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  1. Dr Bennett

    Animal Experiments - Worthwhile, Cruel or Both?

    I love eating meat, eat meat at every meal, I think it's healthy for you. The non meat eaters can't survive without their bottle of supplements. Now I can, and occasionally do the butchering, my heart is soft, so I take my lambs down the road and let my Amish neighbor who has a butcher shop to the job. Dr Bennett
  2. Dr Bennett

    Vitamin D Recommendations

    On Vitamin D supplementation. I have a history of severe food and pollen allergies, in fact I only know of two other individuals that are affected as much as I am. I became suspicious recently about what my vitamin D level might be and I wondered if it might be low. If you listen to the lecture by Dr Ty Vincent a physician who specializes in the care of individuals with vitamin D deficiencies, you quickly learn that vitamin D is very involved in the functioning immune system. I had my levels checked 5 weeks ago and found I was severely deficient for vitamin D on my lab report. So I followed Dr Vincent's suggestion and have been on a daily dose of 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D. Well what a difference it has made to my general well being. My sinuses are generally always running and congested because of the pollens. I feel so much better after after the supplementation. So if you suffer from allergies you also want to have your vitamin D levels checked and give it a try supplementing with vitamin D. Want to say HI to Saul! Dr Bennett
  3. Dr Bennett

    Vitamin D Recommendations

    For everyones information, if you get on the website of the American Academy of Enviromental Medicine on the front page and it can also be found on you tube. There is a great video on a lecture by Ty Vincent M.D. on vitamin D supplementation. He recommends a daily dose of 10,000 iu to achieve a 150 - 200 ng/ml level for good health. Dr Bennett
  4. Dr Bennett

    A CR Garden

    Dean we grow a lot of variety of produce. One of the challenges year to year here in Missouri is the squash bugs, You really have to use very fertile soil and mulch to keep the plants healthy. The mulch also provides adequate hydration for when it gets very hot and their is little rain. Dr Bennett
  5. Dr Bennett

    A CR Garden

    I have a very large organic garden. I use the mulch method. They refer to it as the Ruth Stout method also. Mine is modified in that I have large panels that go down the rows and you plant your seeds along the panel on both sides. These panels are permanently in place. In between the panels the heavy mulch is placed, so you need not have to till it or weed it, just throw some more hay on the weeds that do come up or hand remove them. Year after year the ground becomes very fertile. So a compost pile is not necessary, you just throw it on top of the mulch. Dean this CR garden spot was a good idea for people to present what they may be doing in their gardening. Having your own garden is a good way to eat organic produce cheaply. Dr Bennett