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  1. Hi All, I found this to be an incredibly enjoyable Q & A from Dr. Greger. His energy is infectious!
  2. I'm wondering if there is more to the question than you are leading on to ask. Are you wondering if your BMR changes with long-term calorie reduction?
  3. David Sinclair also has a much longer version that covers many of the same topics here on Joe Rogan's podcast. It's quite enjoyable. Notably he also appeared on Rich Roll's podcast here too: My apologies if these have already been shared on this forum. I've got to admit the guy looks great for his age.
  4. drewab

    Cafeteria style CR

    Looks delicious to me. Nothing beats finding great healthy CR friendly food in unexpected places. I've had to travel more this year than perhaps any other (which is still very little) and I'm always amazed at what can be found on the road.
  5. drewab

    98.6 F (37.0 C) is old school

    I've had a few minor hospital visits over the past few years and it has been forehead measurement, whereas when I was younger (as it 8+ years ago) it was either in the ear or under the tongue.
  6. drewab

    Should you be taking vitamin D3?

    Tom, You make some interesting points. Can I ask if you take any supplements?
  7. Here is a very interesting critique of Dr. Greger's vitamin D videos on nutritionfacts.org. I'm such a huge Dr. Greger fan and have traditionally not been a fan of some of the critics of him around here (i.e. Michael Rae), but this one really caught my attention.
  8. Here is a 2 hr 33 min panel discussion with Dr. Essylstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Williams, & Dr. Popper. No doubt this will be of interest to many people around here. It's incredible to get these brilliant people together!
  9. I hope everyone here is doing well and having a great summer. Recently I had an episode where low blood-glucose nearly caused me a big problem. Several days ago I underwent a vasectomy (my kids are getting older now and I'm happy to end my chances of further procreation). The procedure itself went well and was relatively uneventful - I was happy to see that Dr. Greger recommends it as his preferred form of birth control. Immediately after the procedure, you are kept in a holding room to see how you are feeling and I was doing great. Smiling, laughing, chatting with the hospital staff, and so forth. My BP and HR were taken and were great (110/70 HR 60, which considering I have white coat syndrome is good). They also commented on how lean I was and I said I "must be a runner." Which is somewhat true, but not anywhere to the extent to which I actually am. My leanness is probably 80% due to diet, not exercise. They come to offer me some juice and cookies and inform me that people routinely faint from this procedure. I kindly inform them that I don't consume processed food. The doctor says, "at least drink the juice - I've seen too many people faint from this." So I drink about 200ml of juice and don't touch the cookies. Feeling great, my wife drives me home, I sit on the couch, and proceed to faint! Fortunately, she was there to catch me bring me some orange juice and a big bowl of dates and instant oatmeal. I actually lost consciousness for 30-60 seconds according to her. While I follow a low glucose lifestyle with post-prandial exercise after most meals, this may have been a time when low glucose was a bad idea. If I fainted, fell and hurt myself, the outcome could have been much worse. Just thought I would share my experience here! It reminds me of how Dr. McDougall fell this past year and was injured after contracting a viral illness. Medical instances may be a time for forgetting about low glucose!
  10. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/coconut-water-and-depression/ Here is Dr. Greger's latest video in the world of nutritional science. Don't let the name 'Coconut Water and Depression' mislead you. Watching a video like this is profoundly disturbing on so many levels. Misallocation of research funds, animal abuse, misreporting of research, and much more. Take a look, but first a warning, you may find it disturbing.
  11. drewab

    basic blood tests

    Do you mind sharing what your unexpected results were?
  12. Valter Longo's work has been discussed around here quite frequently as of late, particularly his work on the fasting mimicking diet. In typical Rich Roll fashion, he goes long form and tries to gain deep insight into Longo's understanding of nutrition, longevity, and health. Rich says that he considers it one of his most important conversations to date.
  13. drewab

    AHppy Easter 2018!

    Happy Easter to you too Mccoy! And to all of the members of the CR forum!
  14. drewab

    Fasting - The Movie

    I'm sure this movie will be of interest to many CR members. I just watched it and thought it was an interesting film that included the pros/cons of fasting. The movie talks about many different forms of fasting (IF, TRF, multi-day water fasts, juice fasts, etc.). It includes appearances from many big names including Valter Longo, Alan Goldhammer, and many more. Before I muddy the waters and give my thoughts, I would be curious as to what others think. The cost to rent it is relatively inexpensive. The movie can be viewed here: http://fastingmovie.com/
  15. drewab

    Am I the only CR blogger left?

    It had been a while since I visited your blog - the last time I was there the photo on the title page was a green smoothie with what appeared to be dark chocolate chunks in it. I really like how the blog is looking and the recent articles. I assume you are able to see which posts have the greatest viewcount and I'm curious if you would mind sharing your top 3? Or something along those lines.