetic tests done through 23 and me, and had it run through Promethease? If so, does anyone know how reliable the information is? I had this done and it shows some very scary results. Not many good ones.
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    Good to know. Thanks
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    cheers thx
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    I have read over those studies which is quiet concerning.but what is more concerning for me, l found a court case on the particular ashawangda powder l was taking and l immediately discarded it. From what l understand lead is everywhere, but its how much we take in over a short amount of time that can be harmful as the body does get rid of it slowly. Consumer lab suggested 3 different kinds, of one which l have just ordered. As l only plan on taking it a few times per week, hopefully it is a low enough levels not to effect my health. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.
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    Is there any Ashwangandha supplement powder from Japan or anywhere int he world that is pure from all these chemicals? How can we trust that this is the case. Eating the plant root itself fresh is probably best.
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    Hi I was just looking at my packet of Ashwagandha organic root powder and on the side in small print it states, this product may contain Lead and other chemicals which can cause cancer. Does anyone know if this is common for this herb supplement to contain Lead? Any products which don't contain possible chemicals and Lead and how do we know for sure they don't? Very scary as l was enjoying the calming effects it has on my anxiety.
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    Low calorie diet and metabolism

    Thanks so much for the info.
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    Low calorie diet and metabolism

    Usually l make a batch of Broccoli soup with Gelatin powder and vegetable stock and find that very filling. Also, l make smoothies with protein powder, but never had guar gum, and l usually take plyslliium husk in the from of capsules when l haven't gone to toilet for a few days. I tend not to eat much fat as they are high in calories. Are you suggesting to eat a little fats each day? Whats the best natural sweetener? I find stevia very unappealing. What pea protein powder do you suggest? FMD-do you mean fasting mimicking diet? If so, l have done this in the past every few months, but haven't done it for a while. Does Metformin cause nausea in some people? Lastly, what is the best way to get good gut bacteria. I force myself to eat yogurt a few times per week, and pickle vegetables. Many thanks for the helpful ideas and insights.
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    Low calorie diet and metabolism

    My eating window is from 2-7pm each day, so that is some kind of fasting. But will look into Jason Fung, am interested to read about what he has to say. Being nearly 50 and in menapause makes it very difficult to say in the healthy weight range without constantly feeling hungry. When l eat 1000 calories per day l lose about 1/2 kilo per week but always regain the weight back when l eat more. Sick of YO YO dieting. I understand CR is very beneficial for longevity, but l also want to be able to eat enough not to always be hungry. So l am thinking of eat more like 1300 calories per day and give myself a chance for a slower weight loss that l can maintain for life. Being only short 153cm l guess even this calorie level would be high.
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    HI Your thoughts guys. Good or bad? https://greatlakesgelatin.com/products/hydrolysate-single-can
  12. Just a quick question. Does eating 800-1000 calories per day and losing weight, decrease your metabolism over time? If it does, then keeping weight down would be a never ending battle hard to win. Cheers Snez
  13. Do you know if thats the same for Natural Killer cells or your overall white blood cells? My concern was more because it was my NKC that were slightly low. Thankfully back to normal. The blood test paper stated it was because of a viral infection l had. Thankfully they have since returned in the normal range.
  14. Just reading back on your lower WBC, l guess l was talking more about the Natural Killer Cells. Are these also lower in Caloric restrictors? My normal routine white blood test was and has always been normal, it wasn't until it was broken down and tested separately that it showed low Natural Killer Cells. Thankfully they have returned normal, and it was stated on my Blood test paper it was as a result of some kind of virus.
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    Is ashwagandha anti-aging?

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK548536/ http://www.mensahmedical.com/ashwagandha-dangers/