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  1. I''m still not sure what to think about boosters, but J&J is in the news today as they just came out with more info about their particular booster data: J&J: Booster Shot Increases Protection Against Coronavirus A booster shot of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine generates a strong immune response, the company announced on Tuesday. The company said that clinical trial data from the U.S. shows that a booster shot given two months after the first dose increases protection against moderate to severe coronavirus to 94%. While an extra dose after two months generates a four-fold increase in antibodies, a booster shot given at six months provides a 12-fold increase in antibodies, the company said in a press release. J&J said it submitted the data, which has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, to the Food and Drug Administration.
  2. So this was looking at transmission within families, people living in the same household, and they found that wearing masks was really effective but only when no one is sick (not showing symptoms) so the conclusion is that you should be wearing a mask 24/7 inside your own house whenever there are other family members around? STOP THE MADNESS!! Seriously, has everyone gone off the rails? Is all the mask wearing making people even stupider than usual? From Ron's above study, masking can cause headaches, difficulty breathing, and impaired cognition. It also interferes with vision, communication, and thermal equilibrium. Policy makers are likely impaired at this point (they may have to be replaced).
  3. I definitely get that, if my local hospitals were near capacity or even if case counts in my county were very high, I'd probably be a lot more cautious. My county by the way has an over 98% vaccination rate (excluding kids under 12).
  4. Good to know. There may also be confounders of note, see: https://blogs.bcm.edu/2021/03/11/how-does-covid-19-impact-the-kidneys/
  5. What's the point though? Do you think having 100% of people masking 100% of the time in public is going to stamp out covid permanently? Doesn't seem likely. A 36% reduction won't matter. I still kind of feel like almost everyone will be exposed eventually, we are just prolonging the inevitable. It's not that different from the last big worldwide flu pandemic (which never really went away).
  6. NEW DETAILS EMERGE ABOUT CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH AT CHINESE LAB More than 900 pages of materials related to US.-funded coronavirus research in China were released following a FOIA lawsuit by The Intercept.
  7. Dean, regarding mask wearing - I'm open to correction, but my current thinking is that asymptomatic spread has been greatly overblown. If I am not feeling well, I'll wear a mask or just not go out in public at all. And of course I'm also vaccinated which lowers my chance of becoming a spreader if I do get infected. I'm also at lower risk of infection because I work from home and don't have to be in close contact with very many people. I suppose the peer aspect also plays a role, if everyone else was masking, I might also, if almost no one is masking (which is the case in my area currently) I'm probably not going to be the one person wearing a mask (but I would if I was not feeling well and for some reason was in a public place anyway). We did the mask thing for over a year, how long will you keep it up? What if covid is with us forever? You could of course also apply your line of reasoning to almost any infectious disease, you could have killed people by passing around the flu before covid-19 was a thing, did you always wear a mask in public before covid19? If not, why not? Masking was quite popular in some countries even before covid, so there are places where its routine even in "normal" times. I think masking lowers quality of life, hinders breathing (especially if using a proper mask that actually works), can irritate one's ears, and just not being able to see faces is a bit dehumanizing. My wife has a student right now who is nearly deaf, and the masking is causing her serious problems (not being able to see lips makes it impossible to understand what someone is saying). But I do think it would be nice if everyone who had even the slightest symptom of illness would mask up in public, and that should be a permanent thing (I have read that is common curtesy in Japan for example).
  8. Yea, I did not ask his widow too many questions as she was very upset, but it seems to me hardly anyone is wearing masks anymore in our region (myself included). I believe at this point everyone will be exposed, so taking excessive precautions is probably futile although I do agree that viral load is correlated with severity of disease and obese people should probably be masking (and fasting) if they want to improve their odds. I saw a guy at Lowes recently wearing full face respirator :
  9. Man, a friend of mine, in his 40s just died of covid this week AND he was fully vaccinated. I was just helping his widow today, they have 4 kids. Brutal. She broke down crying while I was there. She said the whole family got covid but he was the only one that had serious symptoms (respiratory, had to be ventilated). They were all vaccinated. Unfortunately he was seriously overweight (like half of Americans).
  10. I wonder if it would make sense for someone that is not vulnerable (in good health, with solid immune system) and already fully vaccinated, to deliberately be exposed to covid? Why? My thinking is that almost everyone will eventually be exposed, but your risk may be higher later on in life, your vaccine effectiveness may wane, your health may deteriorate over time, or you could be exposed when you are temporarily compromised by something else. What would the benefit be? Much higher levels of immunity for future, possibly lifelong protection. People used to do this for example with chicken pox (they would have chicken pox parties). The risk to fully vaccinated healthy people should be very low.
  11. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/new-data-confirm-pfizer-and-moderna-vaccines-bring-a-small-risk-of-heart-problems/ Lots of info and stats on mRNA vaccines and heart problems. "For every million doses administered to 12- to 39-year-olds, there were an extra 14.4 cases of the heart problems after the second Pfizer shot. There were 19.7 extra cases among 18- to 39-year-olds after the second Moderna shot, which is not yet authorized for children, the scientists calculated. Most patients were hospitalized for the condition, but recovered quickly; 76% were discharged within two days. There have been no reported deaths. The scientists also highlighted a study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine that found that the risk of myocarditis was substantially higher after infection with the virus than after vaccination. "
  12. Caleb Wallace, head of ‘San Angelo Freedom Fighters’ to “end covid tyranny” died from Covid today. He had 3 kids and a pregnant wife. He treated himself with ivermectin. Here he in interview: “The science is out there, and it’s saying this is perfectly fine to live with.” I fact checked this before posting, it's legit and reported by numerous mainstream news outlets. The guy was not vaccinated, neither is his wife, but she seems a little more sane than her deceased husband was (says she wears masks and is not an antivaxer). Also was looking at the latest stats: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ We have really shot up again in daily new cases which isn't surprising, but I'm a bit disappointed to see daily deaths also now above 1300, it seems our deaths per infection rate is worse than the UK right now. And speaking of the UK, I see their infection rate that had spiked and fallen is now spiking back up again.
  13. Gordo

    Sci Fi Movie and Book Recommendations

    In the "stuck in a timeloop" genre, I saw "Boss Level" last night. Extremely violent and mostly mindless entertainment but quite good for this genre, an interesting cast too, slightly more sci-fi than most in the category, with subtle homage to classic video games that might be appreciated by some.
  14. This is pretty hilarious, the CCP has apparently resorted to making up a fake Swiss scientist to defend against Covid origins probes: Chinese state media has seized on a Swiss scientist critical of a covid origins probe. The one problem: He might not exist. "China has rejected new efforts to learn more about how the coronavirus spread to humans, for which the United States and WHO have pushed. Few Western scientists have taken up Beijing’s cause."
  15. So it would appear that "antibody signal" is pretty worthless as an indicator of protection against future infection. A better measure is simply the real stats about infections with severity of symptoms being important as well as waning protection over time. I've seen some interesting new treatment ideas that show promise: Clinical efficacy of nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) for the treatment of mild COVID-19 infection "A rapid reduction (95%) in the SARS-CoV-2 viral load was observed within 24 hours, with a 99% reduction observed within 72 hours with NONS treatments." "A total of 46.7% (7 of 15) of NONS respondents reported feeling better versus 8% (2 of 25) of placebo respondents on treatment. NONS subjects typically reported being better by day 2-4 on treatment, whereas the placebo subjects typically did not report feeling better until after day 5."