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  1. Declining eyesight can be improved by looking at red light, pilot study says Sounds a little too good to be true, would like to see more studies. Article mentions mitochondrial theory of aging ("humans and animals age as damage accumulates in mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA. Therefore stimulating mitochondria to reduce damage is a way of slowing aging in general. Our retinas are chock-full of mitochondria — the highest concentration of mitochondria of any part of the body")
  2. Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes, March-April 2020
  3. Gordo

    On Vacay in Mexico

    Fueling growth past one’s late 20’s seems like a bad idea when it comes to longevity (probably accelerates aging and if/when you get cancer it fuels it) but I’m all for people trying different things and contributing to the body of knowledge. I just posted these Fontana references in another thread but they are relevant here too: 53:40 Importance of low protein / methionine restriction for longevity independent of CR (blocks tumor development) 59:25 You should eat around 10% protein ("a calorie is not a calorie", "stay away from low carb or ketogenic diets")
  4. Gordo

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    If you missed it previously, Fontana posted a good lecture about 18 months ago that seems to cover many of the topics of this new book: 13:44 CR in primates 25:30 talks about CALERIE study 29:02 he specifically mentions the CR Society and shows a before/after pic and biomarkers of one member 36:55 talks about the importance of increasing adiponectin and especially the importance of reduced core body temperature as a biomarker for longevity 38:00 skeletal muscle profile on CR, importance of downregulation of IGF-1 43:40 Side effects of chronic severe CR - how to know if you are overdoing CR 44:30 It is NOT TRUE that the more CR the better. Talks about study showing how 40% CR did not result in increased longevity for 2/3rds of the subtypes of mice tested. 20% CR is optimal for many strains of mice. Biomarkers are key for determining what the optimal CR level is. You must have sufficient energy to promote longevity. 46:15 Used to think it was just about the calories, but now we know that is NOT true. Composition of diet is important, meal timing is important - CR with eating all day does not result in longevity in mice (50:00) 51:10 Discusses ongoing human intermittent fasting clinical trial 53:40 Importance of low protein / methionine restriction for longevity independent of CR (blocks tumor development) 59:25 You should eat around 10% protein ("a calorie is not a calorie", "stay away from low carb or ketogenic diets") 1:04:20 Talks about the gut microbiome. Diet reliably and rapidly changes the gut microbiome, protein intake and fiber are key, the more diversity of vegetables you eat the better your gut microbiome, which results in reduced inflamation (related to short chain fatty acids). Eat legumes, whole grains, and lots of vegetables. 1:10:50 Your gut microbiome impacts your physiologic response to CR 1:13:00 Describes other pieces of the health/longevity puzzle he will talk about in a future lecture: exercise, breathing and rate of respiration, sleep, meditation, phytochemicals, cognitive training 1:18:00 Future of medicine is prevention. Reducing mental stress, sedentary lifestyle, excessive calorie intake, and poor diets are key.
  5. It will be interesting to see what happens in these states with the spiking infections over the next month. So far we don’t see a spike in deaths, and the infections are in younger people, maybe the vulnerable and older populations are now pretty well protected vs. earlier in the pandemic... herd immunity would require a big spike in cases among the healthy under 65 cohort.
  6. Optimistic view on the recent surge to new all time high infections: Why one strategist is actually encouraged by a spike in new U.S. coronavirus cases
  7. Gordo

    Path to Longevity (new book) by Luigi Fontana

    Table of contents looks good. Maybe add "meaningful life" to the mix, but that would be a different book 😉
  8. IMF Forecasts Deeper Global Recession From Growing Virus Threat Fund projects 4.9% contraction in 2020 versus 3% previously Financial markets seen as ‘disconnected’ from economic outlook The International Monetary Fund downgraded its outlook for the coronavirus-ravaged world economy, projecting a significantly deeper recession and slower recovery than it anticipated just two months ago. The fund said Wednesday it now expected global gross domestic product to shrink 4.9% this year, more than the 3% predicted in April. For 2021, the fund forecast growth of 5.4%, down from 5.8%. Having already warned of the biggest slump since the Great Depression, the IMF said its increased pessimism reflected scarring from a larger-than-anticipated supply shock during the earlier lockdown, in addition to the continued hit to demand from social distancing and other safety measures. For nations struggling to control the virus spread, a longer lockdown also will take a toll on growth, the IMF said. “With the relentless spread of the pandemic, prospects of long-lasting negative consequences for livelihoods, job security and inequality have grown more daunting,” the lender said in its update to the World Economic Outlook. The IMF warned that the rebound in global financial-market sentiment “appears disconnected from shifts in underlying economic prospects,” raising the possibility that financial conditions will tighten more than forecast in its core scenario.
  9. The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases by its count, at more than 183,000 new cases in 24 hours. Maybe some good news for back to school season at least: School Children Don’t Spread Coronavirus, French Study Shows
  10. So what dietary changes DO have beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease? As far as I know, only one diet was ever clinically proven to improve cardiovascular disease, and it didn't include dairy.
  11. Gordo

    Is ashwagandha anti-aging?

    Do you have a source for that? Above reference says "Toxicity studies reveal that ashwagandha appears to be a safe compound. Conclusion: Preliminary studies have found various constituents of ashwagandha exhibit a variety of therapeutic effects with little or no associated toxicity."
  12. PA has been doing the mandatory mask thing for a while, I don't think its that big of a deal. But it is hard talking to people when you can't see lips moving sometimes 😉 If the choice is between an annoying but perhaps "can live with it" plague that never goes away, vs. all out China style war to stamp it out completely so we have severe short term pain but wipe it out and never have to deal with it again, which do you choose? But is the later really a choice? I mean it would pretty much have to be done worldwide, simultaneously, and with everyone on board and in agreement about it - seems kind of impossible to me. I remember seeing some video clip of Bill Gates talking about having everyone just buy 30 days worth of food, and do total and complete shutdown/isolation for 30 days which in theory would wipe out almost any pandemic plague (I don't remember if he said that as a hypothetical, before SARS-CoV-2 even arrived, or if it was recent). If you really thought it could be done and would work, 30 days doesn't seem all that bad. But there are probably too many people that either wouldn't or couldn't do it.
  13. Lots of unpleasant coronavirus updates today: A new study by Chinese researchers has found that a surprising number of nurses from Wuhan who were infected with the virus haven't developed antibodies, suggesting that herd immunity in China is virtually non-existent (study seems questionable to me, all it really shows is that asymptomatic cases probably don't develop antibodies) California Gov Newsom signs EO making mask wearing mandatory Cali sets another record high with 4,233 new cases 13 Texas longhorns football players test positive as Fauci says 2020 football might not happen Italy reports uptick in deaths Cuomo mulls quarantine on Fla. as NY reports 29 deaths Texas reports 7th straight record hospitalizations; Arizona reports record jump in cases 23 US states seeing rising case numbers Florida "has the makings of the next epicenter" Global case total tops 8.3 million Deaths top 447,000 Tokyo reports 41 infections World reports record jump in new cases, deaths India reports record jump in new cases (12k+) as Fitch cuts rating Indonesia reports record jump, surpassing Singapore's case total
  14. In addition, the China guy is also selling mycelium and just calling it fruit bodies so he can charge more, and his version is contaminated due to the air pollution in China which mushrooms soak up like a sponge. 😉