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  1. James, thanks a lot! I had not looked on the forum anymore, but this is great info. Certainly with regard to the spices and the Escali Arti food scale.
  2. Thanks Brian, helpful advice. I will see if I can subscribe with Consumerlabs - sounds like a great idea. And thanks for the product recommendations!
  3. Will certainly do so ! Thanks for the news about the free shipping option iHerb currently offers - their prices for shipping to Europe seemed to have risen over the past few years, so that's great news.
  4. Great, thanks Dean. You're right of course, but I thought I might be able to get some products via Amazon or whenever I'm in the US (since I travel there quite regularly and taking some cinnamon with me should be less of an issue than taking 12 bottles of olive oil with me ;) ). Moreover: sometimes brands are sold in Europe too. And I figured the post could be of interest to US members too - and that perhaps some European members might chime in in addition. Either way, helpful info, thank you very much for sharing!
  5. Personally I would love to see a topic with a discussion about sources/retailers/brands to buy items from that may potentially be a valuable addition to a CRON-diet. (Although the latter could be topic of discussion too, obviously). Phenolic content, catechin content, ORAC-values are things I ideally would like to have some insight in when picking a product (or brand/retailer). And for some products, such as green tea and cocoa beans, also potential heavy metal contamination. As well as the 'type of' green tea or cocoa product (beans vs nibs, etc) that would be recommended. With that in mind, I would love to learn where most members buy their: * green tea * cocoa beans * (and if so ) Peruvian olives * curcumin powder Personally I'm also looking into: * Ceylon cinnamon sticks * hibiscus tea * perhaps white tea * lucuma powder since these are items I enjoy very much and that make my diet more interesting and easier to stick to. (Although they might be a less valuable addition to any CRON-diet - and lucuma powder probably even moreso given its GI-ranking amonst others.) On the other hand, if it is not recommended to add some of these items to a CRON-diet (to eat daily in small/moderate amounts) I'd be very interested to hear too of course. Thank you for any input!
  6. Fantastic and very helpful post Michael Rae, thank you. Of course I've followed your EVOO-posts in the past, so I'm happy to read some conclusions of your extensive research on the topic.
  7. Thanks Brian, you're absolutely right. And flights to the US are rather inexpensive currently (although we have high airport taxes where I live, so I'd have to travel to another European country first - Stockholm often has very good flight deals to the US.) On another note: you might want to try Momondo.com and Skyscanner.com. I used Kayak in the past, but these websites usually give me better flight deals. And if you're rather flexible try Holidaypirates.uk (and Holidaypirates.com and .es, etc). They have amazing deals; often they have lots of 'error fares' too; at moments also to several US cities. It might be best to subscribe to their alerts, since these error fares are usually gone within hours (sometimes they have return flights for $200-$300 to the US from several European cities). It's just that each time I'm travelling overseas (which is in fact quite regularly and still I never took things with me from the US )I don't like to take big suitcases with me and heavy suitcases on the way back home. Not to mention I want to avoid issues at customs as they are quite strict over here (and the amount I'd pay for taxes might raise the prices to European price levels). But you're right, and I'm going to make better use of my next trip to the US.
  8. Ah - I didn't realize you are overseas too! That explains it. The Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual sounds like a very good choice. At least one of their EVOO's is available via Amazon Prime, for anyone interested in purchase it in the US. Not sure how price compares though - pretty darn expensive, but you get what you pay for. Also, if you buy direct (rather than via Amazon) I'm sure you're more likely to get the freshest oil. I think I'll stick with nuts for now... --Dean Thanks Dean. Yes, I buy directly from them to ensure I get this years oil (I think they mostly communicate in Spanish though; not sure if they speak English).
  9. Except for the bottle you are currently using (probably best kept in the fridge), evidence shared by Michael and Zeta in this thread and elsewhere suggests keeping your EVOO in the freezer is the best option for long-term storage. I think people would be curious what the "retailer abroad" you are purchasing from, and why you've chosen them relative to a reputable US retailer, like the Amphora EVOO from Veronica Foods? They are very popular with CR folks around here. Personally I prefer to get my fats from nuts and seeds, but high quality EVOO has a lot to be said for it as well! --Dean Thanks Dean! In the freezer it will be then. I would have loved to buy the Amphora EVOO from Veronica Foods - in fact I contacted them, but they said they didn't ship to/sell their product in Europe. I like to add some nuts too (and I do occasionally, but unfortunately it is one of those items I tend to be unable to stop eating when I have them in my house).I'm ordering Oro Bailén - Reserva Familiar Picual. Hope that was a good choice.
  10. I've decided to get my extra virgin olive oil from a retailer abroad, and will have to buy 6-12 bottles at once. I was wondering what would be the best way to store the olive oil - with regard to oxidation and retaining phenolic content amongst others. Obviously the initial pressing/storage (oxygen, moisture, fatty acid profile etc) is of great importance with regard to the quality of the evoo, but in addition I'm wondering how to store the oil myself until I will use it (at which temperature, amongst others). It comes in dark colored glass bottles. The olives were harvested Oct. 2015. However, this upcoming year I intend to order the evoo instantly in October and store it myself, as such. Thanks for any input!
  11. I hadn't had time yet to read Michael Rae's post with the attention it deserved. However, thank you tremendously for sharing all the information. That is a fantastic article, very helpful - and it answered many questions I had.
  12. AEN

