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  1. FrederickSebastian

    How late to start CR?

    Hi, I recently had a discussion with member @Matt (Matthew Lake) about CR practice at age 50. I am currently 36 and want to start CR as soon as possible, but have spent the past decade being overweight (220lbs 5'2") but should be down to 120 by mid year next year. I told him I wanted to start CR at age 50 for longevity because I want to spend a decade being muscular (which is hard to maintain on CR) since I've spent a decade being overweight and have missed out on years with a nice physique that I could show off at the beach... My question is: could I possibly be muscular for a few years, say age 36-40 eating 2000 calories per day of so with a little high protein, then start CR at age 40 (rather than age 50 discussed with Matt) and reap the benefits of longevity? I know 40 and 50 are only 10 years apart but Matt tells me 36 is a young enough age to start CR and 50 is a late age. Any thoughts about being RIPPED for a few years then going CRON at age 40? Do you think I'll have any luck, longevity-wise that is? Do you think it will be a lot more helpful at age 40 than 50? I would have asked Matt again online, but he's off and I figured I'd get a post on here to see if I get mixed opinion. Happy dieting and live long and healthy! Thanks in advance for your help, Fred Sebastian.
  2. FrederickSebastian

    Intermittent Fasting

    Hi, I am wondering if someone who's 5'2" like myself could maintain a physique that would turn heads at the beach (lean/muscular, not too thin) while being on a 2,000 calorie diet M,W,F with feeding times at 8:00AM and 8:00PM (1,000 calories per meal) and a 800 calorie diet on T,R OMAD... still have not decided what I will do S,S...but might do either: a fast both days or 2,000 cal OMAD depending on how thin I become once I start CRON. I know I have been on and off CRON several times over the years and my posts might get annoying but I'm trying to do what's right for myself without being too extreme/hopeful... What is your opinion?
  3. FrederickSebastian

    Vanity vs. Longevity

    @Clinton -- Thanks for the advice!! I will look at that workout you sent me a link to later on this week... I only browsed over it since there was so much... I truly appreciate your help... Once I am done dieting to lose all the fat I want to lose, I am going to start trying to gain muscle... Thanks for the help! Happy Dieting!!!
  4. FrederickSebastian

    Vanity vs. Longevity

    OK @Clinton, Thanks. I will keep that in mind -> .5g of protein per lb of body weight... Can you tell me what a good weight for myself would be without being overly bulky or overly skinny?... I feel like I can judge it by looks, but in my profile picture I was ~130lbs and I'm thinking once I drop off all the extra fat on my body that 140ish would be a good weight (I want people to see me and just be like "that guy is jacked" when I take my shirt off at the beach)...
  5. FrederickSebastian

    Vanity vs. Longevity

    @Clinton --> thank you for getting back to me so quickly. My next question for you is: Can a person whose aim is longevity consume a large amount of protein during the day or could I even eat a "regular" amount of protein while trying to gain muscle? The book "The CR Way" advises not to eat a lot of protein (I think it's mostly because of the kidneys) but I'm not sure, so I'm hesitant to add a lot of protein to my day though I love everything about protein. I love the way I feel during a day when I've had a few whey protein shakes and/or a few protein bars. I think so much clearer and feel so much healthier. Right up until I got my eight pack abs back in 2008, I was drinking several cups of whey protein and eating several protein bars every day and felt wonderful... I want to eat right for longevity and also muscle growth -> and then maintenance once I get where I wanna be. I see so many people on facebook's bodybuilding group say they want bigger and bigger and bigger muscles... I will reach a point where enough is enough and I'll just want to maintain... I'd appreciate your help! Thanks, @Clinton
  6. FrederickSebastian

    Vanity vs. Longevity

    So -- to put my story short: I have been overweight for just over a decade and came from a place where I was 5'2" weighed 130lbs and had 4% body fat and eight-pack abs. I am now 220 (roughly) and want to lose weight so I am altering my diet for less calories. My question is: Can I maintain a rather muscular-frame while on CR later on this year when I am under 140lbs? My preference would be to be about 140lbs and JACKED rather than 120 lbs or less and thin which most serious CR-dieters find themself being. Is it possible to follow a CR-diet and be muscular or can one only be thin? I was also thinking about going on a bodybuilder's diet (more calories) for about a decade then in 2030 going CRON for life... Will I still reap the longevity benefits if I choose to wait until later to start the CRON diet or would it be wise to start right away? I want to live long but I also want to have a nice body! What would you do if you were me?
  7. FrederickSebastian

