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    Blood Work

    Hi, I had one question about starting CR. I was curious as to how everyone asked their doctor to do the bloodwork on them. I was thinking about going to an online lab and just ordering the tests myself to avoid having to ask my physician about it. The Tier 2 stuff is actually rather cheap but the Tier 3 is where I find myself wondering if I should print out the list and take advantage of the (so far) free lab tests that my insurance allows. A little information on me: I've played with the idea of doing CR for several years. I'm approaching 30 so, as a birthday present to myself, I started a predominately raw food diet to lose weight. After a few weeks on it I started logging my calories and I'm usually between 800-1200. I figured I might as well aim for Optimal Nutrition and consulted a few websites then talked to a nutritionist. I had blood work drawn back in November for lethargy (Mono, I had mono... at 29) so, based on those values, and my BMR, she cleared me for a diet on the condition that I eat over 1000 calories up to 1300. Is there a good website for blood work? What's the best way to bring this up with my PCP? I wasn't really fond of the nutritionist so I'd rather not establish a relationship with her.