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  1. FrederickSebastian

    cheese and red wine?

    Alrighty... Help much appreciated!
  2. FrederickSebastian


    OK! Thanks for the help, Mccoy!!
  3. FrederickSebastian

    Red Cabbage with Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Not really much of a recipe, but for the longest time I was making boiled red cabbage with boiled red onions, then draining them and adding a small amount of red balsamic vinagrette dressing to make a small meal. The three foods pair really well, I think, and are one of my favorite meals!
  4. FrederickSebastian

    My personal CR questions...

    OK @drewab Thanks!
  5. FrederickSebastian

    cheese and red wine?

    Hi, For the longest time, I've wanted to become a red wine connisseur and a cheese connoisseur as there are so many different types of cheeses and red wines and I love both so much. My question is: Do cheeses and Red Wine have any place in a CR diet? Could I, perhaps, have a slice of a different type of cheese every afternoon with crackers and a glass of red wine or would calories not permit this? Does anyone else eat cheese or drink red wine? Also -- I absolutely love coffee but am trying to cut back. Does coffee have any place in a CR diet? The CR Way book advises against caffeine but I like coffee a lot and don't know if I could ever go without a cup or two during the day. Does anyone else here drink coffee daily? If so, how much and when? Do you think it would be okay to drink green tea during the day as well? Would this spike my sugar levels? I like to have a pot of loose leaf tencha every day in a teapot and sip it throughout the day. Green tea makes me feel amazing and I've heard so many good things about it. I honestly could see myself having a cappuccino early every morning then a pot of green tea throughout the day... Is this ok? too much caffeine, perhaps? Advice would be much appreciated.
  6. FrederickSebastian


    Hi, My mom recently purchased me a copy of the CR way book and it says that you should have a large breakfast with a medium lunch and no dinner for a long fast. It also says that it's ok to cheat now and then. My question is: would it be cheating TOO MUCH to have a grilled cheese sandwich with Campbell's tomato soup every Friday night before bed. I know eating before bed isn't good, but I figured one day a week isn't gonna kill me. I also read that heating any fat would result in carcinogens. Would this minimal once-a-week grilled cheese really make that much of a difference, or should I avoid it all together? Advice would be much appreciated.
  7. FrederickSebastian

    How to wean into a cr diet

    @Thomas G It's a shame fasting can come so easy to some people and be so difficult for others. I'm glad to hear you're going to give fasting another go as I feel like fasting has worked miracles for me. If all you can handle is 3-5 days then so be it. If you're body's telling you no then why fight it. I've done 20-day fasts but honestly don't see what the big deal is. If someone can only handle 3-5 days at a time, that is just as impressive if that's what they're body is telling them is enough. If you're interested, I'm going to start a video diary on youtube early next year and start the year eating 2000 calories per day then cut the diet by 20 calories a week until I have reached a point that I think is healthy. I hope you'll watch it. I'm going to fast for 12 hours twice a day (eating at 8:00AM and 8:00PM). The CR Way book suggests eating a large breakfast, moderate lunch and no dinner, fasting for a major portion of the day. I feel like ANYONE can do this type of fasting, and once I reach my goal calories per day, I will switch to this method for optimal health. May I ask you: Do you fast for a portion of the day or only fast separately, for days at a time. It is not hard for me to call off food for 10 days all together but fasting every day consistently as an everyday practice is something different entirely that I need to get used to.
  8. FrederickSebastian

