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  1. Gordo

    CV health evaluation

    You should get a heart rate variability monitor - they are pretty cheap and can actually tell you a Lot about your health and rate of aging (as well as tracking heart rate). See the thread here on that...
  2. Gordo


    Happy birthday! And just curious, what's your BMI before breakfast? I thought you did CR? 😉
  3. Gordo

    CV health evaluation

    I think your doc's advice is a bit ignorant (absent other symptoms you failed to disclose). Higher bpms after meals is fairly typical. Here's a discussion thread of a bunch of people talking about this in a fitbit forum: https://community.fitbit.com/t5/Eat-Well/HR-users-Increased-heart-rate-after-eating/td-p/927029
  4. Gordo

    Aging in bats is instructive

    Note that unlike most mammals, bats allow their body temperature to sink to the ambient temperature when they are not active, they essentially practice cold exposure all the time, and all winter long. As their temperature drops, they enter a torpor state, in which their metabolism slows down. Relevant quote from Dean:
  5. Gordo

    Reputable Online Pharmacy?

    They list the manufacturer, and show pictures of both the inner and outer packaging, on their site for every item they sell. So you can research that manufacturer. The things i've looked at were produced by reputable, multi-billion dollar companies, some of which have US operations and US or European approval. That's not to say counterfeiting couldn't be possible of course...
  6. Gordo

    Reputable Online Pharmacy?

    Best I've found is premiumrxdrugs.com, see the independent reviews here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/premiumrxdrugs.com Takes about 3 weeks to get things (comes from India), and everything has to make it through customs (usually not an issue). Initial account setup is a bit much (you have to send photo ID to use a credit card). But I can vouch its legit like most of the reviewers have reported. India is home to many big generic drug manufacturers. I would not recommend this idea to anyone that isn't responsible enough to carefully study all interactions, recommended dosages, side effects, etc.
  7. Personally I think the evidence for CE is more compelling than the evidence for serious CR. As Dean pointed out, "To summarize, in species that span a wide range of latitudes, the within-species longevity is pretty strongly correlated with how far north (or south in the southern hemisphere) an individual lives. That is, cooler environments → increased lifespan across a huge range of land, freshwater and marine species." Humans on the other hand, live in climate controlled environments, so no matter where they live, they rarely get any cold exposure. And yet we can, and have, observed positive physiological changes in humans as a result of cold exposure. I summarized a lot of the findings here. As for Okinawans - for MEN, the longevity increase was less than one year compared to mainland Japanese men, oh, and also less favorable compared to the CA adventists who don't do CR (but do for the most part eat a plant based whole food diet and some fish). The lack of junk food, strong community, and lower stress living probably mean a lot more for longevity than restricting calories. Speaking of men and longevity, it is interesting to note that for MEN, the top 2 countries in the world for life expectancy are Switzerland and Iceland. I enjoyed this article: THE LAND THAT DEATH FORGOT Type in the latitude and longitude for longevity, and you’ll arrive at Iceland. Here’s why.
  8. Mushrooms May Reduce the Risk of Memory Problems LINK Older men and women who ate mushrooms several times a week were at reduced risk of developing mild cognitive impairment. By Nicholas Bakalar Eating mushrooms may reduce the risk for mild cognitive impairment, or M.C.I., a type of memory impairment that is often a precursor of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers in Singapore used data on 663 Chinese men and women over 60. In one-on-one interviews, they recorded diet information, including questions about six types of commonly consumed mushrooms. They assessed cognitive function with detailed structured interviews and widely used tests of mental acuity. After controlling for many health, behavioral and socioeconomic factors, including the consumption of meat, green vegetables, fruits and nuts, they found that compared with those who consumed less than one five-ounce portion of mushrooms a week, those who consumed one to two portions had a 43 percent reduced risk for M.C.I. People who ate more than two portions had a 52 percent reduced risk. The study is in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The reasons for the association are not clear, but mushrooms contain various antioxidants that may inhibit the buildup in the brain of amyloid beta and tau, proteins that are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. Based on this and previous studies, the authors conclude, “mushroom consumption could be a potential preventive measure to slow cognitive decline and neurodegeneration in the elderly.”
  9. You lose weight. If you have fat and/or muscle to spare, you will slowly lose it, but it is possible for a very fat person to go a whole year without eating anything. If you run out of fat and muscle to catabolize, you will eventually die, but typically what happens is some organs start to shut down and the anorexic end up in a hospital where they are force fed through a tube, thus preventing death. Hope no one here goes down that road...
  10. Gordo

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    It's not low in saturated fat. And the bun, burger, and the fries are all full of advanced glycation end products. But yes, there are certainly worse things a person could be eating. Refined sugar, flour, and most oils are all vegan / vegetarian, and if a person is getting most of their calories from these, and eating fried foods, which is probably typical, they aren't likely to enjoy great health or longevity.
  11. Nice interview, I especially like his comments about the FDA toward the end, and the new ICD for "aging related" which may incentivize big pharma to become more involved. They also talk a bit about AgeX, of which Aubrey is apparently a VP: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/agex-therapeutics-participate-biotech-investing-120000796.html Note that this company has a product called AGEX-BAT1 which is supposed to "restore young and healthy brown adipose tissue (BAT) to reverse age-related metabolic imbalance." I like the idea of a BAT booster. They managed to get a great ticker symbol (AGE) by the way...
  12. Gordo

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    The terms "vegetarian" and "vegan" are meaningless with respect to quality of diet or longevity (as many studies have shown). Most vegetarians and vegans seem to eat a junk food diet similar to a standard American, minus the cheeseburgers (but vegeburger and fries isn't much better😞 . (The vegan "Impossible burger" with whole wheat bun, greens, tomato, and onions may seem healthy, but looks can be deceiving) That's why I like the idea of looking at the longest lived populations, then trying to tease out the relative differences between individuals in those cohorts based on lifestyle/diet differences. Although this can be difficult to do. The best thing an individual can probably do is just track their own biomarkers of health and see what tweaks you can make to improve them.
  13. Gordo

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    This is why India has high heart disease: https://food.ndtv.com/health/why-is-india-experiencing-a-cardiovascular-disease-epidemic-771837 They also don't eat a plant based whole food diet by the way. Ghee is worse than butter and they love it over there. They also love fried foods, and dairy. As for eating a super heathy mostly plant based diet with some meat, vs. no meat - yea, its not going to make a whole lot of difference, as you can see from the adventist studies. Eating fish doesn't make any difference and may actually help women live a bit longer. Eating other meat may shave a few months or up to 1-2 years off one's life, probably due to the elevated growth factors (can't rule out other reasons), particularly if/when a person gets cancer. If you don't end up with heart disease, you'll probably get cancer.
  14. Gordo

    Hong Kong beats the blue zones

    Todd, are you serious? You can look at the relative performance of diet among the healthiest, longest lived large cohort ever studied to see what impact various differences in diet play on mortality, but instead you want to look at a 3rd world country where 70% of the population doesn't even have a toilet, where per capita income is $1,591/year, with among the worst air quality in the world, to draw your conclusions about optimal diet?