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  1. CR Society International President was recently interviewed for the SAGE Science of Aging blog of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The Buck Institute is one of the most prominent and productive private research laboratories working on discovery and intervention in the degenerative aging process, exploring the roles and potential of diet, genetic manipulations, stem cells, and other factors in aging and anti-aging.
  2. The CR Society International is pleased to announce that we have appointed Michael Rae as CR Society International's new Vice President for Research. Most of you will know Michael as a long-term CR practitioner and contributor to the List and Forum. Michael was also a member of the Society's Board for several years. Michael is heavily steeped in the science of CR, as well as the broader field of aging research. As most of you know, he is also Science Writer at SENS Research Foundation, a biomedical charity developing a new class of therapies to remove and repair the cellular and molecular damage of aging. To further the Society's mission of supporting the science and practice of human CR, Michael will be coordinating with researchers to help promote, initiate, and advance this new science. We are all aware of just how little is known about CR in humans, and how much less the general public knows. More research is needed to guide our own practice, to raise the public profile of CR, and, ultimately, to help inform the development of new anti-aging drugs that could help bring the promise of CR's benefits to everyone, whether they choose actually to practice CR or not -- and, finally, to determine, to the extent possible, whether or not CR itself works in humans to the degree seen in other species. Sincerely, The CR Society International Board of Directors, October 2014