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  1. Here is a fascinating exploration as to why some areas may have been hit harder than others with COVID-19. It has to do with temperature and humidity.
  2. I haven't perused the whole thread here, but Dr. McDougall posted an interesting 75 minute video on this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALwuVx-U6bg
  3. drewab

    Heavy metals in foods

    There may be something said for sweating out lead via sauna use. This may be of interest: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312275/ It may also apply to other heavy metals. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has done a lot of digging in this area.
  4. drewab

    CR: My Story

    I thought I would post an update here since this thread is now 3.5 years old. I continue to practice a similar health regime to what I describe above. One of the funny things about CR and healthy lifestyle, in general, is that once you implant habits, you open up space to pursue other ventures. Like many of the members of this forum, human longevity is a fascination of mine, though my inspiration was largely inspired by being so sick in my mid 20's. Had this not occurred I doubt I would have taken interest in the topic. My longevity regime is basically as follows: A plant-based diet with rare animal product consumption (maybe 5 times per year) A daily exercise regime which my Apple watch used to calculate as the step equivalent of about 17 000 steps per day (circulating through swimming, biking, running, yoga, weightlifting, the elliptical, etc.). Cold exposure - this has been the biggest evolution since I first started this thread in 2016 - the total quantity of CE is higher. Cold showers have become a regular way of starting my day along with a great deal of time outdoors in the cold while wearing only light clothing. I don't opt for more artificial forms of cold-exposure like cryotherapy or wearing ice vests. Meditation - practicing daily - based on the tradition of Mindfulness. I closely follow the practices of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hahn, etc. Stress management - I accepted a promotion at work a little over a year ago which led to a very stressful period of my life. I coped about as well as I could have and as a result, things went as smooth as the possibly could have, though stress is still stress. Working to enhance relationships with my family - given that this is such an important aspect of the Blue Zones, it makes sense to focus on. My social life isn't great, but I tend to be introverted and I'm not sure that I really care about having few friends (not sure how this will impact longevity - I know many people here wonder about this) My bloodwork remains consistently excellent and my checkups with the cardiologist have gone well. The only interesting trend in my bloodwork is that my platelets continue to be slightly below the normal range (they barely fluctuate, so they have been consistently low over the years). And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've attached a photo from today. My weight is identical to what it was in 2016 (BMI 20.7), though I feel I look leaner in the photo today. It's hard to say, maybe I'm just flexing harder - LOL! I continue to read on this site frequently though don't' always post.
  5. This topic is discussed here on David Sinclairs new appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
  6. drewab

    My personal CR questions...

    I'm not sure I can answer any of your questions, but a few things come to mind in this thread. Being on the shorter side (5"2) may confer longevity benefits. It seems that a larger frame/height results in less longevity. I do agree that going less than 1600 calories seems a little dicey. It would be hard to meet all of your nutritional requirements with fewer calories than that. You asked, "How do you know when you are on CR?" There are some markers that involve calculations with regards to caloric intake, but your blood work would provide indicators as would other metrics like blood pressure. You know you're in the right place when you get excited to grocery shop and buy healthy food.
  7. Gordo, I'm wondering if you could expand on this. On another note, I find the discussion in this thread to be fascinating. To the OP, sometimes my regime is extremely simple and other times it's more complicated. During busier times of life, my simple plant-based diet is a few key complex carbohydrates with some other staple plants (i.e. lentils, oats, blueberries, arugula, flax, beets, nut butter, etc.). When I find I have time, I get lost in the minutiae and find myself doing this like mixing black pepper with turmeric to increase its absorption and consuming 30 varieties of plants per day. Exercise is consistent and more or less on autopilot. I'm 34 and have been exercising for 20 years. For more than a decade it has been first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. While the quantity has varied, it probably averages to 30 minutes of biking, swimming, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, or other moderate activity close to 7 days per week. The last 4-5 years have included a meditation practice again, which I don't think much about other than to refine my practice and to be present with it. I also try to have life be 'the curriculum' for my daily practice. I'm not really concerned with overdoing it with nutrition but am more concerned with exercise. At times I've done 9+ hours per week of moderate to high-intensity exercise (heart rate between 125-165). I don't currently do that. For some, it could lead to a negative cardiovascular outcome (though I think the heart is very resilient and for many people it's fine). I'm somewhat more concerned about the impact on joint health and don't know if exercising that much is currently compatible with functional mobility at 90 or 100. I don't take supplements at the moment (other than b-12 and vitamin d in the winter), so I'm not too concerned with that. In my younger years I took many supplements and felt it was a waste of money, and it was possibly even damaging to health. One thing I do wonder about is the cumulative effect of mild stressors. Mild stress on an organism generally produces effects that are good for longevity. For example, exercise is stress and in appropriate doses this stress is good for you. Calorie restriction is stress and in appropriate doses appears to be beneficial. Cold exposure is stress and so long as it isn't overdone, it may confer benefits. Sun exposure provides vitamin D, nitric oxide, etc. and seems fine so long as exposure isn't overdone as it comes with radiation too. Fasting stresses the body but appears to have benefits in many instances. I could go on and on. What I'm getting at is that I wonder how well the body handles all of these cumulative stressors put together. Maybe the outcome is supreme longevity, maybe it's excellent health span, maybe it depends on your genetics, maybe you need a complex matrix with a ridiculous number of permutations to even comprehend this. All I can tell you is that today my health is the best it's been with the above health practices. Will this translate into great health span and a good life span? I hope so, since the cards were stacked against me. You can read about that here if you like.
  8. Hi All, I found this to be an incredibly enjoyable Q & A from Dr. Greger. His energy is infectious!
  9. I'm wondering if there is more to the question than you are leading on to ask. Are you wondering if your BMR changes with long-term calorie reduction?
  10. David Sinclair also has a much longer version that covers many of the same topics here on Joe Rogan's podcast. It's quite enjoyable. Notably he also appeared on Rich Roll's podcast here too: My apologies if these have already been shared on this forum. I've got to admit the guy looks great for his age.
  11. drewab

    Cafeteria style CR

    Looks delicious to me. Nothing beats finding great healthy CR friendly food in unexpected places. I've had to travel more this year than perhaps any other (which is still very little) and I'm always amazed at what can be found on the road.
  12. drewab

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    I've had a few minor hospital visits over the past few years and it has been forehead measurement, whereas when I was younger (as it 8+ years ago) it was either in the ear or under the tongue.
  13. drewab

    Should you be taking vitamin D3?

    Tom, You make some interesting points. Can I ask if you take any supplements?
  14. Here is a very interesting critique of Dr. Greger's vitamin D videos on nutritionfacts.org. I'm such a huge Dr. Greger fan and have traditionally not been a fan of some of the critics of him around here (i.e. Michael Rae), but this one really caught my attention.
  15. Here is a 2 hr 33 min panel discussion with Dr. Essylstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Williams, & Dr. Popper. No doubt this will be of interest to many people around here. It's incredible to get these brilliant people together!