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  1. gracezw

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    I just reserved a bottom bunk bed in Toucan and Macaw. I am happy to share the room with 3 others. --- Toucan and Macaw sleeps up to 4 guests, 2 sets of bunk beds in each room, indoor bathroom, balcony. Two rooms are available side-by-side.
  2. gracezw

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Dean and all, all this looks very exciting. I am considering coming on my own, if I cannot bring my 11-year-old.
  3. gracezw

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Dean and all, thanks a lot for the updates! I am done with the survey!
  4. gracezw

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Mechanism, Thanks for your response! I am glad that our February vacation matches with yours too! Thank you also for pointing to the website’s 4-night minimum stay requirement. I did not see it. Why does it have to “once-in-a-lifetime”? I thought we could visit it again if we like it.
  5. gracezw

    CR Mini-Retreat in Costa Rica?

    Hi Dean and all, All this looks great! Certainly I am interested! I have been thinking of starting to take my now-11-years-old son out regularly at least once a year on healthy eating and physically active trips with like-minded people and families. This looks even better than I thought! My son's school breaks: January 16, 2017 Martin Luther King Day January 27, 2017 Staff Learning Day February 20-24,2017 Mid-Year Recess April 10-14, 2017 Spring Recess For now I have a concern: my son has mysterious stomach aches once in a while. I need to have a plan on how to handle that during the stay. I would like to hear suggestions from other parents who plan to go.
  6. gracezw

    Exercising while reading and writing

    Dean, congrats on your new stationary bike! It looks very cool! And it is an amazing deal!
  7. gracezw

    Eating While Traveling

    Dean, this is great sharing. Thanks! How often do you vacation with your family every year? Are your vacations all or mostly active and outdoor?
  8. gracezw

    Dean's Current Diet

    Dean, that is well said. That is such a good reminder for me. Thank you!
  9. gracezw

    Live fast, die young

    Thank you, Al, for posting. I enjoy reading it.
  10. gracezw

    CR: My Story

    Drew, that is a great story, thank you! Dean, your comments are great too!
  11. Recently I went to a cancer event at my local hospital. A dietitian was on the panel with a few cancer doctors. She recommended 9 servings of kale every day. A member in the audience asked one of the doctors, the director of the hospital's cancer treatment department, whether she followed that recommendation. She looked not very comfortable with this question. She admitted that eating those many servings of kale was either hard or impossible for her.
  12. gracezw

    A CR Garden

    My local community farm uses black plastic, but mostly for suppressing weeds. Dean, where do you plan to buy black plastic for the growing season next year?
  13. gracezw

    A CR Garden

    Dean, thank you for your responses. I will think about it. How do you water your plants? I guess you have a dripping system? Is your dripping system underneath your fabric? How much water do you give to different types of plants? How do you simulate one inch of rain?
  14. gracezw

    A CR Garden

    Dean, your visit of your CSA looked great! Thanks for sharing! Is your CSA farm an organic one? I called my local master gardeners' hotline and asked them questions about my own veggies and fruit growing. I also threw in a question about using fabric/plastic after I read your update here. They did not like the idea of fabric/plastic because: 1. It is not part of organic farming; 2. It may overheat the soil and the plants 3. To avoid/reduce insects problems and disease, they recommended cutting off the lowest leaves of a plant so its base won't touch the mulch. How would you respond?
  15. gracezw

    A CR Garden

    Dean, I like your fabric/plastic instead of mulch idea. Conserving water is a high priority for me. This is my first growing season. Currently I use wood chips. When a vegetable plant is small and thus its base is small, in order to cover all or most of the soil, the fabric/plastic needs to be placed close to its base. When the plant grows bigger, would you gradually move the fabric/plastic away from its base to make room?