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  1. FrederickSebastian

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    Okay @Gordo and @mccoy... Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep them in mind! :)
  2. FrederickSebastian

    Intermittent Fasting and green tea...

    Right now, I am doing an 8:00AM and 8:00PM meal for 12 hours intermittent fasting which is recommended in the book "The CR Way"... My question is: does having a pot of loose leaf green tea (which is zero calories) or a few cups of matcha tea (which is very low calories (under 10)) count as spiking my glucose or will I be safe? Will drinking this break my intermittent fast?
  3. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    OK @mccoy... Thanks for the advice... I'll keep it in mind...
  4. FrederickSebastian

    Red Cabbage with Balsamic Vinaigrette

    cool cool... Yeah so can you make a vegetable soup with the left over water @mccoy... That would probably be my preference to drinking it...
  5. FrederickSebastian

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    Lol. No. I have been trying to start a CR diet many times over the years and failed so I decided to start again the beginning of this year, starting at 2000 calories because that is the recommended daily intake on nutrition labels. This is my start. I tried really hard and failed (mostly because getting in 2000 calories per day felt like TOO MUCH, believe it or not)... Right, now I am mainly fasting and eating very little during the day (whatever I crave) and am definitely less that 800 calories per day. I know this isn't the best way to go about it but I really want this weight off FAST. It makes me so depressed and my mental health matters to me too... Hopefully I'll be down to 123lbs by spring... Fred
  6. FrederickSebastian

    Thank you for support!

    I'd just like to thank everybody for their unending support of my ventures and as I continue my journey (though not on youtube anymore) I hope everyone continues to read my posts (which I notice there are a lot of -- sorry) and hope you all attain the health and longevity we all deserve for our efforts. Happy Dieting! Sincerely, Fred Sebastian
  7. FrederickSebastian

    My New CR Youtube Channel

    I have decided to discontinue my CR channel and start it up again in September for private reasons. Sorry for any disappointment!
  8. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    @Fernando Gabriel, Can you provide me of any proof of why low body fat percentage is beneficial in humans? I'm curious
  9. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    @Clinton, Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. @Matt, You say that it's good to have some fat. What percent body fat would you recommend is lowest on a CR dieter for longevity. I had to get mine under 8% back in my 20s to get six-pack abs and one of my goals is to get one again -- if at all possible while extending longevity. Thanks for the help guys!
  10. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    I don't know what that means? What is survival level? Something in the blood? I am not naturally fat or thin, I am just average naturally. I just let my weight get out of control when I was an alcoholic about a decade ago and the alcohol gave me strong food cravings...
  11. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    Thanks for wishing me good luck, @Clinton. By the way, I sent you a private message here which it says you never looked at. If you don't mind, could you tell me if you work out and practice CR at the same time. For the longest time, I was convinced that CRON dieters were always rather thin, but judging by your topless photo, that's not always the case. I like to be lean but a little bulky so I was wondering if you can maintain a body like that while on CR. Do you not have to eat a lot of protein? Just wondering...
  12. FrederickSebastian

    Starting my CR journey (yet again)

    Thanks for the advice, F. Gabriel. I am supposed to take iron everyday anyway because I am mildly anemic but I always forget to take it 😕... I will think about getting my blood tested soon if it is free or inexpensive...
  13. FrederickSebastian

    Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

    @Gordo I am currently eating 2000 calories per day and cutting by 20 calories per week because I heard that going "cold turkey" into calorie-restriction is not good for longevity. Can you give me a reason as to why I would want to go to 1200 calories/day immediately? I would love to do this to lose weight quicker but am unsure if it's the best option. Can I, say, do 1,234 calories per day until I am down to my goal weight, then find a weight maintenance calorie-per-day at my new weight, stay at that for a while, then wean back down to a lower calories-per-day? Thus, sort-of not going cold turkey? My goal is longevity so I really don't want to mess it up.
  14. FrederickSebastian

    My New CR Youtube Channel

    Here is a link to my grocery trip I took earlier today: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
  15. FrederickSebastian

    My New CR Youtube Channel

    OK. So, so far today, I've had one bottled Dunkin Donuts coffee drink, two rye crackers with guacamole and two rye crackers with hummus. I also have listed what I plan on eating later on today in the cronometer below. Any suggestions as to what you think I should add to this to make it add up to 2000 calories? (I decided to stop with the cabbage diet because it was giving me a headache and it was hard to eat a head of cabbage at every sitting). Should I add more fats to get more omega-3 and omega-6 or should I just stop since my lipids are above 100% currently (probably because of the cheese)?