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  1. drewab

    On Vacay in Mexico

    Your strength for your weight is very impressive - great deadlift, chinup/dip strength. I think your approach of not overloading your spine is wise, afterall, I'm sure you saw what happened to Ronnie Coleman with those 800lb deadlifts/squats, right? I do very little strength training, but I do DB overhead lunges and find them to be a great overall leg exercise. My knees don't agree with heavy squats like they did when I was in university. I enjoy some other exercises like DB snatches, box jumps, pullups, muscle-ups, and a few fun exercises. From a health and longevity perspective, I do wonder if your intake of things like methionine is kind of irrelevant given that most of it will be taken up and utilized by muscle, as opposed to fueling growth somewhere else in the body. I also feel like hanging leg raises and the likes do a great job of decompressing the spine... this is based more on feel than anything else.
  2. drewab

    On Vacay in Mexico

    That looks super cool to feed monkeys like that! You are definitely a very fit specimen - kudos for all of the hard work you must do to maintain that. Just curious, what's a typical day of nutrition look like for you? And what's a typical week of training? Nearly 15 years ago I trained similar to DC (also Madcow 5x5, not sure if that rings a bell). I was able to get pretty strong, but not always so lean. Where in Mexico is that? I've always wanted to go but the family isn't comfortable with the safety of tourists unfortunately.
  3. drewab

    Blood Panel

    That's wonderful that you have a plant-based cardiologist. Can I ask what led you to see one? Was there something specific that led to your referral or just a general desire to see one? I have a few things that are regularly low on my blood work, like white blood cells, testosterone, platelets, and neutrophil. I think it's probably okay that they are low, though I continue to keep an eye out should I change my stance on this.
  4. drewab

    The Intermittent Fasting Advantage

  5. drewab

    The Intermittent Fasting Advantage

    This is simply inaccurate. For example, here were see that even a 13 hour overnight fast reduces breast cancer risk in females: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4982776/ This is remarkable in that it is not difficult for most people to do a 13 hour fast, whereas the majority of people will never do multi-day fasts.
  6. drewab

    Hungry at night problem

    Just wondering how long you are sleeping? I suffer from the same problem intermittently and I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what is going on. I am fairly caffeine sensitive and anything more than say, 100mg early in the day, disrupts my sleep. However, one interesting pattern I've noticed is that if I sleep 7 hours, it's fairly good with little wakefulness. When I regularly sleep 8 hours I'm waking up hungry at night all the time. Just curious, what does a typical day of food, exercise, work, and other activities look like? It sounds like you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and have much to be proud of.
  7. drewab

    Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone and Mortality

    Just curious, what's your BMI or height/weight?
  8. drewab

    Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone and Mortality

    That's very impressive for someone your age Saul! What do you attribute your solid T level too?
  9. drewab

    Any good salad dressing recipes?

    Some salad dressings I use are: No dressing at all Balsamic vinegar (no sulfites) Banana - I slice up a banana into say 20 thin slices so each massive bite of salad gets some sweetness Watermelon + 1-2 dates blended in a Vitamix and poured over salad (this is sort of decadent since you get a large volume of semi-sweet dressing) I've created many of Dr. Fuhrman's dressings from his various books - they are incredibly good, but often more labor intense than I have time to create As you can see, I don't go the typical route in dressings. The one thing is I ensure is that they are SOS (salt-oil-sugar) free.
  10. drewab

    Chocolate Mousse

    This is very similar to what Dr. Greger suggested 13 years ago here: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/healthy-chocolate-milkshakes/ It sounds delicious!
  11. drewab

    Where do you source your metformin?

    To answer your question on 'where do you source your metformin?' The answer is I don't and wouldn't do it without being under the supervision of a physician.
  12. Our favorite doctor, Michael Greger, is back with a video (part of a multi-part series) titled 'Where Do Deadly Coronaviruses Come From?' https://nutritionfacts.org/video/where-do-deadly-coronaviruses-like-mers-cov-come-from/ I won't spoil some of the action in it, as there is some good content IMO!
  13. drewab

    Is a healthy diet the same for everyone?

    I'm wondering if you could expand on this. Yup - you bet! But I don't think that's around the corner anytime soon.
  14. drewab

    Blood Pressure

    You can consider that a cutoff, but it is probably preferable to rely on some sort of scientific definition or consensus reached by a panel, governing body, and so forth, rather than just an opinion. For example, despite the fact that my BMI varies between 20.5-21.0 (I've been as low as 19.9 but didn't enjoy how I felt, though I did become a faster runner at that weight), many of my bloodwork markers indicate some level of CR including low WBC, low platelets, low levels of inflammation, low cholesterol, low testosterone, excellent fasting glucose/HBA1C, and resoundingly normal chemistry otherwise. The only exception I've ever noted otherwise was an IGF-1 reading that was somewhat higher, but otherwise in the normal range. I've only had this measured once as my physicians don't really see the need to do it, so perhaps it was attributable to something else. Based on my bloodwork do I think I am mildly CR'd? Maybe. It's also equally possible that other practices I engage in like endurance training, cold exposure, and the likes also nudge me in the same direction... or perhaps it's the cumulative effect of both.
  15. drewab

    Post a picture of what you just ate

    Ron, I'm wondering how you are able to hit 1000+mg of calcium on that plan? It looks like a great dietary pattern! Today's supper was as follows: Steamed arugula, kale, and a whole beet. A random mix of whatever I had around - green lentils, kidney beans, corn, oats, brazil nuts, banana, zucchini, 4 berry mix, cherries, spice medley, turmeric, etc. These mixes have a habit of really hitting the spot! The calorie total for the meal was likely 700-800. Three cheers for basic plant-based dishes!