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    34 years is late to start CR?

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    34 years is late to start CR?

    Hola, Rodrigo ! I'm 34 yrs old, too 🤗 I have not kept up on the CR Society for a few years because I am an eating disorders survivor as of my late teens/twenties. Sad but true. I am very excited about CR and the Longevity Diet and Harvard University's studies on The Okinawa Diet from the southern Japanese natives/indigenous cultures. mccoy-- I'm glad to hear about your moderate CR. I've been in contact with Brian Delaney and he's basically encouraged me to be very careful, because anyone in recovery from eating disorders has a Risk of relapse into anorexia, as anorexics can get addicted to dieting in a self-harming manner. I am grateful to follow up that using a combination of CR with basic maintenance menus (1900-2100 or 2200-2500 calories), and learning larger menu planning for holidays (2600-3200 calories) without "stuffing" the digestive tract has worked wonders. My metabolism was sluggish and sickly from years of Bulimic overeating, for example. Now, my metabolism has increased from mindful care and maintenance. I would encourage you to use mindful eating to "monitor" and keep things thoughtful and feel-good. My therapists are hoping I work on increasing my metabolism so I won't have to "restrict," technically, but honestly, I am open to whatever is most ethical, and I do feel very Japanese-indigenous and love to move and do yoga and dance on an emptier stomach, which intuitively suggests to me after 4 years ED-behaviors-free, that mindful uses of CR here connect me to the vital, sacred Longevity that could cure my anorexia/bulimia of my youth...
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    New Member Seeks Advice

    When facing temptation I would recommend Overeaters Anonymous (www.oa.org). The name is a bit of a misnomer -- though it's mainly overeaters who go, the community is for all with eating disorders or disordered eating. Anorexics and chronic dieters included. It's a great program and you can drop in at any point.