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  1. Max

    Ketotic CR Diet - anyone doing this?

    I'm on a ketogenic diet for 2 months now with the main purpose of weight reduction. It's was remarkably that after 4 weeks weight loss stalled with fasting every 2nd day (600-800 kcal daily uptake) fpr more than 2 weeks. It starteted again after I cancelled those CR days. So I don't restrict calories anymore but track my food and it's interesting to learn that there's an unintended small daily caloric deficit of 130 kcal and still a good weight loss...even without endurance exercise but muscle training once a week (following Doug McGuff "Body by Science"). Ketosis is stable showing 4-8 mmol/L each morning and my first blood testing gave great results - as heterozygous FH carrier (in company of ApoE3/4) I was surprised to learn how much better LDL/HDL are getting even if fats (much of them saturated) make 80% of your daily input und carbs are reduced to 30 g! Next time I'll let them check C-reactive protein... Max
  2. Hi, MichaelR, first of all thanks a lot for digging so much into this...must have taken a lot of time which is hard to find nowadays! I see your point; I just have hard to nibble on this calory-concept. The more I'm working myself into this the more I got convinced, that a calorie is not a calorie. Taking "just" calories to explain those effects of CR is a too simplistic way in my opinion but I fail to provide a better one to access ths phenomenon. I'm on a LCHF-diet now for a while and it's interesting to learn that "overeating" doesn't occour anymore; at least I need carbs to "overeat". I stick somewhere between 80 and 98% of my calculated "daily need". But on the other hand I had to learn that for achieving my weight goal (still a BMI of 28...even though muscular) I need to skip the fasting (just 600-800 kcal every 2nd day); otherwise my weight loss was stalling despite an impressive caloric deficit. I also got the feeling by reading a lot of ressources, that the energy metabolism is a very sensible machanism which gets easily disturbed by enforced restriction and forces the body to cut back...which leaves me wondering if CR is still CR if it fits to the current need of the body. But maybe it's a personal issue; I'm suffering from a heterzygous FH and Hypothyroidism so my case might be hard to compare with others. Thanks again for you work on this!!! Max
  3. Ah, o.k., thanks - this has worked!! Great! Max