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  1. Wow mccoy, you are now our guy on the front lines of this pandemic, who would have guessed? Markets severely rattled tonight, will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Summary of latest developments: South Korea raised its national threat level to “red alert” for the first time since the H1N1 swine flu outbreak in 2009. The total number of confirmed cases in the country reached 763, a jump of 161 overnight, and a 25-fold increase in the past week. The Italian government said it has 152 confirmed cases, up from three in a matter of days. Three people have died. Authorities have locked down about a dozen small towns and canceled events across the north, including Venice’s Carnival. Iran has confirmed eight deaths related to the coronavirus, the most outside of China, media reported Sunday. South Korea confirmed its seventh death. 4 more cases confirmed in UK 200 Israelis quarantined Japan confirms more cases; Japanese Emperor expresses hope for Tokyo Games Trump says US has everything 'under control' as he asks Congress for more money EU's Gentiloni says he has 'full confidence' In Italian health officials Turkey, Pakistan close borders with Iran as confirmed cases soar Global Times says virus may not have originated at Hunan seafood market Axios reports shortages of 150 essential drugs likely.
  2. Is this thing really contained? Lets see in a couple more weeks...
  3. So does anyone in this forum have any clues as to the best way to help an anorexic? I don't know of anyone here with this training offhand. I have read about some very interesting trials they are doing to test a possible new treatment at Johns Hopkins. Other than that, I'm not sure what can be done since its such a weird and profound mental disorder.
  4. Gordo

    I kindly ask you to delete my account.

    Maybe you should have changed the name to "BattlingAnorexia" to provide more context.
  5. You might want to try some ideas from here: https://healthfully.com/489325-foods-that-increase-the-activity-of-natural-killer-cells.html
  6. The concern with Chinese grown mushrooms is that mushrooms absorb air pollution, so it depends on where they were grown. China has among the worst air pollution in the world, although that doesn't mean all of their product would be affected.
  7. Well the specific product you mentioned originally looks like nothing more than an extract from shiitake mycelium. It is very easy to grow shiitake mycelium. I don’t see how the high price of this product makes much sense. If you’ve grown magic mushrooms you can even more easily grow shiitake mycelium, just get https://amzn.to/38APHKU and some grain/rice of your choice, pressure cook or pasteurize the grain in a mason jar and then inject with the liquid culture and you will be able to make a nearly endless supply of mycelium. Takes very little time too.
  8. I stumbled upon this today and thought some others here might be interested. Longevity is about more than diet and exercise... https://news.yale.edu/2018/02/20/yales-most-popular-class-ever-be-available-coursera ‘The Science of Well Being’: Yale’s most popular class ever available via Coursera “Psychology and the Good Life,” taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos, is most popular class in the history of Yale. It, along with 20 other courses taught by Yale faculty, will be available online at Coursera in March. The most popular class in the history of Yale is now available online, joining 20 other Coursera classes taught by Yale faculty. The class, Psyc 157, “Psychology and the Good Life,” is taught by psychology professor Laurie Santos. Nearly a quarter of all Yale undergraduates have enrolled in the class in its inaugural year — a fact that attracted media attention around the globe. The online course, titled “The Science of Well Being,” features lectures by Santos on things people think will make them happy but don’t — and, more importantly, things that do bring lasting life satisfaction. Registration is now open. Register for the course. Learn about Yale’s other Coursera offerings.
  9. Interesting, just when it seemed this thing was fizzling out they announce a big jump in new infections and deaths: The number of new cases in Hubei grew by nearly 15,000, with 242 additional deaths counted in a single day. Makes for a weird looking chart:
  10. Gordo

    Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone and Mortality

    Assuming one wanted to increase T (the value of which is still debatable) I was looking for dietary interventions that might help (the only thing mentioned in this thread was vitamin K / natto). I found this review paper: Beyond tribulus (Tribulus terrestris L.): The effects of phytotherapics on testosterone, sperm and prostate parameters Heitor O. Santosa,⁎ , Scott Howellb , Filipe J. Teixeirac a School of Medicine, Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU), Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil Journal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 235, 10 May 2019, Pages 392-405 Conclusion: Scientific evidence supports the use of mucuna (5g/day) and ashwagandha (5g/day) as phytotherapics for improving serum T concentrations and semen parameters. Data suggests an increase in total T with the use of 5000 mg/d of powdered mucuna seed and ashwagandha root (151 and 143 ng/dL, respectively) over a 12- week period in patients with oligozoospermia. That conclusion seems to be based on these two studies: Effect of Mucuna pruriens on semen profile and biochemical parameters in seminal plasma of infertile men and Withania somnifera improves semen quality by regulating reproductive hormone levels and oxidative stress in seminal plasma of infertile males It would be interesting if someone here did before and after bloodwork on T levels using either or both of the protocols described in these studies. Mucuna is a bean, ashwagandha is a root, both are pretty inexpensive for a 90 day supply (1lb = 454g / 5g per day = 90 days, which would match the duration used in the studies above).
  11. Yes, and I haven't seen very many reports that include the ages of people who died, but it doesn't seem to be just the elderly by any means. Interestingly, the virus seems to be creating a new push for free speech in China (have to look for silver linings!)
  12. Gordo

    Americans Report Eating Less Meat

    You said "there is a very good argument that China did the right thing" in reference to "One Child Policy", maybe I misinterpret you there, but China killed off millions of human babies under that policy, you can see disturbing images of this and intervierws with the people who carried out the policy in the above documentary. At any rate, populations seem to "self modulate", in most developed nations fertility is in rapid decline, below replacement in many cases. I don't think morality is exclusive to religion at all. Every culture has its various moral values. Very few groups in history though have had any qualms about eating meat. Evolution has resulted in many species of animals that almost exclusively eat meat, making it seem pretty natural (not that humans are in this category). That cow is going suffer one way or the other, whether you eat it or let it age and decline over time, in fact the later will almost always involve far more pain and suffering. Then again if humans didn't eat them, we wouldn't breed them, and they would probably go extinct (as predators would see to that).
  13. Gordo

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    As for power sources - again this is showing the limitation of your imagination. As you noted, this universe may even be a hologram - perhaps our idea of its "power requirement" is greatly misguided, as it likely would be if characters in our simulated worlds became self aware and intelligent, and questioned how their universe could possibly be powered by anything so vast... There may be a much bigger universe outside of our currently known universe and from which we can trace our origins, where we are but a mere scaled down version. In such a scenario there would be power sources far beyond anything in our currently known universe. As for your video above, I enjoyed it, but isn't that exactly what I described? Our universe is on a path toward complete darkness with no life and no light, even matter itself will likely disintegrate and dissipate as radiation, even the black holes eventually dissipate leaving "nothing" which is where we started. I thought the math at 13:30 was interesting, why do they stop measuring the age of the universe when the last blackhole dissipates? We have no reason to believe the universe would not continue expanding forever (they even state this multiple times later on in the vid). Technically the fraction of time our universe supports life as we know it is 0.0000 repeating with a 1 on the end, which is arguably 0. 😉 BUT THE MOST HILARIOUS THING ABOUT the video you posted is that it seems you didn't actually watch the whole thing? Remember I asked you for your hypothesis on how a big bang happens - an entire universe springing out of "nothing". Jump to 24:32 in your above video where it says "We could create simulated virtual universes, or with enough energy, create another one just like our own" !!! What is this MADNESS? Creation? Simulations? Intelligently designed new universes? WOW, this is your response to how a big bang can happen?! They even speculate on how it might be done and say that ANY universe with intelligent life in it will likely create baby universes. This is exactly what we've been talking about. If you believe this portion of the video, then you must believe in the possibility of intelligent design and simulated universes (I guess by your definition this makes you a creationist!) haha. I acknowledge the fact that we have no idea and there are lots of interesting possibilities to think about. I consider rigid thinking a weakness.
  14. Gordo

    The Ultimate Purpose of Life

    And I am actually rather surprised to see a person so limited in what they think is possible on a forum like this. So what is your falsifiable hypothesis about the start of our universe "out of nothing"? I'm also interested in your hypothesis about where it's going (do you agree that at some future point our universe will contain no light and no life? What then? Eternity of "nothing"?). Maybe none of us should take these "unanswerable" questions too seriously, hence the prior quote "I just feel totally at sea. Totally at a loss for what to make out of the existence of the universe."