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  1. CJay

    Taubes or not?

    I’m really sorry for my dumb delay! I believe my notifications (email) we’re going to spam. I appreciate your thought out opinion. I’ve felt similarly about him so it was odd to find him on Attia’s podcast- as I generally appreciate Peter’s critical reading of literature.
  2. Hi Everyone, I don’t generally agree with many (any?) nutrition authors and Taubes is IMO wrong about many things. That said, I appreciate things he brings to light & find his perspective of the literature valuable for further inquiry. I’m curious what other people have thought about his work- what do you think he has correct or not and what brings you to that conclusion? -Casey Inspired by my respect of Attia of course, even while being an ethical vegan who thinks most the “science” of vegan healthism is at least as flawed as Taubes.
  3. CJay

    Starting a CR Diet

    Okay. IMO we have more evidence now and I can't find any evidence for that based on the described methods OG papers. That said, this is from the Rheuses monkey study "Once animals were assigned to either control or CR groups, each CR animal's individually determined baseline intake was reduced by 10% per month over a 3-month period to reach the desired 30% restriction" but it doesn't state the reason for doing it this way. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2812811/) I like this new article that reviews the evidence and makes recommendations, so you might want to check it out. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8151159/
  4. CJay

    Starting a CR Diet

    Hi Fred, who said CR is only effective when weaned into it? I think the recommendation is to wean so that people don’t experience adverse responses to the diet, go too extreme, etc. Do you know your caloric needs for maintenance now? -Casey
  5. CJay

    Newbie meal planning and micronutrients

    I've noticed it changing over time TBH due to aging and lifestyle. I used to work in entertainment/fashion so I had a very different work schedule from my data driven computer life now. I have a female body so my hormones change a lot basically until after menopause when they chill out. I have high quality supplements and I take them sometimes - I just think of it as an additive - but for heavens sake only excellent companies bc that industry is dirrrrrty. When I track on cronometer I love the data - I'm always low in things but I'm not that stressed about it. We honestly know so little about requirements for an individual that as long as I'm making generally intelligent decisions and making sure I eat consistently I can't reasonably shoot for more than that. I don't track with cronometer all the time bc I'm too obsessed with accuracy if, for example, I make a recipe and the bell pepper weights 50g and then I make it again and this time it weighs 70g I update the recipe.... (In other words - it takes too much time & brainspace). I guess I'm letting perfection be the enemy of the good. I don't know what you mean by aging well but I'm probably too young to comment (32). Plus I have good genetics so idk that CR has anything to do with it.
  6. What kind of water do you drink? I'm vegan and I drink over a gallon of water a day but I don't have this problem - even drinking before bed. It stopped for me when I stopped drinking reverse osmosis filtered water (perhaps my body couldn't hold onto the lack of minerals?). It also helped to gain a little weight - I didn't have a period for awhile but now I do and I'm at bmi 18.5 again (was about 17-17.5 for most of my twenties). I restrict salt bc I don't generally like salty foods and I get migraines easily from it - it sounds like it's likely your water and food in the evening. Even if I have 32 oz in the evening most of my water and food is before 5pm.
  7. CJay

    Cake fit for human consumption

    Well if your wife would share the amounts of ingredients I will certainly try then. Beautiful either way
  8. CJay

    Cake fit for human consumption

    the swirl is beautiful! That takes skill I do not have 🙂
  9. CJay

    Blood Panel

    Wow, thank you for showing me this! Yes, my doctors have never been worried about it it was simply interesting to me. I appreciate these links!
  10. Hello everyone, I am terrible at social media engagement but I do read your posts and appreciate everyone here. It seems like such a supportive community. I have a question I’m a little reticent to ask- I’m curious if anyone has persistently low levels of certain things on a general blood panel, or if this is a me problem? I also don’t really understand if it’s a problem. Ny urea nitrogen and creatinine is always low (idk if I spelled that right) and my sodium is usually between 131-133 while I think normal is considered 134. Personally, I thought this could just be individual variability but some doctors are fine with them and others sound alarm bells and make me retake weekly panels (which is how I know the numbers are super consistent). Anyway- thanks for your input! CJ
  11. Ho Everyone! Oh my goodness how lovely to see that people reply :) I've asked for notifications via email on my posts and "followed" topics but I never received an email so I'm glad I checked :) maybe I need to check my junk mail. I have used the Cronometer and I found it really cool and informative but it certainly seems like it's hard to eat "enough". I'm often full before I "should be" according to those silly numbers. I've generally found it helpful for healthy eating but with w type A personality I was getting obsessive with the app. Maybe a better approach is to write it down, let it go, and check in bulk later. I have sensitive blood sugar so protein is important for me though I've tried being vegan a number of tunes, it really only worked when I was also an athlete so my appetite was voracious enough to meet normal protein requirements, I'll definitely post more recipes if people like them! I love everything I eat but it's so weird lol. The food allergies make me adaptive I suppose. (One of my favorite things is a whole heck load of boiled greens (especially beet or radish tops) with nutritional yeast and vegan "cheese" (probably not super nutritious but it's really easy to eat 8oz greens or so. I feel so happy and supported yay! Hopefully I'll get the post notifications otherwise I'll check back soon :) Martin thank you for the info on the dexa scan and all that! If you're ever coming to LA there are lots of places we can have lunch! Lol Grace hi! Your body fat and all that seems healthy, if I were you I think focusing on the CRON part is the goal, weight optimization seems to be the effect so if you're there already maybe being grateful for all your beautiful body can do for you.... (A lot of people down here have weight obsessions. It's not a beautiful thing to suck away our minds or values so just try to remember what's important [just my opinion, take it or leave it, no stress :)]) Brian- pus pus! (The Swedish I remember from 2007 lol) Thank you Dean and Nicholson too! Dean I miss my gardens from NorCal but school and art called me to the city- I bet those tomatoes (and everything you grow!) are awesome!
  12. CJay

    Base Ingredients for Sauces

    Thanks Rob! I don't eat white sauce much, it's just not a fave, noodles aren't really my thing
  13. CJay

    collard wraps

    these are my favorite! (proobably because collards are my favorite vegetable) take large collard leaves (or chard) and slice the stem out in a vshape about 2/3 way up the leaf. fill the in-tact part of the leaf first with about 1tbs chosen sauce such as hummus, thick dressing, or small piece avo mashed a bit, then layer veggies: my favorite are thin sliced carrot, celery, cucumber (without seeds because its too watery), red bell pepper and onion top with as many sprouts or a leaf lettuce optionally add cilantro, salsa, basil, parsley, or mint depending on your sauce pairing than cross the bottom "flaps" of the leaf and roll the whole thing up. Slice in half so it's pretty. For me these stay good 2-3 days in the fridge. (you can also use nori but I have to eat those immediately or they get soggy and fall apart... have a fork on hand for fallen veggies!)