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  1. So much for herd immunity in Sweden? Stockholm faces local restrictions after 'worrying' infection signs
  2. No idea if it matters, but just an FYI, I used to be a sprinter (track team) and the above statements are contradictory for most people. I am right handed, and left leg dominant (like most people). You can determine which leg is dominant by pretending to dunk a basketball with a running jump as high as you can jump - without thinking about it in advance, what leg did you naturally jump off of? That’s your dominant leg. How this relates to sprinting is that you want your starting blocks set so that your dominant leg’s block is further forward (you burst forth at the start of the race from that leg). But if I was going to kick a soccer ball in a penalty kick on goal, I'd use my right leg for the kick. As for getting better with practice, when I have given this test to family, they usually fall within 10 seconds the first time, but get better times after trying again a few more times. I’m not sure why that would be the case, maybe they just weren’t concentrating or taking it seriously the first time, or weren’t trying very hard?
  3. Haven’t done that test in a long time. I’ve read you can get better at it with practice but that defeats the purpose. You should only use your first attempt as the indicator. Anyway, just did it, first attempt was stopped when I bumped into something at: 1 min 11 seconds (then opened my eyes). I was on carpet though, I think it’s supposed to be done on a hard surface. Update: tried on a hard surface and confirm it’s easier: Both cases were barefoot, I’m guessing it’s easier if wearing sneakers...
  4. If Sweden has herd immunity which some docs are claiming: https://sebastianrushworth.com/2020/09/19/covid-19-does-sweden-have-herd-immunity/ this would be rather important to know. I hope researchers are conducting a study to test random samples of people for antibodies and Covid specific T-cells so we can quickly settle this important debate. There is an awful lot riding on it.
  5. Right Ron, avoid cold exposure if you have heart disease. Then again, it’s good for people with elevated blood glucose, so it likely helps prevent heart disease in the first place. In the era of indoor heating and air conditioning, climate has little affect on humans’ living temperatures.
  6. Gordo


    Thanks, great info! "three times a day for one month, either got the drug or an eighth of a teaspoon of garlic powder compressed into a tablet, which is about the equivalent of two cloves of fresh garlic a day" I'm kind of surprised that 3/8 teaspoon of garlic powder = 2 cloves. My wife complains when I eat garlic. I wonder if eating the powder has higher WAF (wife acceptance factor)?
  7. Wouldn't it be amazing if we wiped out the flu? The irony here though is that all those people that would have died from the flu are now likely to skew the stats for coronavirus.
  8. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine say they appear to have made a breakthrough when it comes to the treatment and possible prevention of coronavirus. Looks promising, only tested in rodents so far though.
  9. Area under curve is evening out... But... From: Anders Tegnell and the Swedish Covid experiment
  10. He posted on his blog a while back that he uses this stuff. He also posted a link to a study that did something with that specific product, I don't remember now off the top of my head what the study results were, but after I investigated more I thought it looked like a good product too. Each individual capsule has the allicin of 45 cloves of garlic (one clove has 3-5mg allicin, those capsules contain 180mg each!). The capsules do smell and taste like garlic, but they DO NOT give you garlic breath or garlic smell seeping through your skin which is nice. I take it when I feel my immune system is fighting something, so one box has lasted me a really long time.
  11. Just published study again shows that cold exposure is critically important for the benefits of CR Metabolic adaptation to calorie restriction View ORCID ProfileCarlos Guijas1,*,†, View ORCID ProfileJ. Rafael Montenegro-Burke1,*, View ORCID ProfileRigo Cintron-Colon2,*, View ORCID ProfileXavier Domingo-Almenara1, View ORCID ProfileManuel Sanchez-Alavez2, View ORCID ProfileCarlos A. Aguirre2, View ORCID ProfileKokila Shankar2, View ORCID ProfileErica L.-W. Majumder1, View ORCID ProfileElizabeth Billings1, View ORCID ProfileBruno Conti2,3,†, and View ORCID ProfileGary Siuzdak1,4,† See all authors and affiliations Science Signaling 08 Sep 2020: Vol. 13, Issue 648, eabb2490 DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.abb2490 Popular press write up: https://www.inverse.com/mind-body/calorie-restriction-effects-metabolism METABOLISM BOOST? CALORIE RESTRICTION CAN EXTEND LIFE— STUDY EXPLAINS ONE FACTOR INVOLVED Eating less may have an oddly positive effect on metabolism.
  12. Or you could just get zinc and saw palmetto for a couple bucks like your urologist advised (if we are to believe your story). Hmm, first and only post is promoting an overpriced pill. Admins?
  13. So much easier to pop a pill than wearing an ice vest all day (typing this as I'm wearing an ice vest, haha)
  14. I can think of two possibilities: 1) Could potentially make CR a lot easier for anyone to do. 2) It could possibly be a BAT activator, I haven't dug into it enough to know that, but saw some comments about the drug that suggested this possibility.
  15. I stumbled across this today and thought it was interesting. In trials so far they've seen really impressive results. The initial target is people with rare genetic disorders, but supposedly the drug has been tested on obese people without the genetic disorders and it works well for them too. I don't invest in this type of company, but I see the stock "promoters" are loving this: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/stansberry-venture/whats-the-20x-weight-loss-drug-looking-into-lashmets-new-teaser-pitch-for-stansberry-venture-technology/ I was looking at it more from a perspective of potential use for longevity purposes.