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  1. michael55m

    How to grind flaxseeds at home ?

    Two studies in English have shown some correlation between dementia and tofu consumption in Javanese and Japanese American populations.( Have they adjusted for VB12 intake?) I also found an article in Chinese saying whole soy is fine while tofu needs careful examination, because there are at least 3 different kinds of coagulants used for making tofu.
  2. michael55m

    How to grind flaxseeds at home ?

    Thank you for the reply. I am told that raw flaxseeds contain toxic cyanogenic glycosides, but some argue that's exactly the reason why flaxseeds exhibit certain anti-cancer effects. In addition, heated flaxseed oil may also produce dangerous aldehydes. So now I prefer to grind raw flaxseeds myself, and consume 1~ 2 tbsp daily. To get more omega 3, I am going to consume some raw perilla seeds.( high linolenic acid ratio, extremely low methionine, cholesterol lowering and anti-cancer )
  3. michael55m

    How to grind flaxseeds at home ?

    Thank you all for your reply. I'm going to get a hand crank coffee grinder. Another question: Just to grind raw flaxseeds or to heat/microwave/bake flaxseeds beforehand ?
  4. Is it necessary to grind flaxseeds at home (to minimize oxidation) or just buy ground flaxseeds on the market? Would a pepper grinder suffice ?
  5. michael55m

    Any Downside for One Big Meal per Day?

    After some research, I decide to use ground flax seed instead of the oil.
  6. michael55m

    Any Downside for One Big Meal per Day?

    Thank you maccoy for your reply. I actually overcome the hunger problem by eating Lots of fiber and drink lots of water. Strange, I am more energized these days. Maybe my body shifts to partial ketogenic state every afternoon, so I keep lossing weight these days. I plan to cut down on starchy food and increase flaxseed oil intake.
  7. michael55m

    Any Downside for One Big Meal per Day?

    Up to now, the single breakfast works fine and I start to loss weight. I didn't use chronometer before because lots of food I eat are native to China and the calories might not be accurately measured from those apps. And also because I am lazy. :-) I just eat Lots of vegetables, some black soy, different kinds of nuts and beans, raw sweet potato and flaxseed oil, together with a little supplements (Multi-vitamin, VB12, VD3...).
  8. michael55m

    Any Downside for One Big Meal per Day?

    Thank you all for your reply. I've been on this single daily breakfast for 3 days and it goes well for me. I don't even feel much hungry at night. Maybe I ate too much in the past. In addition to weight control, I find this single breakfast can free me much time to do useful things during the day.
  9. Hi, I've been on two vegan meals per day for years but still become fatter and fatter. So what's the downside if I just have one big vegan breakfast per day?
  10. michael55m

    Insensitive to hunger and satiety

    Hi, I'm a new comer to CR society. I am usually on a low-carb vegan diet + olive oil and flax seed oil + supplements. 2 weeks ago I started to skip dinner. At first I felt weak in the evening. But now I am quite accustomed to it and my BMI levels at about 18.8. However, I feel no hunger in the evening, nor satiety when having breakfast and lunch. I enjoy breakfast and lunch, so anorexia shouldn't be the cause. Also I don't think I have cognitive issues. So is insensitive to hunger and satiety normal during CR?