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  1. rmtew

    Growing Sprouts - Including Broccoli Sprouts

    hmm... The CDC says it takes at least a minute to kill either E. Coli or Salmonella in boiling water. Or 3 minutes at altitudes greater than 6500 ft. Like that other 5 second rule, this one appears to be wishful thinking upon closer inspection. As mentioned, I sterilize my growing trays for 1 minute in the microwave on high after each day's harvest to kill pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella that they may be harboring. I also sometimes cut off the bottom of the roots of my sprouts, if they've gotten too moist and don't appear as fresh as I'd like. --Dean Where would the salmonella or e-coli come from? Improperly washed hands? Flies? Blown in on the air? I'm curious how to understand creating the situations where it becomes present, and unclear how to really know these sorts of treatments can work if one doesn't understand where it comes from in the first place.
  2. rmtew

    Michael Rae's Megamuffin 2.0 & 3.0 Recipes

    Thanks Dean, and Michael. I look forward to seeing 4.0 and the breakdown in cronometer. I imagine I'll have to make my own variant, as many of these ingredients aren't generally easily available in my country.
  3. rmtew

    Pea protein powder options?

    ... But I want to emphasize I don't recommend consuming any protein isolates anymore, but instead getting a modest amount of protein from whole, mostly plant-based foods, especially if you are younger than 65. I know from reading recent posts, that some people don't eat them because of AGE (something to do with cooking I haven't looked into), but is there a modern recipe for megamuffins that has an updated ingredient list (perhaps excluding the soy protein isolate it has in the version I can find)?
  4. rmtew


    Do the mobile apps work without an internet connection? And if so, how much of the functionality is available without one? Only part of my house has signal, and it's hard to tell how usable this would be on a smartphone without having to only use it by the window standing on tippytoes.
  5. rmtew

    REALLY low-fat good after all?

    There's some comments by someone called Anna, one of which Denise responds to affirmatively, where Anna basically goes through the various highlighted studies and suggests that CR was involved and is a confounder. It sounds like this post was a long time coming, and I wonder when part 2 is coming, as I'm looking forward to it too.