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  1. CJay

    Cake fit for human consumption

    Well if your wife would share the amounts of ingredients I will certainly try then. Beautiful either way
  2. CJay

    Cake fit for human consumption

    the swirl is beautiful! That takes skill I do not have 🙂
  3. CJay

    Blood Panel

    Wow, thank you for showing me this! Yes, my doctors have never been worried about it it was simply interesting to me. I appreciate these links!
  4. Hello everyone, I am terrible at social media engagement but I do read your posts and appreciate everyone here. It seems like such a supportive community. I have a question I’m a little reticent to ask- I’m curious if anyone has persistently low levels of certain things on a general blood panel, or if this is a me problem? I also don’t really understand if it’s a problem. Ny urea nitrogen and creatinine is always low (idk if I spelled that right) and my sodium is usually between 131-133 while I think normal is considered 134. Personally, I thought this could just be individual variability but some doctors are fine with them and others sound alarm bells and make me retake weekly panels (which is how I know the numbers are super consistent). Anyway- thanks for your input! CJ
  5. Ho Everyone! Oh my goodness how lovely to see that people reply :) I've asked for notifications via email on my posts and "followed" topics but I never received an email so I'm glad I checked :) maybe I need to check my junk mail. I have used the Cronometer and I found it really cool and informative but it certainly seems like it's hard to eat "enough". I'm often full before I "should be" according to those silly numbers. I've generally found it helpful for healthy eating but with w type A personality I was getting obsessive with the app. Maybe a better approach is to write it down, let it go, and check in bulk later. I have sensitive blood sugar so protein is important for me though I've tried being vegan a number of tunes, it really only worked when I was also an athlete so my appetite was voracious enough to meet normal protein requirements, I'll definitely post more recipes if people like them! I love everything I eat but it's so weird lol. The food allergies make me adaptive I suppose. (One of my favorite things is a whole heck load of boiled greens (especially beet or radish tops) with nutritional yeast and vegan "cheese" (probably not super nutritious but it's really easy to eat 8oz greens or so. I feel so happy and supported yay! Hopefully I'll get the post notifications otherwise I'll check back soon :) Martin thank you for the info on the dexa scan and all that! If you're ever coming to LA there are lots of places we can have lunch! Lol Grace hi! Your body fat and all that seems healthy, if I were you I think focusing on the CRON part is the goal, weight optimization seems to be the effect so if you're there already maybe being grateful for all your beautiful body can do for you.... (A lot of people down here have weight obsessions. It's not a beautiful thing to suck away our minds or values so just try to remember what's important [just my opinion, take it or leave it, no stress :)]) Brian- pus pus! (The Swedish I remember from 2007 lol) Thank you Dean and Nicholson too! Dean I miss my gardens from NorCal but school and art called me to the city- I bet those tomatoes (and everything you grow!) are awesome!
  6. CJay

    Base Ingredients for Sauces

    Thanks Rob! I don't eat white sauce much, it's just not a fave, noodles aren't really my thing
  7. CJay

    collard wraps

    these are my favorite! (proobably because collards are my favorite vegetable) take large collard leaves (or chard) and slice the stem out in a vshape about 2/3 way up the leaf. fill the in-tact part of the leaf first with about 1tbs chosen sauce such as hummus, thick dressing, or small piece avo mashed a bit, then layer veggies: my favorite are thin sliced carrot, celery, cucumber (without seeds because its too watery), red bell pepper and onion top with as many sprouts or a leaf lettuce optionally add cilantro, salsa, basil, parsley, or mint depending on your sauce pairing than cross the bottom "flaps" of the leaf and roll the whole thing up. Slice in half so it's pretty. For me these stay good 2-3 days in the fridge. (you can also use nori but I have to eat those immediately or they get soggy and fall apart... have a fork on hand for fallen veggies!)
  8. CJay

    Besan flour muffin

    I find this incredibly filling and delicious on occasion - thought I don't eat it often. 1/3 cup sprouted garbanzo bean flour (20g) 1/3 cup water added 1 tbs at a time (less if it's too runny and stays that way) spices: I like italian blend and sometimes Nutritional Yeast and red pepper flakes) add all ingredients to a mug and let sit 5-10 minutes to thicken pour into mini-loaf pan and bake in toaster oven about 8 minutes at 375 until cooked through. It should be golden and puff up. Enjoy! (about 80 calories-- same nutriition as 20 g dry chickpeas)
  9. CJay

