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  1. Zeta


    Mechanism, First, welcome. Second, thank you for being a model contributor: posting well-researched, and articulated questions. Third, I'm going to be less of an exemplar of the good contributor by answering the last part of your question precisely, and thus, because of the answer itself, not too usefully. I recently had surgery (three operations, no less). Behavior, you ask? Eat much more protein (120 g / day on average, 15% or so from salmon, the rest mostly from nuts and pea protein powder), as well as 4-5 g glutamine spread out throughout the day. Research, you ask? Not enough, probably (except for the glutamine, which I looked into and for which I found a bit of (weak) support behind it -- but also that it can maybe help with some gut problems I have). But a number of very smart doctors emphasized the need for extra protein when "remodelling" is taking place. (Some not so smart doctors also said "yeah, you know, surgery? Eat more 'n stuff. You know". I ignored that folksy thinking.) Don't know if their thinking is based on smart research, don't know whether any research it might be based on is related to IGF1. Was too stoned on oxycodone to care about the details, but later reflection made it seem like wise advice. And don't know whether any of this would bear on the question of protein needs when ill with an infection of some kind, but I suspect it might, a bit (especially if "remodeling" is understood broadly -- mucous membrane turnover is increased, for ex., when ill with many normal colds and 'flus). Zeta
  2. Zeta

    Cryonics Anyone?

    Sthira and Dean, Thanks for your interesting thoughts. For me the question is partly whether, if one's productivity has gotten so low because of the seeming unending need to visit doctors and surf PubMed, it would make sense to pack it in for a while. It's less about being unhappy, though that's part of it. But you raise an interesting point about timing, Dean: if significantly better preservation techniques are likely only a few years away, then perhaps muddling through the wait period would be acceptable. I'l also like to see more work done on a sort-of low temperature but not supercold preservation option, as noted earlier. We already know that that large animals (pigs and a dog, under experimental conditions; and a couple humans, by accident) can have their metabolism essentially stopped -- though not quite -- with very low temperatures, but without being actually frozen, and then revived after many hours with no apparent harm (a small percentage of the pigs were harmed, actually -- but the technique could be perfected). If the period of this "pretty darn cold" preservation could be extended to a few months, and made safer (a goal that I'd say is easier than perfecting real cryonics), then one could take long few-month sleeps, wake up and celebrate with family and friends for a few days between sleeps, and wait for something better: cures for ailments, or perfected cryonics. Dean, that must have been difficult not to broach the subject of cryonics with Kyle, though it also manifests realism, and respect. Zeta
  3. Zeta

    Cryonics Anyone?

    If someone were so fed up with his health problems - or even simply with having gotten a old - and was otherwise psychologically well, and believed (rightly or wrongly is irrelevant here) the probability of being revived in the future given an absolutely optimal cryonic preservation today (which would require breaking the law or doing it in a country that permits legal suicide) was, say, 20%, would it be reasonable to consider that person 80% (pathologically) suicidal? "Just" (sort of) wondering. Zeta P.S. Dean, nice blog post, thanks! (Imperfect analogy, but that's unimportant).
  4. Seemed, but turned out to be problematic. Heading back to hospital for possible fourth (yes, fourth) surgery now. Again, solve aging (and related) problems? Soon, I hope.... Edit. Update, 2016-02-28, 07:00 ET: Didn't need the fourth surgery. At home, on high dose of oxycodone. Might be gone for a while. Have bookmarked all the threads I need to return to. Zeta
  5. Thyroid: checked, and is fine!! Hernia surgery: had it yesterday. Am recovering. Seems to have gone well. Gut mass: ultrasound tomorrow (unless I cancel because it hurts too much to walk, or I forget to go to the apppointment because I'm too stoned on morphine). Sleep: morphine is very effective. All of this by way of noting: sure, modern medicine works pretty well, but the amount of time I spend dealing with these breakdowns is getting to be too much. upload me (or fix me) soon, please! Getting sick of this vehicle for my soul. FAQ: Q: Wait, you've been on CR for over 20 years!! Does this mean CR doesn't work? A: No. (1) Given the state of my health when I started CR, I suspect CR may well have saved my life. But it has limits, limits that are particularly noticeable in someone starting behind the eightball. (I followed every lifestyle factor associated with bad health until the age of 29 aside from being sedentary.) (2) More importantly: the claim "CR works" is never meant in the sense of: "CR turns someone into an invincible immortal." Zeta
  6. Zeta

    lupin beans

    Wow, I hadn't heard of lupin beans either! They look excellent: low in many anti-nutrients, for example, though people with peanut allergies might want to be cautious. Zeta
  7. OK, this isn't too serious, but: Boil-steam* yer sweet potatoes. Save boil water, which will likely contain small bits of sweet potato. Using same pot, with saved boil water, cook up yer red cabbage. You'll probably have to add more water. Remove cabbage, pour remaining boil water into a glass, let cool, and drink! * By "boil-steam" I mean: fill a pot with a 1-2 cms of water (more, depending on amount of sweet potatoes you're cooking, and how soft you like them), put in sweet potatoes, cover, and let cook, stirring occasionally. Most of the sweet potatoes will be above the water, and will be steaming, some will be below, and will be boiling.
  8. Zeta

    Extreme blood values

    Dean, the doc had to resched. the appt. to March 14. Arg.... Again, I'll let you know what I learn.
  9. Zeta

    Fruits & Vegetables Boost Immunity

    Thanks, Dean! Shtira, answer: soon, I hope! Being checked for thyroid lump tomorrow, mysterious gut mass next week, have to have hernia surgery very soon, still have unsolved pancytopenia, still can't sleep.... All of this at least partly aging related. Enough is enough! Zera.
  10. Zeta


    Saul, you mean this http://morelife.org/? I don't see any relevant information there. Maybe you mean a different site? Zeta
  11. The heating system in my building (apt. complex) is such that there's no way to lower the temperature in my bedroom below around 16-17° or so. And once summer comes, the head cooler will of course be far more efficient.
  12. "Bait-and-switch", "acclimatization"? This is clearly our day for puns! Back to the cool thread: I may not feel comfortable enough if my body is much colder/exposed. If I'm not, I might try to fashion a head-cooling cap of some kind, sort of like the cooling vest, but for my head. I see from a quick Google search that such things exist and can actually be purchased. (What can't, these days!) Zeta
  13. Zeta

    Fatty Fish, PCBs, & Heart Attacks

    The various things I see on the label and website are good enough for me.
  14. Zeta

    Fatty Fish, PCBs, & Heart Attacks

    The only fish I eat is wild-caught salmon from the Pacific Northwest (of North America). Sardines from that area would be OK too, but the canned ones available are usually sold in aluminum containers (with a lining, but still). Zeta
  15. Wow, very cool thread. The sleep angle is of particular interest to me. I'd already lowered my bedroom from 23° to 20°, without noticing an effect on sleep, but after reading the above, I think I'll push it down further, and see what happens. Even if I don't sleep better, it sounds like I might end up improving my health. Dean, judging by the footwear it looks like your daughter is doing ballet in the snow! Zeta P.S. Only now noticed my unintentional pun.