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  1. Similar to Tom's experience here in LA (I'm in the South Bay). The streets still have quite a bit of traffic for a "lockdown". The beaches, piers and (most unfortunately) the beach bike trails are closed. The city parks are "open", but their parking lots are closed. Supermarkets seem to have normal traffic, and I even (finally) noticed that TJs in my area did not have a metering line. The Hispanic supermarkets are the best option for groceries, IMO ... low traffic, very well stocked, clean, and folks practicing SDing, with many gloved hand and masked faces. I cycled thru some of the more affluent communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, earlier today, and saw more careless SD behavior than in less affluent ones.
  2. I'm hoping this California company comes up with a COVID-19 solution. It would be another "iPhone moment" for Silicon Valley. (and a redemption after the Theranos disaster). Coronavirus: Distributed Bio CEO on developing therapeutic antibody treatment
  3. Well, to lift everyone's spirits, it could be MUCH worse ... The above 2008 talk presented the heightened likelihood of pandemic influenza, due to significant increased use of LARGE-scale industrial farming. If this happened in the near future, then this human planet may very well face multiple, parallel viral pandemics. And then of course, there are the "usual" monthly disasters ... equakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. I'm a big fan of the History Channel series Mega Disasters (2006-2008). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Disasters Since you're home, anyway, why not stream some entertaining episodes 😉
  4. ...and this site (based on data gathered from Univ. Of Washington) shows projected hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths... https://covid19.healthdata.org/
  5. About "Herd Immunity".... It's difficult to find info (if it exists) on another POTENTIAL type.... Say I get a pathogen infection, my immune system fights it off, and now I'm immune. Now, I've got a bunch of dead and/or weak pathogen particles in me. Can I pass these dead/weak particles off as "immunization" to others NATURALLY ? These may be via std. pathology communication transport: sneeze, breath, touch/contact. Essentially, this is analogous to medical immunization inoculation or vaccine nasal spray. How realistic is this scenario? If realistic, how common is this situation in Nature?
  6. I haven't seen much discussion on COVID-19 vs. race. Africans (and African-Americans) should be a genetic group to watch given their general robustness to diseases like malaria. (A primary reason Europeans used Africans for slave export to the New World). On that note, indigenous racial groups (vs COVID-19), should also prove interesting. E.g., how the newest races fare (such as indigenous groups in the New World; many of which were wiped out by 15th cent. European colonizers-- Columbus, et. al)) Refs: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4067985/
  7. Just relaying (w/o analysis) the latest Thunderf00t video: Mathematical model of Coronavirus spread in USA.
  8. Coronavirus vs. Every 2000s Epidemic (March 19 update) Fatality comparison
  9. Yup. Govt's spend decades and billions of $ on supercomputers and techniques to model arguably simpler processes, like weather patterns (tornados, hurricanes), black holes, supernovae, ...and, of course, disease evolution, etc, etc ... and all those REMAIN largely work-in-progresses. YouTubers like Thunderf00t are entertaining. They may even get it right some of the time (Mr. Tf is Dr. Phil Mason , a research chemist) . For example, I liked what he did to de-myth the popular and very-high-rated Chernobyl (2019) miniseres . But pandemics are fairly open-ended and unpredictable event. You can think of them as a sort of Natural correction.
  10. Thunderf00t's sobering message ....
  11. I think all survivors of COVID19 should be scientifically tracked and followed for the rest of their lives. One reason ... to gauge their resistance to cancers, as somewhat document by Coley. In fewest words: when you get sick, so do your "disguised " cancer cells ... but the fever/infection causes cancer-cell "metabolism exhaust" to burn dirtier, alerting the body's immune system of their presence.
  12. About "at-home" lockdowns... By all mean, and as necessary, close airports, train stations, etc. BUT, folks need to get groceries, visit pharmacy, go to hospital and walk their dogs. The news media and govt. authorities need to do a BETTER job communicating PHYSICAL DISTANCING and hygiene. So ... robo-calls, emergency phone "alert" messages, tv ads, etc. If AFTER communicative efforts, some break the law ... chalk up the losses to Darwinism.
  13. Coronavirus quickie just-the-numbers sites and/or "apps" This one is live and updates 1/min. Probabaly best for phones. Very well-designed: https://ncov2019.live/ Here is another: https://coronavirus.app/map Here is another: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Finally, Wikipedia page (not sure about update freq.): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_coronavirus_pandemic
  14. Sunshine and fresh air (= outdoors) seems to have been an effective strategy in 1918 for a variety of reasons: Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Other than diet and proper sleep, REGULARLY being outdoors (especially when coupled with exercise) is IDEAL for emotional and physical health (= robust immune system) . The news media and govt. agencies rarely menion these important variables.
  15. Several of you have probably already seen this ... Khan Academy posted it two days ago ... a reasonable analysis ...