    CRON and supplements

    Thank you for the insightful reply, Michael Rae. I appreciate it that you took the time to write such a thorough response: that is certainly very helpful. And, yes, I am still using the advice given in aforementioned presentation ;-). Good point of course with regard to mega-dosing vs dosing at low levels. I will look into your current regimen and rationale - thank you and also for the advice and studies concerning carnitine. "Several years ago, I wrote a very lengthy article on supplementation for a vegan diet website that I had thought was up and available to his readership; it turns out that some issues I thought we had agreed on kept him from posting it, and so it's sat stillborn from my keyboard for over five years! I will post that shortly here on the Forums; I hope you find it useful! Sounds great: I'm certainly looking forward to reading that! Anne
  13. AEN

    CRON and supplements

    Good day, I have been practicing CRON the past few years, mostly reading the mailing list. I might not have been as strict/consequent with my diet as some of the other members practicing CRON though. However, I've always wondered a bit whether as a vegan CRON-practitioner I should supplement some essential amino acids such as taurine, carnosine, carnitine, creatine. In general I followed some of the rules of thumb voiced several years ago in a presentation at a CR-conference (the presentation was called "The Art and Science of Supplementation", presented by Michael Rae). Amongst them: supplements can in fact hurt and try to get optimal nutrition from food rather than supplements, and supplement those items of which your intake is not optimal. And when possible guided by lab results. Which I tried (using the Cron-O-Meter to track my food intake). In addition, however, imho the past few years more and more research results seemed to contradict some of the expected benefits of a variety of supplements (indeed, supplements can hurt, it turned out at moments). Or it was suggested that a particular supplement might interfere with some of the potential benefits of CR. I remember a discussion in which there seemed to be some consensus that from a health/longevity perspective eating quite a bit of protein would likely be recommended (I believe this concerned the Albatros discussion) which I did eating protein powder, and later the overall opinion appeared to be that it would likely be more optimal to try to lower IGF-1 intake (as a study of L. Fontana indicated too, if I remember it correctly) - which, then, I tried to do too ;-). In other words: all in all I became more careful/cautious, and I am not sure anymore what to supplement and what not being a vegan, and not wanting to compromise potential CR benefits in any (unanticipated) way taking some specific supplements. After all the presentation I was referring to, is a decade old by now and a lot of new information might be available by now. Would it be recommended to supplement taurine, carnosine, creatine, carnitine, (and what else) being a vegan CRON-practitioner, or not? Many thanks for any reply.