    Golden Milk

    So this is an age-old "tea" that is actually really varied if you look it up from ayurevedic medicine. With Water At my work we make it calling it 'Hot Toddy" with 1oz fresh turmeric juice 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 oz fresh gingerr juice cayenne and optional local honey in 16 oz hot water. I make this with a lemon wedge with powdered ginger and turmeric as well and it works fine- just not quite as tasty. With Nondaity milk turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and optional cayenne with 1 cup heated nondairy milk whipped in a blender (or shaker bottle) 30 seconds. (you can also add .5 tsp or more ghee if you like the health benefits of that- this is traditional for ayureveda) It's a really warming, invigorating drink without caffeine
  10. CJay

    Recipe books I like

    FAST diet cookbook if you eat meat- it has a lot of veggies, fish and low calorie sauces with nutritional content Appetite for Reduction: Vegan cookbook that is almost soy-free with caloric info included and all under 400 calories Most anything I make in the slow cooker is high water and nutrient coompared to calories Most of the time I keep it as simple as possible with whole foods and tomato based sauces (mostly bc they're my favoite) or a mix of Nutritional Yeast and Oil and garlic as "Cheese" (I'm allergic to dairy anyway)
  11. Hi! I'm new to posting on CR Society though I love the 120 year diet book, your forums, and thee Cronometer. I'm not yet trying (or assuming I'm on the way to) CR and I haven't figured yet how I would best approach it (though I'm finding it increasingly interesting to try and get all my nutrients from actual food!) I am one of those -take it or leave it people when it comes to food... I really enjoy it when I do it but I kinda find the whole schpeel laborious most of the time and wish I didn't have to do it so dogone often- the washing and cookinng and chewing that is :) I have multiple food allergies so it's really hard for me to eat out, meaning this doesn't change my social life much. I found CR originally from Dr. Amen when researching brain health. Sure looking young and feeling young sound great but thinking like a young person is my number one goal I believe :) I wish there were more "biomarker" tests to monitor that. A teensy bit about me: I'm 26, 5'8''-5'9'' (depending how stretched I am), and fluctuate between 115 and 118 lbs naturally though sometimes (especially in winter) I'm closer to 112 (like now-- more sleep and less muscle I presume). And I'm female- living in LOS ANGELES (from northern cali) wondering where all you otherr posters are. Also-I really appreciate how active a few of you are on here, I feel I've gotten to know a few of you in small ways just from reading your posts and sweet replies. Thank you for taking time from you day to do so! <3 Casey
  12. CJay

    Can I start CR at 20?

    If I do it now will my intelligence will decrease? Will it make it harder to learn things? What more brain development could I possibly have left? I don't understand how I could get any smarter at age 25 then I am now if I continue to have a normal diet. Would it not be a positive to keep a cfhildlike brain? It would stop that stereotypical old age stubbornness of resistance to change from occurring. From personal experience 20 was too early for me and decreased my cognitive function. I'm only 26 now but it was hard to tell in the moment until about a year later reflecting and noticing while debating with classmates that I waas quieter and slower in response. Your prefrontal cortex is still developing until about 25- look it up its really interesting- but it has a lot to do with judgement- for example it is wise that you asked the opinion of people here but the response "I don't understand how I could get any smarter at age 25 than I am now..." sounds like it may have been emotionally driven. I hope to be smarter at 30 than I am now and smarter still at 50. The pause that allows sound judgement takes practice but also a strong prefrontal cortex. I would suggest starting at 25 or later, it was profound how many things became easier when PC finished developing for me.
  13. Hi Brian, I found many of these questions quite interesting as a new CR member. I've been searching the threads trying to find answers to how to introduce the diet slowly and if the benefit can be achieved at different levels and how to know which level is best for each individual. Specifically, I've read that starting CR earlier means you need to reduce more dramatically than others (I'm 26) and also that those who are naturally thin may benefit from less CR (I fall into this category) Hi GenGenimney, Would you mind clarifying for me what a body-double is? I haven't heard or read about this yet in my past couple months of research. In response to number 4- I have wondered if I've been unintentionally practicing CR a lot of my life and now, for the first time I'm trying to add in the ON onto the end :). We were poor when I was very small and then growing up I was very athletic and ethically vegan so I didn't get my period until I was almost 20 and now, at 26, many people still think I'm in high school or have just graduated. It's also quite impossible for me to eat my caloric requirements alotted by my FitBit without feeling abhorrently stuffed and semi-ill and gaining weight, so I just don't. Thank you for your questions! (PS- body fat 25% in a woman is, I believe still "normal" even if not optimal for you... try to be a little kinder to yourself <3)