    Kava Kava and Longevity

    Hi all, I have recently got myself down to drinking less than 10 caffeinated beverages all before 2:00PM, which doesn't sound like much, but for me it's a feat. My question is this:: I drink several cups of coffee, espresso and green tea early on in the day but later on (say 6:00PM-8:00PM) I have got in the habit of drinking "sleepytime" tea mixed with "Kava Kava" herbal tea and lots of it! This makes me feel incredibly relaxed and allows my crazed mind to settle down for the day and the more kava kava I have, it seems, the better and deeper and higher-quality of my sleep... I was, for a time, prescribed trazodone, which is a sleeping pill that doubles as an antidepressant and, for the longest time, I was taking it first thing in the morning to calm myself down... It did wonders for my depression... I am wondering, if I still have depression in say, a year or two, I could take a very potent (the post potent I've tried!) downer such as the trazodone every day without sacrificing my longevity... Are downers, such as trazodone or kava a good thing or a bad thing? I have heard caffeine is good for your blood sugar but I really wanna kick the habit by the end of the year... What do we think?
  8. FrederickSebastian

    Longevity and starting CR middle-aged

    Hi All, I have been on the forums for a few years now and posted on several things I wanted more information on, but still have a few questions lingering in my mind. First -- I'm almost middle-aged (I turned 35 in November) and am wondering if CRON dieting will increase my likelihood of living a relatively long life starting it at such a late point in my life? Also -- Do you guys (and gals) really think that following a CRON diet from any age will extend lifespan to 100, 110 and beyond or is most of it just luck? Is it worth the effort and do you enjoy the sacrifices you are making? The longest I've ever been on a CRON diet was about 2 weeks back in 2019 when I ate only 1,200 calories per day and I felt great, but I do have to say that going vegetarian I missed my bacon and eating low calories I missed eating Domino's pizza (though I think I could have snuck it in on a "cheat" day -- not sure just how much cheating you can gat away with :-/) Any and all help would be appreciated... Thanks!
  9. FrederickSebastian

    Intermittent Fasting and green tea...

    @Ron Put... I don't understand all the terms in the paper you sent me a link to... I am guessing "inducing autophagy, which is the main reason for intermittent fasting" means that drinking coffee will aide in what intermittent fasting seeks to accomplish? The graphs show that the more caffeine in the coffee (from what I see) the more of an effect it had on the mice... Am I right? I'm so confused... I don't understand all the terms in the paper... 😕
  10. FrederickSebastian

    Trying to find ways to eat more turmeric

    Thomas-- I'm not sure if I already tried this or if it's just an idea I've had for the longest time, but there is a brand of vegetable/fruit smoothie called "Naked" that sells a variety of mixes you can drink. I've always wanted to (and think I may have actually carried through and done it once or twice) add a teaspoon of ground turmeric to the smoothie. The "Green Machine" smoothie has a LOT of sugars in it (which is why I've stopped drinking it) but something tells me that if you were to make a fruit/vegetable smoothie from scratch and keep track of it on the cronometer, you could have a fruit and vegetable smoothie a few times a week where you can barely taste the turmeric (if you are trying to mask the flavor). For some reason, I think that I was having Naked's "Green Machine" fruit and vegetable smoothie with a teaspoon of Morton & Bassett Turmeric and a teaspoon of Marukyu-Koyamen's "Chigi No Shiro" matcha... Also -- my mother was drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar with a spoonful of turmeric every day for quite a while in the past. I don't know if it was hard to get down, but it's something she swears by for her inflammation (she has arthritis all over)... Let me know how you make out and what works for you... I'm not on a CR diet yet... I've been on and off throughout the years, but once I get to a weight I'm comfortable with and a diet that works low-cal I'll probably throw in some turmeric in the mornings somehow since I heard it's good for inflammation and inflammation is a HUGE problem in older people... I took an aging class in college when I first became interested in longevity and arthritis and inflammation were a BIG deal, from what I remember... Best of luck in your dieting and finding a way to ingest the turmeric! :)
  11. FrederickSebastian

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    Okay @Gordo and @mccoy... Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep them in mind! :)
  12. FrederickSebastian

    Intermittent Fasting and green tea...

    Right now, I am doing an 8:00AM and 8:00PM meal for 12 hours intermittent fasting which is recommended in the book "The CR Way"... My question is: does having a pot of loose leaf green tea (which is zero calories) or a few cups of matcha tea (which is very low calories (under 10)) count as spiking my glucose or will I be safe? Will drinking this break my intermittent fast?
  13. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    OK @mccoy... Thanks for the advice... I'll keep it in mind...
  14. FrederickSebastian

    Red Cabbage with Balsamic Vinaigrette

    cool cool... Yeah so can you make a vegetable soup with the left over water @mccoy... That would probably be my preference to drinking it...
  15. FrederickSebastian

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    Lol. No. I have been trying to start a CR diet many times over the years and failed so I decided to start again the beginning of this year, starting at 2000 calories because that is the recommended daily intake on nutrition labels. This is my start. I tried really hard and failed (mostly because getting in 2000 calories per day felt like TOO MUCH, believe it or not)... Right, now I am mainly fasting and eating very little during the day (whatever I crave) and am definitely less that 800 calories per day. I know this isn't the best way to go about it but I really want this weight off FAST. It makes me so depressed and my mental health matters to me too... Hopefully I'll be down to 123lbs by spring... Fred