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  1. Financial Times: Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as countries start to reopen
  2. About the "best" treatment for COVID-19 ... it's not new ....Trump said he was taking it ... but the issue got politicized ... then the Lancet study and others buried it .... a lot of $$$ and power at stake ... but still some hope: proper dosing and cocktail of HCQ + AZ + Zn....
  3. This may have already been reported on the forum. I rec'd an email today from Luigi (below): ---------------------------------- Dear Khurram, how are you? Hope you are doing well in these difficult times. I am writing to bring to your kind attention a new book, entitled the ‘Path to Longevity’, that summarizes more than 20 years of research, clinical practice and my accumulated knowledge on healthy longevity. Here, a video interview with Sunrise TV that encapsulates some of the key topics: My ultimate dream is that by reading this book people might start to examine their current level of physical and psychological health, and their subconscious expectations for the future. I hope that by becoming more aware of their full potential they will unlock a profoundly felt need for transformation and possibly help the world become a better place. Warmest regards, Luigi PROFESSOR LUIGI FONTANA, MD, PhD, FRACP Professor of Medicine and Nutrition Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Translational Metabolic Health Director, Healthy Longevity Research and Clinical Program Charles Perkins Centre | Sydney Medical School (Central Clinical School) Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney Level 5 West | D17 – Education and Research Hub, The Charles Perkins Centre | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006 Clinical Academic | Department of Endocrinology Royal Prince Alfred Hospital | Camperdown | NSW | 2050 T +61 2 8627 7499 | M +61 4 0879 0318 E luigi.fontana@sydney.edu.au W http://sydney.edu.au/perkins T @LuigiFontana22 Ln https://linkedin.com/in/luigi-fontana-md-phd-fracp-6383b1b0/ F https://www.facebook.com/prof.luigifontanaMD.PhD Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJd_Uuxlsvs9gky4dSCntXg This email plus any attachments to it are confidential. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. If you receive this email in error, please delete it and any attachments. Please think of our environment and only print this email if necessary. SAVE PAPER - THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT
  4. A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About (D614G)
  5. Autopsy and CT scan studies about COVID-19. Take home message: co-morbidity and personal (life long) health maintenance is paramount for immunity. Duh!!!
  6. This will probably be Journeyman Pictures most controversial Pandemic video ... but even if totally (ultimately) proven incorrect, even Micheal Crichton could not have constructed better sci-fi !!
  7. KHashmi317

    Walking and All-Cause Mortality

    I should be more clear, if that's even possible when armchair hypothesizing. I call it a "famine conspiracy". It's a blanket term I came up with that serves as parent explanation of, e.g., why cancer, pathogens, headaches, allergies "leave us alone" when BF levels get (and stay) low. (See my other post on this elsewhere). When the famine danger -- which is SUBSTANTIAL -- is over, and BF returns to normal, cancer and pathogens can resume normal biz (of evolving and/or thinning out) the herd. But the internal tracking software might not be that sophisticated ... so lotta steps may be = to "famine".
  8. KHashmi317

    Walking and All-Cause Mortality

    A few more thoughts .... In a "natural CR" state (famine), organisms would be putting in more steps to look for (and/or pursue) food. So maybe, there is an built-in Fitbit of a sort, "bean counting". And it's a DUMB counter. So it ignores modern-man attributes (overweight, excess calories, DELIBERATE calorie restriction). So the counted steps may put the organism into a CR-like mortality sequence.
  9. KHashmi317

    Walking and All-Cause Mortality

    Years ago, after watching a doc on African persistent hunters (who regularly pursue prey animals for days, and, hence put in a lotta steps), I did a little digging and came up with little wrt longevity benefits. Careful folks! Human appetite psychology is very sneaky ... often trying trying to find back doors into snarfville. And more calories you burn, the more powerful those drives amass. REFS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistence_hunting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_running_hypothesis
  10. IMHO, the way it should be done ...
  11. Took these photos from Manhattan Beach, CA, yesterday, as I biked thru... as close as I could get to to beach legally ... both the pedestrian Strand and the bike paths are closed. As is the Pier and beach. Interestingly, the beach itself had quite a few city workers on it doing maint. work (maybe long-neglected maint. work, finally doable). Amusingly, the street alleyways (just a few meters to the right of the house--run parallel to beach ) are fully open (and where the peds and cyclists are sharing the road with .... ugh... traffic). What a way to run a railroad!