    How to wean into a cr diet

    @Thomas G I read your post in another thread and I'm wondering: what went wrong in your fast that caused you to stop. I have fasted so many times and NEVER felt ANY different with the exception of mild hunger when I smelled food and extreme boredom. I only felt sick one time when I fasted, which was, oddly enough, on my most recent fast after I decided to sneak in a green tea that upset my stomach and made me nauseous. I truly appreciate the video you posted and it's nice to learn that you're pro-fasting. Every time I fast I feel so much better. I sometimes secretly wish I could be on a permanent fast for life. It makes me feel amazing! Mental clarity, calm alertness and improved mood are among my favorite feelings I get when fasting. I honestly don't know why fasting works so easily for some people and others have such problems with it. I would have never imagined so many people would have died so quick from fasting as said in the video. I have watched a woman do a 120-day fast and read about a man who fasted for over a year and due to my experience fasting, never feeling sick was very driven to start a fast immediately. This video scares me. Really makes me think twice about fasting and certainly supplementing with electrolytes and a multivitamin while fasting. I don't wanna die and honestly was never worried about it until I watched the video and saw how quickly and unexpectedly people died. I could go JUST LIKE THAT with NO WARNING. While I want to believe that I can listen to my body and figure out if anything crazy will happen, I don't know if that's true. I will certainly be researching as much as I can over the next 6 months until I find out if fasting is a healthy option for me. I have planned a 30-day fast for years now, my longest fast yet, mid-year 2020 from June 20, 2020-July 20, 2020. I REALLY wanna do this and I know it probably seems like such a slap in the face to you after your taking the time to post the video and having a genuine concern for my health, but I still may go ahead and do it. I can promise you, however, that I will be much more educated and ready for a fast of this length by then, if and when, I do decide to do it. You say you're pro-fasting so I just thought I'd share. I would look forward to chatting with you once a month or so, if you'd like, when I post what I have read in my research about fasting and what I have seen in practice by other members of the water fasting group I am a member of on facebook. Your input, more than anyones, would be greatly appreciated. You seem on the cautious side, and it would be a shame if anything serious ever did happen to me just because I want to go through what some people claim "cleanses your system". If you decide to fast again, I wish you best of luck. I have done it so many times I have lost count like it's nothing and never felt different. I hope you can find a way to fast without adverse health effects and feeling sick. Fasting can be magical and I hope you find a way to experience what I have through fasting. And, if, after all fasting is not all that healthy or not all that, I hope for both our sakes, we both stop before it's too late! All the best! Fred
  9. FrederickSebastian

    Less is not always more...

    @Thomas G... I have finally gotten around to watching the first half of the video. Scary stuff! I am currently off the fast as I had a surprise birthday party with cake and decided to give in and enjoy... I am going to be much more careful about fasting and how long I do it from now on! What is your opinion on the following link, when you get around to looking at it: This woman did three separate back-to-back 40-day fasts and says that her faith in God kept her going. It's funny to watch a video like you have posted, then see the 99% positive comments on this woman's youtube page, congratulating her for her faith in God and adherence to the diet... I've decided to take it slow with the weight loss thing but really want to get in a 20-day fast once per year as I have done it before and nothing bad happened. I am very nervous about doing now learning that so many people died suddenly and unexpectedly after fasting in the video you posted. I have also read about the world's longest fast, where a man went 382 days without food losing hundreds of pounds. It makes me wonder: what makes some people successful on these fasts and some people reach death? I have gotten SO much feedback both negative and positive from fasters and septics that I just don't know what to do. Needless to say, it'll be a good 6 months before I decide to fast again, and if I do, I'll be sure to include a multivitamin, electrolytes, calcium and magnesium as recommended by so many experienced fasters. On another note, I am a member of a fasting group on facebook with over 40,000 members and have seen people do fasts as long as 40 days and get this: no-one on there (that I know of) has come close to death yet. I tend to be on the cautious side though. I want to try fasting again in 6 months, starting with a four day fast and gradually moving onto a 20-day fast. If I am successful enough, one of my dreams has been to fast from June 20, 2020-July 20, 2020. As I have said before, many people on the fasting group I'm a member of have done 40-day fasts safely. I think six months of research and questioning with doctors should help. If, by June of 2020 I feel like I will be safe to fast, I will go ahead and give it a try, listening closely to my body along the way. If I feel sick at any point I will quit. I am not willing to sacrifice my health for some stupid fast. Thanks for the video! Certainly made me think twice! If I decide to fast in the future, I will do it after a great deal of research and great caution, listening to my body as closely as I can every day. Let me know what you think about the woman who did the 120 day fast! Fred 😉
  10. FrederickSebastian

