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  1. The wiki entry notes the buyout of his company: "Sirtris went public in 2007 and was subsequently purchased and made a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline in 2008 for $720 million." I hope he put some of that $$ into good use. Problems with LE "companies" are: --no clear vision/direction (biology is really hard stuff ... those molecular pathways, etc. ... yikes!!) --high turnover rate (e.g., "At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Calico lost two top scientists; in December 2017 Hal Barron, its head of R&D, left for GlaxoSmithKline, and in March 2018 Daphne Koller, who was leading their AI efforts, left to pursue a venture in applying machine learning techniques to drug design.") --sensitivity to markets and VC schema (“Grow fast, lose money, go public, get rich. That’s the model.” ― Dan Lyons, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble) --etc. (much more ...!!)
  2. I rarely read entire books anymore (except maybe some novels, and many in audiobook format). There are way too many interesting books, and putting in the time for even a few means less "investigative" time for other topics. Also books have sort of "sunk cost" effect. Even if you borrow them from the library, time sunk in reading can psychologize you to accept their viewpoints. There are ways to have your cake, though: Many of the major pop-sci books have summary articles in various pop-sci mags (Sci Am, New Sci, etc). And then there are the myriad podcasts and YouTube book promos (Google, etc) that distill the bottomline into PP slides and bullet points. I do think that video (and audio) can add to (or subtract from) whatever the author is selling or pushing ... shaky voice or nervous presentation might indicate he isn't all that confident in his arguments. .... Back to Sinclair ... I actually watched the entire 2hr Joe Rogan interview (sept 2019). The strategies Sinclair suggests (practices himself) in supplementing (Resv., NMN, Met, etc) seem quite complicated ... timing, with or w/o meal, with or w/o protein, fat. Also, alternating heavy exercise days with supplement days. Maybe the "hobbying" aspect is fun for some. Still, the molecules are highly experimental, and $$$. Also -- and I noted this before on the List -- are the synergistic effects of CR and molecule supplementation -- unknown at best, risky at worst .
  3. The use of NMN, Metformin, etc. by LEists is not new. In any case, several of the YouTube comments noted Sinclair looks young for his age (50/51). A brief overview of his personal molecule and fasting/diet regimen was presented in this 11 min video (edited down from the 2hr Joe Rogan 2019 interview):
  4. After watching the Google Talk, a few things to note... Sinclair's promotion of various compounds -- most recently NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) -- have been criticized: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/beyond-resveratrol-the-anti-aging-nad-fad/ Sinclair seems to endorse regular fasting, but makes no references to calorie restriction per se. Unfortunate. Sinclair's wikipedia entry is insightful. It should be a "pre-read" before investing in his new hardcover.
  5. Sinclair pub'd what I think is his first popular book: Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To (sept 2019) A preview is here:
  6. Here's another 20min seminar from recent SU Cambridge UK conference. Bottom line: Get your EXERCISE!
  7. This 21-min video was just posted (as of this writing). Haven't started watching yet but thought the topic may be of interest to CRS:
  8. SU Global Summit 2019 | Future of Health & Longevity | Dr. Daniel Kraft This 28min video gives an optimistic overview (target: investors?) of "Longevity" as of late 2019. Reminiscent of the format used by SENS from a few years back (whatever happened to annual SENS conventions, btw???)
  9. KHashmi317

    Does CR help with physical pain?

    One thing I have noticed -- especially after my body fat became "zero" (my norm on the Tanita scale), over 18 years ago -- is that textures against skin (cloth) seem softer. So even prev. "itchy" fabrics are tolerable to wear. Not really a "pain" issue; rather, level of comfort.
  10. KHashmi317

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    Walker (mentioned above by Matt) is also referenced in the video below. I haven't tried any of the sleep monitoring apps (like SnoreLab) ... seems it may be useful in tweaking sleep...
  11. KHashmi317

    CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

    About quality and qty of sleep ...for me anyway ... gotta have about 7 hrs/night plus usually a 15 min. nap after lunch. If I don't get enough, I'll feel groggy and malaise ("flu-ey") all day. Also ... on underslept days, I'll be much more prone to mistake-making and brain farts ... including dangerous shit like traffic mistakes. Another thing about ACUTE undersleep is that it can be difficult make up that sleep right away, even with deliberate attempts to lay down and nap. Almost like a weird, nervous hyper-vigilance state. IME, that sleep debt is only repaid over the next 72-96 hrs. So, the oft-repeated tip about keeping same sleep schedule seems like a biggie. About use of electronic devices JUST before bedtime ... no problems here. Also with the 15 min. afternoon nap ... I do that in a bright sunlight room.
  12. Subject: Antioxidants may encourage the spread of lung cancer rather than prevent it ... https://www.sciencenews.org/article/antioxidants-lung-cancer-spread-prevent Personally, I cut out all supps several years back, but for hassle and economic aspect than scientific rationale. One of my food items is fortified. But pill supps are probably "overdose".
  13. KHashmi317

    Coffee Revisited

    Interesting video--nicely produced and edited, at least. Not sure about any tangible bennies based on the those papers. My own coffee consumption habits--since commencing CR in late 1999-- have varied. Including many consecutive years with no consumption. For the past 3 years, consumption has been two cups French press light roast ( with 1T soy milk/cup), upon awaking in the morning. Coffee helps with mood , suppresses appetite, and ups thermogenesis (a nice warmup on cold days). That's my bottom line.
  14. Statisticians' Call To Arms: Reject Significance And Embrace Uncertainty! "A recent study that questioned the healthfulness of eggs raised a perpetual question: Why do studies, as has been the case with health research involving eggs, so often flip-flop from one answer to another? ... An entire issue of the journal The American Statistician is devoted to this question, with 43 articles and a 17,500-word editorial ..." Article and NPR podcast here: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/03/20/705191851/statisticians-call-to-arms-reject-significance-and-embrace-uncertainty
  15. An important miss in the NewSci article is importance of protecting eyes from sunshine. Don't forget the shades!