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  1. bdambrosio

    Kava Kava and Valerian

    Those reports on Kava are very old, and apparently arise from early kava extracts that were not pure root. Use only the highest quality kava powdered root or extracts, no liver issues there (keep searching on authoritative sites like fda or nih or ...) Having said that, while I really enjoyed kava for a while, I stopped using it a couple of years back. It's just another feel-good drug. There are many, your body learns to tolerate them all in time and return to your underlying psychological equilibrium, plus side effects. Valerian? Hmm, haven't looked recently but my impression is recent results support flashing yellow warning signs at least. Melatonin? I love it, use it occasionaly. HOWEVER, do your research. most people MASSIVELY overdose. I use 75 mcg for a solid few hours of uninterrupted sleep, esp on an overseas flight. (If you look really hard you can eventually find 300 mcg chewables, I divide them by 4). Again, though, why bother? Learn some basic relaxation techniques. More effective most of the time with no downside... caveat - remember, free advice is probably worth less than you paid for it, especially if it came from me...
  2. bdambrosio

    CR-induced elevated cortisol and sleep

    have you tried melatonin? I find 75 mcg (yes, that's an incredibly low dose hard to find, most people massively overdose on the over-the-counter stuff) knocks me out for about 4 hours. I generally take it when I wake at about 3-4am. I've also had success with various mental "relaxation" practices, but they can be difficult, not for everyone