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  1. FrederickSebastian

    Weaning onto CR and Weight Loss

    Hey Everyone, My name is Fred Sebastian and I have been a member of this site for a year or two now and plan on going on a CRON-diet for health and longevity sometime in the not to distant future. My problem: I am currently 5'2" and 220lbs (obviously overweight) and want to lose weight but have read that going onto a CRON-diet suddenly will cause you to live less long! I really want to lose weight, but I also really want to go on a CRON-diet the proper way, and the only way I know of losing weight is to exercise and cut calories! What should I do? I have thought about starting by eating 2000 calories per day then cutting it by 20-50 calories per week until I reach a reasonable diet and am losing weight consistently. Is it really worth it to gradually cut calories in order to benefit fully from CR diet or should I just start eating significantly less immediately until I'm down to a reasonable weight, then practice CR (which I'll already be on) from there on out? I really want to lose weight as fast as humanly possible but also want to get the possible longevity benefit of CRON-dieting! Any suggestions? Fred
  2. FrederickSebastian

    Hey friends !Im newbie.

  3. FrederickSebastian

    Romaine Lettuce vs. Cabbage Slaw

    McCoy -- Thank you for the Fuhrman ANDI score image... I'll look to this in the future...
  4. FrederickSebastian

    Romaine Lettuce vs. Cabbage Slaw

    OK Thomas. I'll check that out later today!
  5. FrederickSebastian

    Romaine Lettuce vs. Cabbage Slaw

    Thomas -- yes I like all green leafy vegetables... mesculin and spinach included... Wow I did not know that red and purple cabbage has more nutrients... nice to know... Cabbage slaw does not have mayo in it -- it is basically like closeslaw without the dressing -- or just sliced cabbage... You say it is a terrific cruciferous vegetable -- does this mean it is nutrient rich? should I be eating this AS WELL AS or IN PLACE OF green leafy vegetables? I would appreciate any help... Fred
  6. FrederickSebastian

    Romaine Lettuce vs. Cabbage Slaw

    Hi, Last time I was in the store, looking for a base for my salad (which is most of my diet) I used cabbage slaw because: 1. Iceberg Lettuce is not nutrient-rich and 2. I like the consistency -- I want something fine. I do NOT like typical square-shaped cut green leafy vegetables because of the shape -> I like to cut my romaine lettuce into diagonally sliced spaghetti-strands that are easier to eat and roll on a fork. My question is: is cabbage slaw as nutrient-rich as most green leafy vegetables or is it lacking like iceberg lettuce? I do not want to continue pouring empty calories into my body if cabbage slaw isn't the way to go... Also -- is it important to get a VARIETY of green leafy vegetables or can I stick to mainly romaine and cabbage slaw, mixing things up now and then with field greens? Is there variety enough in most supermarkets' salad section to get a variety of green leafy vegetables or should I turn to online grocers/grow my own lettuces etc? Thanks, Fred
  7. FrederickSebastian

    Any good salad dressing recipes?

    OK! I'll keep that in mind!
  8. FrederickSebastian

    Fasting for weight loss

    OK... I'll wean myself onto 1600 for a while with high protein and high fiber... Will protein powder shakes help? Because I have a LOT of protein powder when I was on one of my health-crazes... What are your thoughts on seitan? Seitan is one of my favorite sources of protein :).
  9. FrederickSebastian

    Any good salad dressing recipes?

    I know. I'm just too lazy to cut up romaine into noodle-shaped strands that twirl better on a fork than the pre-chopped square-shaped romaine. My goal is to be in the habit of cutting up romaine into straw-like strands by 2020, but for now a half a year of iceberg instead isn't gonna kill me. This is a long term thing... I absolutely HATE to fiddle around and stab at my salad when (if it's cut properly) I can just twirl it on a fork like a noodle. One exception I make is baby spinach because I absolutely LOVE baby spinach with ranch dressing, sesame oil and hard-boiled eggs (maybe even a little bacon bits - which are VEGAN btw)... This is a recipe I made up myself... I'll look into putting sesame seeds in my dressings as sesame oil is my FAVORITE source of fat... Thanks for the help!
  10. FrederickSebastian

    Any good salad dressing recipes?

    Todd -- are these dressings you make very low in calories? I am now making salad with cabbage slaw and (trying to make it with) lots of shredded iceberg lettuce to add substance. I like the shredded iceberg cause you can add TONS with barely any calories -- the problem is dressing it! I can see a 400 calorie meal easily turning into a 1000 calorie meal. What do you think? Any sample recipes? Please keep in mind that I am trying to go vegetarian but will allow anchovies in caesar dressing and since i'm lacto-ovo dairy and eggs are fine...
  11. FrederickSebastian

    Fasting for weight loss

    Yes! That is the fast I was talking about. I wanted to do a 123-day fast with green tea only but it is extraodinaraly difficult and BORING... I am trying to consume between 800-1200 calories per day CR-dieting and its working well, but the weight isn't coming off as quickly as I had hoped and it's hard not to eat to many mixed nuts (for some reason I crave mixed nuts when I fast/diet) I am hoping to be down to 123lbs by the end of the year (I'm currently at 210)... Can you lose more than 2lbs per week without exercise? Just wondering... Fred
  12. FrederickSebastian

    Am I doing it right?

    OK guys... I'll look into the cron-o-meter and wow one kilo of any vegetable is a lot! Thanks for your help, Fred.
  13. FrederickSebastian

    Any good salad dressing recipes?

    Thomas G. Amazing. Lots of options -- just like I was looking for... thank you!
  14. FrederickSebastian

    Fasting for weight loss

    Hi! What's everyone's experience and opinions on fasting for weight loss in combination with CR-dieting. I am trying to lose weight through fasting and CR-dieting with really good results but am unsure if it's healthy... How long would be the longest you'd recommend a fast? I saw a video of a woman online who did three 40-day fasts and read about a guy who did a two year fast under doctors supervision (I think he took vitamin and nutrient pills though)... Let me know! Fred.
  15. FrederickSebastian

    Ideas for breakfast

    Hi, Recently I have tried to start CRON-dieting with great results. One of my big problems, however, is that I started by eating 4 descent-sized salads a day but I HATE the idea of savory in the morning (especially salads) and would only have savory if it were eggs and bacon with toast which is obvious a thing for rare occasions and mainly a thing of the past. I like the idea of having something sweet and have decided to drink Naked-brand green machine with a scoop of one of those green superfood and vitamin powders with like a million things in it with a teaspoon of matcha tea. Is this a good idea or is it too much sugar? I have no idea if I should be drinking the Naked-brand veggie and fruit juice or just use my juicer (which would be less practical and more expensive -- not to mention time-consuming) What do you think? Any suggestions on tasty sweet or non-savory non-salad (unless it's fruit salad) items for breakfast? I'd appreciate any help! Thanks, Fred.