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  1. pegd

    Elevated fasting glucose

    Hi Zeta: I have Type 2 diabetes. I'm 88 years old and the diabetes became evident a few months ago. I'm keeping my numbers down by limiting my carbs. My doctor's concern is not about my fasting glucose but rather my post prandial glucose. Fasting glucose can be influenced by many factors and it might be hard to pin down which factor was responsible. How are your post prandial readings? Pegd
  2. pegd

    CR in the media

    Hi Rodney: This is very interesting. I'm wondering if anyone besides Ames has given evidence of this. If plant made pesticides are 10,000 times more prevalent than man-made pesticides in crops my decision may be to quit buying organic. I think that the way to improve working conditions for farm workers who are exposed to these toxins will have to come from OSHA. I don't know why this has not already happened. I might ask my Congressman. We're in California where many of these crops are grown. Pegd
  3. Well until we have the last word on this I'll eat my almonds raw. pegd