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  1. FrederickSebastian

    How am I doing?

    Since I do not get my paycheck until Friday, I've been experimenting with cron-o-meter with (what I think) are great results. I tried to plan on what I would eat in a day and this is what I came up with: I am low on a few things, but is this anything to worry about if let's say my potassium is only at 52% today but I find a way to get it to 152% tomorrow... Is this good enough or is it very important for me to be getting over 100% every day? Just curious... Does this look like a good plan? I'm going to continue experimenting until I'm pooped out coming up with combinations... All the best, Fred
  2. FrederickSebastian

    Problems with Olive Oil

    OK Gordo... I'll read that post later on today and let you know what I think!
  3. FrederickSebastian

    My personal CR questions...

    thanks mccoy and Gordo!!!
  4. FrederickSebastian

    Raw Foods?

    oh ok, thanks guys!
  5. FrederickSebastian

    Red Pepper Paste?

    ok thanks, McCoy!
  6. FrederickSebastian

    Red Pepper Paste?

    Hi All, When I am off my fast and eating again I have a strong craving for a romaine-salad with ranch dressing and red bell pepper paste. I basically want to throw my red bell peppers into a Nutribullet and shred it until it's a paste and mix it with the ranch for a dressing. I like this consistency, but read somewhere that chopping vegetables to a paste decreases nutrient availability. Is this true or can I still have it mashed into a paste? I am the same way with LOTS of foods... I like dicing my walnuts down into a fine powder as well... Also will be adding wasabi on days when there is no red pepper for me... Is wasabi any good for you? Yours Truly, Fred.
  7. FrederickSebastian

    My personal CR questions...

    I also wanted to add that I used a calculator online, and it says that at my goal weight, my basal metabolic rate is: 1365 calories and calories to maintain weight is 1638 calories... What does this mean for CR? I should eat 1600 calories a day, or perhaps less? If I eat less, won't I lose weight? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I'm just no expert on this and it's all new and confusing to me... 😕
  8. FrederickSebastian

    My personal CR questions...

    I know the thread at the top of this part of the website has a lot of information about "how much you should eat, what percent CR you are etc etc etc)... But my question is: how do you know you are on cr when going on cr might result in weight loss? I personally like being about 130lbs and less than 8% body fat (I am only 5'2" and was at this weight and body fat percentage in my prime). I am working on getting back there, but my question is: HOW CAN I GO ON A CRON DIET without losing weight, while maintaining a low-calorie lifestyle? Doesn't eating less = losing weight and eating more = gaining weight, so basically unless you are drastically underweight, you are not indeed practicing CR? If eating less does indeed make you thinner, can a person at 123lbs, 4% body fat and being 5'2" be considered CR? I know it sounds stupid, but I am very superstitious and I like the idea of being 123lbs because it is a number sequence and I would love to show that off, also at my height I can healthily. I really don't want to go below 120 or above 140. I just like the way my body looks that way. How low, would you guess, can I get my calories while maintaining a weight of 123lbs?? I honestly have found that the less I eat, the better I feel. I was on a 1200-calorie diet for a while and felt pretty good, was on a 800-calorie diet for a while and felt really good and am now fasting (all for weight loss) and feel fantastic! While this is certainly not a permanent lifestyle option, I often wonder how low I can indeed get my calories while still getting proper nutrients and not encouraging arthritis or osteoporosis. I really like the idea of being on a 1,234 calorie/day diet, again, because it's a sequence, and believed I could for the longest time, because I am a small person (5'2", 130lbs when I take care of myself) but am guessing it would not be wise to get it under 1600. Any ideas? On another note, when I did try CRON dieting for a brief period a few months ago, I loved it and did not mind eating that way at all! I can not begin to tell you how excited I was to walk into Walmart and buy foods that were actually healthy for me! It was a fun challenge! I've found that my favorite staple food is cabbage slaw and my favorite "healthy" food overall is nuts. I put a handful in my salads but it's hard to say no to more when the bottle's right there. I disciplined myself though. Overall, I'd say going on the CRON diet was NOT difficult and I enjoyed the challenge -- it was fun... And, I will definitely be a CRONie in the future once my weight is stablilized.
  9. FrederickSebastian

    Problems with Olive Oil

    So, Growing up (I'm 34) I remember hearing a lot about how extra virgin olive oil was really healthy for you, especially in Mediterranean-type diets... However, I recently read a webpage (http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=56) that says that cooking with EVOO is NOT healthy for some reason... Also, I read somewhere that unless you get EVOO fresh that has NOT been exposed to oxygen, you will not reap the benefits... Do I have anything to worry about? Fred
  10. FrederickSebastian

    Raw Foods?

    wait! I don't get it! Do red beans make you age quicker or slower? I'm confused... Would, say, canned red beans, like Goya be not a good choice? I am vegetarian so I use them as a source of protein... Always thought it was a good choice :-/ ...
  11. FrederickSebastian

    Raw Foods?

    What is everyone's honest opinion on eating raw foods vs. cooked ones? Is it really that much better? I would like to go raw but will make the exception for cabbage and hard-boiled eggs...
  12. FrederickSebastian

    SeroVital HGH?

    Hi! What is everyone's opinions of SeroVital and other supplements meant to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone)... Can this aide in anti-aging or is it a gimmick? https://www.serovital.com/ I would appreciate feedback!
  13. FrederickSebastian

    Weaning onto CR and Weight Loss

    Hey Everyone, My name is Fred Sebastian and I have been a member of this site for a year or two now and plan on going on a CRON-diet for health and longevity sometime in the not to distant future. My problem: I am currently 5'2" and 220lbs (obviously overweight) and want to lose weight but have read that going onto a CRON-diet suddenly will cause you to live less long! I really want to lose weight, but I also really want to go on a CRON-diet the proper way, and the only way I know of losing weight is to exercise and cut calories! What should I do? I have thought about starting by eating 2000 calories per day then cutting it by 20-50 calories per week until I reach a reasonable diet and am losing weight consistently. Is it really worth it to gradually cut calories in order to benefit fully from CR diet or should I just start eating significantly less immediately until I'm down to a reasonable weight, then practice CR (which I'll already be on) from there on out? I really want to lose weight as fast as humanly possible but also want to get the possible longevity benefit of CRON-dieting! Any suggestions? Fred
  14. FrederickSebastian

    Hey friends !Im newbie.

  15. FrederickSebastian

    Romaine Lettuce vs. Cabbage Slaw

    McCoy -- Thank you for the Fuhrman ANDI score image... I'll look to this in the future...