    Exercise on 1200 calories/day

    OK guys, thanks for the advice! Much appreciated.
  11. FrederickSebastian

    An Update on Me

    Just a brief update on me for those who read my posts: For my thirty-fifth birthday yesterday, I received my present I wanted so badly and couldn't wait to get: three books: The CR Way, The Longevity Diet and The Beyond 120-Year Diet. I have never been much of a reader and always struggled to read without zoning out, but managed to get half of "The CR Way" read in one night! I was amazed. This is the most I've ever read in one sitting. I was surprised about how much of the CR way and importance was put on sugar levels -- I never knew. I was also amazed by how important meditation was made out to be -- one practice I still struggle with every time I try and have yet to master! I am going to begin to wean onto a CR diet immediately, eating mostly what my mother makes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, trying to east most during the first half of the day and making the most nutritious selection and portion size decisions as I make this fun and challenging transition. By the beginning of 2020, I want to be vegetarian and making all of my food on my own, which has been a challenge in the past as I have often bought too much food that would go bad quickly or take up too much room in the refrigerator. The green leafy vegetables are the worst as they are the basis of my diet but take up so much room and need to be refrigerated. I find myself needing to go to the store every other day which isn't really a problem as my mom owns her own concession business and finds herself in the store most days of the week picking up a little of this and a little of that. I think I'm going to base my meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday on a Spinach salad and Tuesday and Thursday on a cabbage salad (which I prefer to spinach, but spinach is more nutritious). I plan on having hard boiled eggs in my spinach salad through the end of 2020 when I switch to one egg per week. This is something that is going to be difficult for me as I love eggs. On Friday, I'm going to have three roughly 300 calorie meals during the day (333 calories is my target -- I have a thing with numbers and precision as much as possible) and going to finish up the day with a grilled cheese and a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup. This is going to be my cheat meal of the week and my only day of the week I eat three, even spaced and evenly portioned meals. I am going to measure my blood sugar throughout, making sure this one day of cheating a week doesn't throw me off too much. I am going lacto-ovo vegetarian on 1/1/2020. I just can't give up my cheese! I am currently hovering between 200 and 210 pounds every week. My goal is to be under 140 by the last day of 2020 and 123 lbs on average for years afterward. I plan on exercising every day for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night in 2020, then just walking briskly 30 minutes per day, raising my heart rate in years after ward. I plan on strength training 30 minutes afterward everyday except Sundays. Ideally, and desperately, I would like eight-pack abs and would kill to have them again, though my body fat, for my body in the past, has to be about 4% or lower to have these muscles visible which may or may not be very healthy. I am very excited on this new journey and have given up on starting the first day of 2020 cold-turkey for symbolic reasons. I'm taking my time and doing this right. I will be documenting my weight and every meal every day with chronometer and blood sugar level results via video diary on youtube. This seems like a giant undertaking but for someone like me who loves doing video diaries, is fun. I hope that once I get going on the video diaries in early 2020 and find that I can do them religiously, when I post a link to my youtube channel, some of you would be kind enough to take even a little glimpse. I am really excited about this and have a lot to look forward to. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Lastly, since I do not have to work a normal job, I will be spending my free time next year working on becoming the world's most prolific visual artist, piano artist and author. I will probably not be able to beat all these records next year but will certainly have the record for most work done in one year by an individual in each category done. I have to write more than 20 books, more than 2000 paintings and more than 200 songs. I am very excited about this and if I ever achieve mild fame (which is what I'm hoping for by the end of my life) I will certainly share with others my adherence to the CRON lifestyle and quest for longevity. Hope your week has been as exciting as mine, Stay Driven, Fred
  12. FrederickSebastian

    Problems with Olive Oil

  13. FrederickSebastian

    Less is not always more...

    Thomas-- To answer your question -- no I am not going to be medically supervised but yes I am an experienced faster. I have fasted over 50 times varying from 1 day to 20 and did not feel any different at all on the 20 day fast. Everyone's different I guess! I am going to continue on my 30-day fast and let you know how it goes... I am currently on day 3 and feel great. If I feel sick I'll stop... Thanks for your concern! and for the video!
  14. FrederickSebastian

    Exercise on 1200 calories/day

    Hi all, My goal is to be at 1,234 cals/day by the end of next year. Can I put in 20 mins of cardio twice a day and mild strength training or would that be too much? Thanks a million! Fred
  15. FrederickSebastian

    Less is not always more...

    Ok McCoy thanks I also just started fasting for a month for weight loss and started a new thread that maybe you could help on... I will keep in mind what you wrote here... Thanks for your time.